Monday, August 17, 2009

Aquarian Healing Experiment

I am in the middle of a Liver Cleanse Experiment. Check out my other blog for details.

I believe that in the near future supplemental medicine will start to be backed via scientific research and as such will go hand in hand with Western medicine.

May that day come sooner rather than later.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Novice Tarot Daily Reading

WoW I've not been on this site for a while, that's okay cause I'm focused on many other things right now.

I recently had an excellent Oracle Card reading class, where I picked a Tarot card for the new year. The purpose of the oracle cards is to get us to be more in touch with our intuition. I used to play with Tarot a little before, so I figure now would be a good time to pick it back up and foster more intuition.

I am going to journal my daily spreads here from time to time with interpretation to help me learn.

Works: King of Cups: works are things to accomplish. Cups deals with emotions. King represents stability, yet there is a longing in the heart. I should seek a creative outlet for today, how about Tarot reading. I should also focus on the positive today.

Home: 10 of Wands: This has a feeling of overbearing, wands brings fire. Perhaps this is my wife, shhhh, don't tell her. We are having a baby soon and she is relentlessly on me to make more money for our family. It's rather annoying actually, because I am doing a couple side projects already, they simply have yet to come to fruition. The Ten of Wands says I am nearly finished with an ardous task, perhaps one of my side projects. There is light at the end of the tounel, yet I bear the weight.

Unexpected: Nine of Pentacles this makes it seem like unexpected resources will show up today, in plenty. Perhaps it's some of the financial planning I intend to do this afternoon. The figure is alone in the picture and pleased with what they have accomplished alone. Perhaps not always accomplishing alone will be a God thing in the future.

My Role: Knight of Wands: Knights are galliant fellows that charge in. This knight holds steady to the magic/fire in the wand. I feel no fear and am ready to move forward with passion. I must be mindful of what I rush into though.

Outcome: Knight of Pentacles: Pentacles represent material resources of some sort. The Knight of Pentacles is in a defensive position.

Perhaps I will take the fiery task at hand and through my creativity transform it into a physical resource that stands ready to defend....