Thursday, March 31, 2005

Observation: Sometimes we aren't meant to understand FLOW

Just go with the flow

Some of the best words of wisdom on the Earth. Flow, the traction of the universe.

Flow, the path we walk that is irresistable.

As we tap into our FLOW, we begin to ponder with the conscious mind. What's next, what info am I receiving at a sub-conscious level.

and just when that kicks in, is when the flow says

"You're not to comprehend this @ this time"

just go with the FLOW

"Hi, they call my flow" ;-)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Perspective: Other Scientists are soon to come

As a person of science I would like to put forth the hpothesis-

That soon, another brilliant mind will come along and challenge a perspective, or observation that has been communicated here. Only to put science to the test..

I don't believe you, they say.

Then just give it a try, no true experience that 1st hand.

Their judgemental mind will tell them-

"Go ahead, prove those to be incorrect"

They shall take the test, and low and behold, my hypotesis has come true.

Perspective: Infinity lies, within my eyes

For some time the eyes have been called

"Windows to the soul"

For some time I've been able to captivate people with my eyes alone. With my eyes, I perceived one step before the non-perceivable.

Ever blue, ever golden

Infinity lies within the moment, for it is all we ever have and infinite in its detail. Beautiful, majestic, eyes behold the moment

EYE am not the only 1 that beholds infinity...

What lies within your I's???

Monday, March 28, 2005

Observation: On a Dream

I have some ongoin dream interpretation that I must do here. Actually I have been doin it all along, it just might not seem that way.

Only snippets are coming through. I am in a class room, with many students 30 or so. The chairs are like those from elementary school. I am anxious to learn, yet things seem to be moving so slowly.

Then the teacher asks if I have seen.. movie, I say yes although I am not sure if I really have. I race home from school in the pouring rain, yet I do not mind the rain.

Then I'm in a strange world with R2-D2 and the big guy from Harry Potter. There is more, yet it remains clouded.

Observation: On Resurrection

after life

after death

after life

There can be, only bunnies


Friday, March 25, 2005

Observation: Evolution, while we Sleep?

I have been thinkin a lot recently about human evolution. Where are we headed on this crazy trip called life?

From what I have gathered in most readings, evolution takes place at an extremely slow rate. So differences within a species do not become very evident unless compared over a long period of time.


From the moment we are born we are evolving. The human mind is constantly learning.

I find that our sleep provides an excellent time to evolve. (Remember those growing pains as a kid? Man those used to hurt) That's evolution. The mind itself needs rest so that it can expand, or more technically speaking come to terms with the new nueral connections that have been created throughout the day.

Evolution while we sleep.

Sleep is also a great time for healing, for release of things that have been holding us back from evolving.

How do you evolve while you sleep?

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Observation: I just don't feel like "IT" today

You know what "IT" is. That one thing you have to do.

The early morning stretching, the afternoon jog, heck goin to work.

Sometimes ya just don't feel like it. Thing is you know you have to do it and once you get into "IT" it won't be so bad.

I needed to do some 1st Chakra Yoga work this mornin, but when I woke up

I didn't feel like "IT"

Too bad, I did it anyway, and it was really good for me.

"Keep up and you'll be kept up"

Yogi Bhajan

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Observation: On Purification

So okay,

I am on a spiritual growth trip, no surprises there. Recently I was contemplating purifying my body of ailments, stop eating meat, stop drinking alcohol, stop drinking coffee etc.

You know become pure, like those other spiritual types.

Then I came across a realization, wait no

a revelation

1. I like eating meat
2. I like to drink beer
3. I like coffee
4. In fact I like a lot of things that aren't "PURE"

So we are comin to the Age of Acceptance, right?!

I have to accept these things about myself. Now moderation is just fine mind you, but I wouldn't recommend purification at the sacrifice of the self. (Contemporary reality self pls for those that follow empitness)

Eat, Drink and be Merry :-)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Observation: On Deep Emotion

We all have it,

burried deep inside. Those feelings, that are just sitting there


beneath our outward image.

I am in the process of tryin to move a great huge blockage, right in the center of my heart chakra, lost will. It's kind of a lengthy process, but it shall come in time.

I look forward to trying rebirthing

It's all in the breadth, I'll let ya know how it goes. Oh and for all of you spellin fanatics out there. Take a moment to look closer at how I spell breadth..

what does it really communicate?

As my Yoga instructor Courtney says, "Breadth is life, receive it gladly."

So let's not forget those deep emotions that we all have, we all need to evolve be on them, experience them, then release them

if we are to be FREE...

dramatic effect ;~)

Perspective: On Freedom


Are we free? There is a question. The United States was founded on freedom. Its what we always fight for. (Though fighting rarely makes anyone free and causes more suffering)

We are supposed to have many a freedom. As long as we perscribe to the core values society has impossed on us. I have yet to meet anyone that absolutly loves all aspects of their job. I very much so enjoy my current job, but you know what, when I really think about it, I have other things I would rater be doing with my time. My time is the most precious thing of value to me and society dictates how I must spend it to be free.

Don't get me wrong, I love the ideals the Freedom represents. The question, for the age of acceptance, is

How can we all be more free?

Accepting ourselves is a first step, others the next. Then in time new core values will emerge. A truer representation of said Freedom.


Monday, March 21, 2005

Observation: Of a Scorpio


and so my horoscope dictates direction to be had--

Everyone knows how fond you are of your behind-the-scenes work. You operate best when you're quite literally pulling the strings from the wings. But right about now, you may be asked to take center stage -- which, obviously, can't be done from behind a curtain. So don't fight it. It's your turn to shine, that's all. You're the star of your own show. Revel in it

Ahh Scorpios, ever vested in creation and destruction, sex and death. Yet with them potential to regenerate imagine the good.

Time to shine.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Observation: Clairvoyance can be challenging

I have recently acted out a vision that I have seen in the past. The vision disturbed me at first, for it is not like me to interfere with others' relationships.

Clairvoyance detailed the images, the feelings, the pain I caused. Yet I did not realize it till it was upon me. And even then I carried through with it.

Why, you may ask.

I listened to what my heart told me. And in doing so established a situation in which I question my heart. Why would I work in this manner? It's not like me. Yet I knew it had to be done. As I was acting, I realized the consequences of my actions and I continued.

I sense that my visions are to take place in some shape or form for a reason. The reason seemed clear to me @ the time. Now as the consequences, the inter connectedness, is being played out I ponder my vision's true purpose.

Time shall tell. I shall make a post in June that refers back to this entry and say what has transpired. I apologize for the feelings that my vision has caused in a select few. I am following my heart, as such I am sometimes blind to what lies behind

my vision

this clairvoyance...

Perspective: I am a prophet

What's that you say

a prophet in this day and age? It is almost a New Age.

Sometimes it comes in detail

somtimes it comes in images

it often comes in dreams, that which is upon us.

Our collective vibratory rates are increasing. Now I wasn't the first to write on this, or to feel this, but I'll be one to communicate it.

The next step in human evolution is upon us, it will be challenging, but their will always be guides.

So as one that can predict the future I say to you that

-Madison, WI will become a spiritual hub in the near future. It is already beginning, spirits on that level are drawn to its pull, its ever young Isthmus energy. Some of us have been sensing this for some time. I feel blessed that I get to be the one to state it openly. It is part of my acceptance process.

I am a prophet

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Observation: Breadth is key for well being

Its kind of like


So a couple weeks with out food. A few days without water. Several minutes without air.

Crisp, fresh air is our life force. That beautiful prana that sustains, enhances and heals.

We are told what types of food to eat, how often, etc etc. How much water to drink, yet only some take the time to focus on the breadth.

When it comes to simplifying existence, breadth is key.


breath 4 happiness

Friday, March 18, 2005

Observation: I am a New Age Scientist


I always knew that I really enjoyed science, but never dreamed I'd make it in the world as a scientist. Apparently I have become a scientist of the "New Age" and as such must experiment with a great many things.

Life should be lived for experiences, that's why we are here regardless of your faith.

Peace (They should make a peace sign icon for computers) ~

Perspective: Fear, becomes the open warmth

full expression the blockage must be moved.

All fear that little something, that ity bity thing that always seems to be waiting, hiding


Where did it go? YES i beat it

Wait- there it is

Hey FEAR- you go right on fear yourself- over there

I'll go right on Loving over here. I love loving.

Perspective: Shadow of a Doubt

I sense it

the shadow of a doubt, deep inside.

My whole being is pulling me in a direction, but there is this shadow.

and from shadow can sprout true doubt.

I need a guru (dispeller of darkness)

How can this one tiny shadow influence my whole being and direction?

Perhaps some Buddhist philosophy is in order. I doubt, doubt. If I doubt this doubt is real then what is there to be left.

A journey inward and doubt turns in on itself.

My being, my whole must journey with the traction of the universe. This doubt must be dispelled.


Thursday, March 17, 2005

Perspective: "I just want to strangle him" We can do better

When people make us frustrated an engrained response is...

"I just want to strangle that person" We say that, we feel better

no big deal.

But what a terrible thing to say. I mean, yeah we all get frustrated, but do we really want to restrict that person's ability to breath in their life?

of course not

yet we say it all the time


Let's change the acceptance of this term, so our children and our children's children don't want to strangle people.

its not a very nice thing to do ;-)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Observation: Enter the Light Body

Development of windows to the soul they say.

The Light Body

Come and teach me in my dreams

Light Body

Doves and Trinity be your gifts

Lite body

So in the search for tools to develop, body, mind and spirit... The light body develops the soul, mental and emotional beings by communicating through the higher self

Light, it does your body good :~)

Monday, March 14, 2005

Observation: The Age Of Acceptance is upon us

We must accept it!

Accept what you may ask. Just accept it. In order for us to evolve beyond our current daily grind of stress increase and ill being we must learn to accept things, people, thoughts, feelings, religions for what they are.

The dawning of the Age of Aquarius is really the start of the Age of Acceptance.

Think of all the peace that is to be had when we accept things and people for what they truly are...

It won't happen over night, it will be gradual. Soon you will be O K with things that once bothered you, things about your friends, things about your family and things about yourself.

Acceptance of self is the best place to start. "Comfortable in your skin" An interesting comment, but oh so powerful. The more folks that accept themselves the less people will be non accepting of others.

I have begun the acceptance process, it is not necessarily an easy task.

I challange you to begin yourself. Just think of one thing about You that tends to bother you, wrapp it up tightly in your hand (FIST)

then release it...

There, the path to acceptance

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Perspective: Graceful Light

Ever brilliant,

ALL fulfilling

yet difficult to be seen by most. WHY?

Even in the darkest days that which you feel most is

Graceful Light.....

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Perspective: I feel happy

I woke up, did some Kundalini yoga, and felt really good today.

On the way into work, jamin to the radio I remember just smilin and laughin.

But any day can be just as today, it all just had to do with my perspective on how I felt. Then again, if one works to deconstruct that "I" what was it that felt really good today??

Not sure, but at least that reaffirms that it should be easy for something one cannot truly grasp to feel any way that thing, which is un-understandable, wants to fell.

If we remove the I, what is there to be happy? If we remove the I, why can't I be happy?

I happy

Non-I happy

Happy is Happy

I, which is non-existant, can choose in this plan to be as I may. Happy is a best practice in free will :-)

happy happy :-)

Observation on God

A not so common observation is

All GODS are ONE

Perspective on God

A largly held perspective on god is

There is only ONE GOD!

Perspective: I feel strange today

You ever get that "weird" feeling and you just can't put your nipple on it? You just don't know how you feel, not good, not bad you just feel, but not normal either. You just feel strange.

Yet that feelin isn't so strange after reading the comments above you can completely relate to what I am saying, because we have all been there. Yet we still just feel- strange.

And from this weird state of being anything is possible.

I like feeling strange.

"When you're strange..." Jim Morrison

Observation: Sometimes not caring is the answer

It sounds kind of cruel and insensitive. But sometimes, just not caring is the best way to deal with things. It's not to say you really don't care, but it is to say that you won't allow the result to affect your mind in a negative manner. Or a positive manner for that manner. What happens happens and you allow for that. It is the stuff that contentment is made of.

I thought you might enjoy this observation

not that you care ;-)

Observation: Pull vs Push Mentality

A wise Miller recently told me that it is better to go with the Pull than to Push against the current. Very good perspective, the universe is pulling us in a certain direction. Those that push against its pull are likely to find an equal and opposite reaction. Yet those that go with the flow are bound to find themselves in wonderous places.

My observation is of my own Push vs Pull struggle. I see the way the universe shall flow and so I push forward in attempts to get it there sooner. So I push towards the pull. Where the heck does that leave me??

Then it always seems like when I relax and go with the flow the push is no longer necessary and things go easier. So perhaps the push vs pull experience is just an excersise in patience. Patience the universe shall pull us towards the intended destination...

or shall I say along the intended journey, for I have yet to discover a final destination that does not contain 1 more journey.

Do you push for things to be, or allow yourself to go with the Pull?? Success may be defined by your decision and expectations...

PS ... = dramatic effect...

... :-)

Perspective: On Dreams

Dreams are what the world is built upon. They are a driving force that keeps us life forms going. They also occur while our body is @ rest. Dreams are restorative. They can be peaceful, scary, you think of it you can dream it.

So what's the difference between dreams while you sleep and the dreams you have for your own life?

Do they not both seem to be just as real to you?

We shape our dreams here on earth. We can shape our dreams when the body is @ rest.

In time the dreams will become as one. And as reality is nothing more than our perception.

If we dream it, it is real.....

Observation: Love for T

And so death, the Earth's natural cleanser, came for T. But all too soon. Influenced by heartlessness it took one of this planet's most beautiful creatures away. Why???

Heartlessness seeks to stand in the way of that which is to be achieved...Happiness.

And as I stood there, in mourning, with friends and family we had all become family. For it was not his death that we shall remember him by. It is his love and our love for him.

Love for T shall protect us and make us stronger.

And so heartlessness I say to you: "All that remains in your wake is LOVE FOR T"

Perspective: On the edge of the Abyss

What does one hold onto when they are staring into the Abyss about to dive in?

Smiles and flowers my friends, smiles and flowers

The God Channel has an excellent perspective on the edge of the Void

and so a push away will pull her towards me in a manner that will shatter my ego and almost " rip open my heart with all manisfestation erupting out through me.

Perspective: On a wise man's sayings

Who has more fun than people?

said the wise man.

MONKEYS ???? :-)

Perspective: Love nullifies ego

EGO- that which consistently desires

without ego- no desire, no grapsing--- release

So the individual, ego, can let go of that which it loves when love nulifies the ego.

1 ego- Loves another- 1 ego

Love nullifies both egos

without egos- no desire, no grasping--- and a release of that which is loved.
yet LOVE


Observation: Its starting to build- happiness

The signs are growing...

The playing field is being set and our future here will be decided. Many have been building for this for countless lifetimes.

Happiness, kindness, well being, peace they are all just around the corner. And only together shall humans acheive them for the benefit of all.

We must not falter, we must not succum to heartlessness.

Every day try to do one little thing to make someone elses world a little nicer. 5 billion little nicer jestures a day will do wonders...

Observation: Love is a fire

Love is a fire that scorches the edges of time. Yet there is always time for love. But what of love when it burns so bright that it consumes that which it loves?

I've done this in the past-- several times

Love must release that which it loves in order to truly love them.....

Perspective: on Sedona Vorexs

Beautiful, powerful, peaceful, adventurous.

I've been there before, yet it escapes me as whom.

All those on the path should journey there in this lifetime or the next.

oh and it is great for dogs :-)

Observation: Professional vs Personal

One person, multiple personas.

I am me, to you who do you want me to be percieved as? Professionally, noncompatible, personally good friends. How can two, or one interact on both levels when both levels do not fit one another?

professional, personal, spiritual,

how to balance them all. To alleviate suffering, how can one align them all. If my personal gain leads to the suffering of another, how do I present that in a positive manner? If another's personal gain leads to my suffering how can I respond without causing more suffering?


Perspective of one: address with a joint solution

Observation: On beautiful people

Beautiful people are everywhere, your friends, your neighbors, the people you pass on the street, even that guy on TV. But here is the thing-

We are all beautiful and as always beauty depends greatly upon perspective.

Sometimes I think that many just aren't ready to perceive the beauty that is all around them. Often times, that beauty could easily lead to happiness.

beauty on world, beauty on

Perspective: On Compassion

Compassion is truly a beautiful thing. It seems that the holiday season tends to bring it out in people. If only that compassion would last the whole year round...

Grace vs. Compassion what's the difference?

I see none. A world filled with compassionate people, now there is an ideal. Where the hearts of the many create a fire so bright the heavens are burned with LOVE. Don't worry it doesn't hurt the heavens ;-)

LOVE becomes existence

I have a new perspective on the phrase "Heart Attack" Heart Attack- where a person loves another so much, with grace/compassion, they pore their heart out to them perhaps through a hug. Unfortunately it is difficult to accept this type of open love, I hugged someone with a heart attack and they didn't really know what to make of it.

Love become existence, someday, someday

someday I'll stop saying someday...

Observation: Don't Mind me I'm just building a medium

How does that make you feel?

Hope you don't mind me I'm just building a medium.

Philosophically the medium, through existence, will lead to happiness. So please don't mistake me for doing anything bad.

Observations and Perspectives LEAD to HAPPINESS.

Perspective: On Faith

Faith is a very powerful force here on Earth. We need it, we feel the need to belog to something larger than life itself. People are so believing in their faith that they will completely disregad the faith of others. Whose faith is correct?

I believe they all are.

faith in them all being correct.

But what comes first, faith or the object of that faith?

Perspective: What to LOOK 4

and so full of fortune the stone green traveled forth...

and equalness begins



Observation: Why is the grass always greener on the other side

I would like to know??

Perspective: Destiny

Fork in road, both paths lead same destination, yet travel different courses to get there. Which one is my destiny.

I have recently been hit with a rather large destiny, some is set, some I understand, some I still need to discover. It's a lot to undertake, yet I have realized that my destiny is entwined with that of many others.

Oh and said original paths can both veer off to different paths.

The future is set, sort of, just fill in the gaps.

Quote from a German Leperchaun- I was just planning my world Desitny...

Perspective on True Love

I stole this one from a German Leperchaun:

only the inspiration of a true love can show the pure light of a world to be happy with.

beautiful poetry, especially for Brat eating rainbow riders. Inspiration of love alone baths the world in a brilliant light.

Perspective: Star Wars Rules

Sorry, sometimes I just can't help myself. Star Wars rocks check out the teaser trailer for Revenge of the Sith

Honestly though Star Wars brings to life the idea of a universal Force in a way that not many have done in the past. All faiths Christians, Buddhists, Athiests, Agnostics you name it they like to believe in the Force. "

Life creates it, makes it grow"

- Yoda

Observation: Love = equals

I have a strong feeling that love = equals.

How do you interpret that?


Perspective: Purpose of life = Happiness

Even at a psychological level human beings move towards pleasure and away from pain. The desire to be happy is inherent in all people, essence aside conventionally here people:)

Number 1 Cause of suffering = misalignment of a unified happiness

Very few people have a notion of what unified happiness looks like. Majority of problems with the world are that one person’s happiness or pursuit there of conflicts with another. So then it moves towards survival of the fittest, or best suited to join together to make each other happy. That’s truly the only option many see.

What does a unified world of happiness look like?

Perspective: Nihilism can lead to anything

I was in an email thread with a fellow mind today.

“My belief in nothing means it’s possible to believe in anything. Including a past life. Or lives”

How can a belief in nothing allow for past lives?

Is that truly a belief in nothing?

Perspective: Wisdom and Experience

As one seeks to communicate the uncommunicable one needs a basis for that communication. It would seem that wisdom could serve as a basis for that communication.

-Wisdom comes only from the understood experience and nothing else-

(Who is My Self- A Guide to Buddhist Meditation, Ayya Khema pg 45 Wisdom Publications 1997)

This is a powerful comment. So in order to communicate the uncommunicable one must have a direct experience of it. Then one can gain the wisdom to talk of the experience. The experience I am referencing is beyond reality (beyond conventional reality that is.) At this time I have not the wisdom of the direct experience, but I can talk around that experience as I have experienced its form from the outside.

The swirling lights, ever powerful, ever peaceful, ever pure. In cubic form, how strange? Yet they are truly formless, swirling, swirling, then fear of what lies beyond. Then back to reality.

This may mean nothing to you, but everything to me. (That's the stuff thought is made of.)

So I pose the question to those who have directly experience the uncommunicable.

In what state of mind must one be in to have a direct experience of the uncommunicable?

I think questions... are important??

Observation: Weird Day

Weird days come along every once in a while.

Okay so most days are weird, but some more so than others.
You ever just get that feeling that this is gonna be a weird day, and you're right.. it is. Every now and then everything is going your way and BOOM here is a weird day for ya. The continued quest for ongoing happiness is not without its ups and downs.

Toward pleasure and away from pain.... right.
That perspective, that made the day weird in the first place... that's what first moved you in the weird direction.

Perspective: I am but the medium builder

I am simply building a medium to communnicate through. In time a very powerful message will be communicated through me. Don't worry I have ways of keeping the EGO in check. Silly ego, the message is much more important than the self. I have a pretty good idea as to the contents of this message, I even have a plan for developing a communication medium. (Isn't it funny how language is dependant upon an EGO, I this, I that, me, I, I)

Good times!

I'm bloggin now so we gonna get this party started

Well I figure it was about time I start writing online about some of the interesting observations and great perspectives I continue to acquire on this journey called human existence. That's what this blog is for, to give a perspective on existance and gain perspective of existence from others. Now my world is an interesting one to live in, as is yours. I am fortunate enough to have a message that I plan on sharing with many people in the future. The message has been there for sometime, it simply has been waiting for the proper time to emerge. Those that follow my posts will pick up on it in time.

Hi hope you enjoy this trip as I share with you :-)

be well