Friday, March 25, 2005

Observation: Evolution, while we Sleep?

I have been thinkin a lot recently about human evolution. Where are we headed on this crazy trip called life?

From what I have gathered in most readings, evolution takes place at an extremely slow rate. So differences within a species do not become very evident unless compared over a long period of time.


From the moment we are born we are evolving. The human mind is constantly learning.

I find that our sleep provides an excellent time to evolve. (Remember those growing pains as a kid? Man those used to hurt) That's evolution. The mind itself needs rest so that it can expand, or more technically speaking come to terms with the new nueral connections that have been created throughout the day.

Evolution while we sleep.

Sleep is also a great time for healing, for release of things that have been holding us back from evolving.

How do you evolve while you sleep?


Interpreter said...

Did you evolve while you slept last night? If so, do you recall what you processed from the day?

H~ said...

I do believe I evolved that evening while I slept, I believe I evolved last night as well.

Recalling what I processed from that day, hmm. That I do not know

but it need not be processed from the day, but from what is beyond, that is what I am processing