Friday, October 28, 2005

Observation: Found Kindred Spirits

It would seem as though I have located some kindred spirits, or they have found me. I look forward to getting to know them, though the potential irony is present- I look forward to getting to knowing them again. I guess I look forward to remembering them ;-)

my new friend Stacey has many interesting perspectives to share. It would appear as though she is seeking enlightenment. I hope I can add some good observations.

I have often thought about "seeking enlightenment" yet I seem to always run into trouble. When one seeks enlightenment one becomes "attached" to the idea of enlightenment. Thus in the process delaying that which is sought. Now this is not saying it is wrong to seek enlightenment, enlightenment is a never ending gradual process, what's important to remember along the way is not to become attached to the results of your progress.

good times

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Observation: Science and Spirituality begin to merge

Ahh the time has been long waited for humanity. We are FINALLY walking into a time when Science and Spirituality are colliding in a big way. A recent controversy over the Dali Lama's scientific research into the mind is pushing the buttons of "Traditional Scientists"
- "As the public face of neuroscience, we have a responsibility to at least see that research is replicated before it is promoted and highlighted," said Dr. Nancy Hayes, a neurobiologist at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey who objects to the Dalai Lama's speaking. "If we don't do that, we may as well be the Flat Earth Society."

Then perhaps it is time to see the research replicated. I have some projecting to do on this, it would be a great ride to manifest some replicated meditation studies.

An intersting note to add to my knowledge is the production of gamma rays in meditation.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Perspective: Free Will, Fate or Destiny, & Divine Will

It is unlikely that I shall come to any conclusion or internal consensus on this topic, but it is one of much interest! Two definitions are necessary to get this party started in the right direction.

Free Will- ... our choices are ultimately up to ourselves

Destiny or Fate-... all things are set

Okay, so as a human being I like to think that I have some choices over the outcomes of my life. So I am a Free Will proponent. However, there is a concept of Divine Free Will. Now Divine Free Will = the aggregate Free Will of all individuals. That is to say all possible choices being made are at the guidance of Divine Free Will. Now that sounds like a rather lovely idea, everyone has free will, everyone is happy.

What is the difference between Divine Free Will and Desitny?

For me it is rather challenging to see one. I heard an interesting perspective last night. If destiney is involved large and obvious events in your life will be presented to you which really makes the choice a no brainer. I am partially on board here. However, I am thinkin that Divine Free Will and Destiny are ONE, if that is the case the Free Will and Destiny would be the same as well.

then there is the concept of parrallel universes, which would represent the aggregate of infinite possibilites based on choice, imagine the potentialities...

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Observation: On Co-Creation

So my endeavors into co-creation have begun. In all honesty they started a long time ago, but now I am more consciously aware of them. At 11:11 last night a made a wish, but it was in all honesty a co-wish. Laying beside the girl I am falling for we both made a wish at the same time. And in all likely hood the wish was to be together. This was the first time in this life time I witnessed 2 peoples thoughts turn into a bright spark of light together and get sent off into the universe.

Co-creation is a very beautiful and magical thing.

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Friday, October 07, 2005

Perspective: Heart Update

So a common topic of discussion on this blog is that of Love. For love is existence and love rides on the wings of happiness. Love is the thing that dreams are made of- that's my philosophy any way.

So in blogs of past, okay I know they are posts, but blogs sounds more fun ;-) I have stated that I am in love. Now then, the majority of us have been in love at one time or another and the majority of us have also fallen out of love.

In loving an individual I found that I had opened a certain amount of space within my Heart that was dedicated to them. Now, my love was not returned properly, so this space was not nurished, but was still present. Right now I am in the process of falling for another. So what do I find? How is it possible for me to fall out of love so quickly for another person. I find my heart is in the process of moving the first individual out of that space (for my love was not returned properly) and opening up space for another. It is kind of a strange process, for every now and then the old person pops into my mind, but more often than not it is the new love.

How is it that we can fall in and out of love so easily? I think this dates back to the glamor of love. Love of attention, or of the concept of being in love is easy. True love of an individual and their soul that takes time.

love ya

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Observation: On Forever

In contemplating the vast ramifications of forever one realizes that true understanding of this concept will take forever.

Then one wonders what occurs when 5th dimensional travel is thrown into the mix...

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