Friday, November 17, 2006

Observation: 2012 info online

Ahh the great dates in 2012. I think it will be rather interesting as the year approaches how main stream the prophecies will be.

I have come across an interesting read of the Mayan Calandar

It states that there will be a new creation date on 21.12.2012

A Galatic alignment process could bring all sorts of interesting energies upon the earth.

A note on the Snake rattle as an alarm clock is interesting as well. Kundalini energy has often been correlated with a snake. And I interpret an alarm clock to call for some awakening.

And WOW the Hopi emergence claiming that we are the 4th era and emerging into the 5th is fantastic. The 4th root race of men transitions into the 5th via an alarm. How cool is it that the Hopi culture preserved this teaching.

Further discussion about Kundalini Yoga and 2012 are also cited here. I've spoken of 2012 here before It's also rather interesting that I am so passionate about Kundalini Yoga.

I'll keep reading the signs and communicating as best within my abilities, perhaps someday beyone My abilities.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Observation: Raja Yoga and the Middle Way

Along my studies of digging into the Science of the Soul I have come across some excellent literature on the scientific process whereby the sould can be Known.

I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga for some time now. And have been a reader of Ageless Wisdom as of late.

I tend to like to go to the Source of the information for the studies and practices I experiment with. One of those sources is the Bhagavad Gita, our song of the Lord from the Hindu perspective. Within those texts Yoga, or science of Union with the Soul is noted from Krishna, (GOD incarnate, an Incarnation of Vishnu) to Arjuna a disciple.

I consider that text to be "source material" another text which I have found to walk both paths of thought I am interested in, Kundalini Yoga and Ageless Wisdom, comes from antoher SOURCE of material, the Yoga Sutras, by Pantajali.

In this text, at my present location, it seems that Kundalini Yoga would be considered a form of Laya Yoga. Raja Yoga, or Kingly Yoga, is the primary focus of the Yoga Sutras. I suppose it could be called a Kingly Science of the Soul.

What I found to be of interest in the site above, found within the text, is the topic of 3 types of Aspirants, "Uttama, Madhyama and Adhama Adhikaris."

The term that stood out to me the most was, Madhyama In college I studied the Buddhist school of Madhyamaka or middle path. It seems as though the Middle Path was presented some time ago by Pantajali. Some further research is required but I would suggest that this path of Buddhism ties in well with the current unfoldment of consciousness on earth. It is said that those who have balanced 50% of their karma are now eligible to take the next step on the evolutionary ladder of existence. I would propose that those who have followed the middle way for several life times will now make up the balance of this shift, especially round 2012.

I also suspect that some additional analysis of Raja Yoga through the lense of Madhyamaka can lead to further enlightenment on the topic.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Observation: Channeling can be Fun!

I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to participate in a Channeling session conducted by Jeremy Anacker at Madison's local Mimosa store.

Jeremy works with Affinity and the Institute of Self Awareness.

So what is channeling?

Basically there is a host body that channels in a specific energy, which is then able to communicate throug the host's body. The specific energy can be a single entity or that of many, perhaps with multiple aspects.

Jeremy works with the Conglomerate- which is essentailly a network of great beings who consciousness levels have surpassed humans and operate some what as an integrated unit. Apparently when Jeremy came into incarnation, or through some arrangement made in this life time he agreed to a certain number of channeling sessions. I suspect it helps him to fulfill his dharma and balance his karma, but that's just my suspicion.

I have to admit at first I was very skeptical about this event, I mean come on, this dude is goig to leave his body and some other spirit is gonna chat with us?? (he actually went to a heaven like location where spirits don't need to consume because they are complete beings in and of themselves.) Upon going out on the tunes of a singing bowl the session began. My first impression was like, what is this all about, he seemed a little hmm over dramatic I guess.

But I kept an open mind. I have read channeled material in the past, so was very open to what it could offer.

In time I came to realize, that even if he was being some what dramatic, there was no way he rehearsed the information he presented to us that day. It was way too abstract, yet interactive at the same time. My skeptisizm was minimized upon the channeling in of the Nova, or second entity from the Conglomerate. The Nove carried with it a profound energy which I could sense, thanks light body work and Kundalini Yoga for increasing my awareness to energy.

The group was told to be mindful of our awareness and that we may see in the coming times a sense of unity when the world as a whole sees a sense of clashing. Severel other messages were told in the group setting as well. I have noticed a slightly different perspective on things since the event, its kind of hard to write about though one really must experience for themselves.

I guess my point is to be open to things you may first be skeptical about and a channeling sessoin can be fun!

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Perspective: Wisdom of Past Lives Communicated Now

It is challenging enough for me to come to terms with the types of intuition, knowledge and wisdom one has access to as they learn to work and unite with their own soul.

How the heck do you communicate it to another?

People tend to be so single life focused, based on my experience in this life time...take my guidance or direction...

How does one go about saying, "I am pulling from a set pool of knowledge that lies beyond this sinlge lifetime instance" I respect and appreciate your perspective, but I must disagree.

Sounds great, and sure I can say that, but ya know what, at this time people are not gonna listen to that message.

Perhaps I am simply speaking to the wrong people.

With free will it is ones choice to listen or not. Perhaps I am doing too much speaking and not enough listening....

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Observation: Physical Manifestation of Astral Activity

Wow that's an interesting Title- physical manifestation of Astral activity, try to say that 3 times fast :-)

If you keep up with this site you can achieve some added perspective to my new yoga site project.

I recently spoke about extracting a thorn from my yoga practice. Actually extracting a thorn from my hand.

What is not spoken of on the Kundalini Yoga site is that I believe I have observed a physical manifestation of astral activity within myself within the thorn.

In many a dreams of past, after finding my tribe, I have been assulted with arrows that strike at me, shot from the enemy. To heal myself I must pull them from my being. It seems that the spiritual warrior within me gets attached with darts, or thorns. The thorn in my hand appears to be a manifestation of that assult.

A physical manifestation that I have pulled from my body, an astral manifestation that has been healed from my being. Those thorns, oh those thorns, no longer harm me from within. Transformation of those thorns is underway.

what is left


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Monday, September 18, 2006

Observation: 2012 the year of mystery

Just came across a recent article on 2012. I am not a fan of the title, but it highlights some intersting points around the year 2012.

I have mentioned 2012 before as the signs point to a time of importance.

Many are calling for the end of the world, I prefer to view it as the end of the world as we know it. Some of the most interesting info I have seen around this date have to do with the photon belt. Which is essentially a band of energy that goes round the universe. In my opinion through this belt new rays of energy will start to influence humanity, those more sensitive to these rays are already feeling the effects.

I do not believe rising against technology is the way to go, I rather like technology, but I would propose that we embrace the importance of working together as a group of humanity.

Bring on the light, bring on the rise of consciousness


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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Observation: Venus in Scorpio in 10th House: Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Astrology- Interpretation of Venus in Scorpio in the 10th House

As we move onto the next of the planets in the sign of Scorpio of my natal chart, we find a source of Harmony in the Planet Venus. As Mars is conflict, Venus is Harmony.

As is commonly known among our culture, Venus has to do with Love.
The energy that comes from Venus is that of the 5th Ray (Concrete Knowledge and Science) I propose that a portion of the harmony I am to bring come via scientific experience.

Love via concrete knowledge would seem to communicate a certain degree of illumination. The harmonizing loving aspects of Venus shine through via illuminating the mind via concrete knowledge and scientific exploration of soul purpose in this life time.

As the love nature expresses through Scorpio, it prepares itself for the great fusion with Spirit in the sign of Capercorn.

(Alan Oken book cited)
This position communicates loving sacrifice of the personality for higher purposes. The House position may shed some light on those higher purposes. The 10th house deals with social responsibility, career and an externalization of service to enforce the plan of the Masters.

What is interesting about this sacrifice is that as one become infused with the soul, and later the monad, that fusion leads to the necessary sacrifice of the personality. And by that time one feels as though nothing is lost.

Another point of interest is that this serves as yet another struggle as demonstrated by the sign of Scorpio, prove your worth Scorpio. Strive torwards those goals of the soul.

And so loving sacrifice of the personality presents a point of tension from which true liberation can be sought from. Yet this tension, dissolves swiftly as the SELF becomes united with the Whole. And with this love comes harmony, communicated through knowledge and science.

good times

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Perspective: Kundalini Yoga & Chakra Balancing

Hey, my new web project is under way, it can help you to locate a great perspective on Kundalini Yoga & Chakra Balancing.

Please visit The Kundalini Yoga & Chakra Balancing blog.

You'll note from the previous posts on this site that I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga for some time and have been working with the Chakra energy centers in other ways as well.

I am going to focus online perspectives there for a while, I'll keep this up for natal chart interpretation purposes, and then revisit this one in time as things unfold.

Sat Nam

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Observation: Mercury Scorpio 9th House Esoteric Astrology

Throughout the present interpretation of my Natal Chart, one will find a lot going on in the Scorpio Sign.

Mercury is another solar symbol of energies that just so happens to be in Scorpio and in the 9th House.

As is commonly understood Mercury is messenger of the gods.

The energy coming from Mercury is that of the 4th Ray (Harmony through Conflict) If Mercury represents a message or medium of communication then I would propose that the Ray of Harmony through Conflict expresses itself through Mercury in the form of messages. Messages that perhaps the current mass of humanity may not be ready to easily accept, but communicated they must be.

Since Mercury is in Scorpio the 4th Ray energies are accentuated.

Mercury also has a strong influence on the mind, from the mind messages are received, interpreted and sent forth. These mind messages, or thought forms are expressed in this manner.

Mercury..rules Scorpio from its highest focus of collective manifestation, the Hierarcical. A person with Mercury in Scorpio is very active in transforming people's mental energy...
(Alan Oken book cited)

When taking Mercury in the 9th House into consideration the appropriate lines of communication are put forth, Higher education, philosophy, religion, publishing.

Let's take a hypothesis on some interpretation. As messager for the gods the engergy of Mercury shall flow though me, in part, via the Ray of Harmony through Conflict, thus I shall communicate (publish) information around religion and philosophy that will cause conflict and through that conflict bring harmony.

hmm, sounds rather interesting.


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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Observation: Sun Scorpio 9th House Esoteric Astrology

So here is some interpretation of my Sun sign being in the 9th House in Scorpio- this is from my natal chart. Again I shall be pulling some info from Agless wisdom and Alan Oken, whom I have referenced previously.

Sorry its been a while, I have a new web project under works, I'll be sure to let ya know upon its official arrival.

Sun in Scorpio represents a time of much conflict in one's life, er shall I say in ones evolutionary cycle. It is a point in which the soul must, prove its worth, so to speak and face the trails that its path has been building for mastery over.

Scorpio's- personality centered and soul centered ruler is Mars. Mars is conflict, the battle that rages. Yet battles are not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes conflict brings about the necessary circumstances to effect positive change. Such as the detachment from desires of the personality. The Sixth Ray, of Devotion and Idealizm is the influencer of Mars.

Pluto is also a sign of Scorpio for the personality and its primary Ray influence is that of the 1st Ray.

In Scorpio it is the souls journey to help integrate the personality with the soul and align their goals.

There are 3 crosses in Esoteric Astrology, Fixed, Mutable and Cardinal. Scropio is a fixed sign and given the make up of my Natal chart I have a good amount of fixed cross energies influencing me, a smaller amount of Cardinal cross energies and very little mutable cross energies.

The Scorpio Eagle is the symbol that Alan Oken gives to the fixed cross scropio, one that battles for what they believe in, much like a wolf, in the field of duality.

The primary Ray of Scorpio is the 4th Ray, or Ray of Harmony through Conflict

Now the Sun acts as the bearer of the Second Ray, The Ray of Love and Wisdom, in this solar system.

From a Soul Centered perspective the Sun in Scorpio's purpose is
to be a catalyst for the transformation of others and by doing so to transform the ego
(Book cited)

9th House- has to do with religion, philosophy, travels and publishing among others. Perhaps these traditional activities are the means to demonstrate my field of service. On a soul level the Akashic Records are within this House position.

If I am to serve as a catalyst for change within the fields of publishing, philosopy and religion, I do believe I have found a proper outlet of expression, within what you are reading.

As conflict arises I shall endeavor to balance it with love understanding and inclusive acceptance.

bring it on...

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Chakras, Planets and Rays oh my

I have run across some conflicting points of view when it comes to Chakras and their corresponding Planets.

The Kundalini Yoga Experience, by Guru Dharan S. Khalso and Darryl O'Keeffe, Simon and Schuster, states the following Chakra Planet relations

1st Chakra- Root- Saturn
2nd Chakrs- Sacral- Moon
3rd Chakra- Power- Sun
4th Chakra- Heart- Venue
5th Chakra- Communication- Mercury
6th Chakra- Intuition- Jupiter
7th Chakra- Divine- Uranus

Alan Oken in Soul-Centered Astrology outlines them as follow:

1st Chakra- Root- Mercury, Moon (Ray of Harmony Through Conflict)
2nd Chakrs- Sacral- Uranus- (Ray of Ceremonial Order and Magic)
3rd Chakra- Power- Mars, Neptune (Ray of Devotion and Idealism)
4th Chakra- Heart- Jupiter, Sun (Ray of Love & Wisdom)
5th Chakra- Communication- Saturn, Earth (Ray of Active Intelligence)
6th Chakra- Intuition- Venue (Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science)
7th Chakra- Divine- Vulcan, Pluto (Ray of Will/Power)

Now what is interesting about this discrepency is that it has implications to the Ray energies that are associated with each of the Chakras. The knowledge structures that formed these perspectives are both thousands of years old, probably older but with no written history.

I have a theory that the Yogis have a deeper understanding of the Charkras, and the Astrologers have a deeper understanding of the Planets and their Ray influences. I know doesn't tell ya much, but I would think Mercury would be the planet of the 5th Chakra, being communication and all.

Now these are both perspectives, it will be interesting for me to come to my own thoughts on how these interplay. Once I have a deeper understanding of the Rays I shall make my own interpretations of the charkras they primarily influence.


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Perspective: Esoteric Astrology; Natal Chart of H~

In my discovery of the mysteries of old, I have decided I ought become a bit of an Astrology, Esoteric Astrologer that is.

I must cite my sources, so I pay tribute to William Meader for conducting the workshop I attended, as well as Alan Oken and The Tibetan. I shall be utilizing many concepts put forth in Alan Oken's book, Soul-Centered Astrology, A Key to Your Expanding Self. (The Crossing Press, A division of Ten Speed Press, PO BOX 7123 Berkely, CA 94707)

So let's go through the natal Chart of H~

Moon- Cancer- 7th House
Sun- Scorpio- 9th House
Mercury- Scorpio- 9th House
Venus- Scorpio- 10th House
Mars- Scorpio- 10th House
Jupiter- Leo- 7th House
Saturn- Virgo- 8th House
Uranus- Scoprio- 8th House
Neptune- Sagitarius- 11th House
Pluto- Libra= 8th House
Ascendent- Capercorn- 12th House

For the purpose of this analysis I shall attempt to break down the meaning behind each of these Planetary Energies, their signs and the Houses of influence. I shall also do my best to uncover the combined effects of them. Upon completion I will make a summary post of my intuitive interpretation and allow it up for discussion.

Wahoooooo! I love this stuff, its not everyday that one sits down to uncover their soul purpose :-)


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Observation: Crystology Faden & Laser Wand Teachings from Akeeya & Yvette

Crystology via Akeeya and Yvette

The love of my life and I spent a fabulous evening this past Friday at Mimosa in Madison WI In my search to scientifically discover the divine spirit with in all, I saw an opportunity to begin my studies of the 1st Kingdom, the Mineral Kingdom.

I am fortunate in that I have excellent access to rich spiritual study locations at Earth Song and Mimosa.

The instructions this time came through Akeeya and Yvette. Akeeya studied Crystology under Melody, who wrote several books on Crystology.

Akeeya and Yvette set the basics for a small class on how to work with Crystals. We coverd a ton of information in a small amount of time, so I'll recap as best I can.

1. Dedicating Crystals- after one has selected the proper crystal to work with, and you will know if a crystal is right for you to work with by sensing if its vibration ressonates with you. It is proper form to decicate the crystal towards its purpose and towards healing.

2. Cleansing Crystals- one must cleanse their crystals every time they work with one. Akyeea taught us the "White Light" method of cleansing crystals. First off one needs to identify a specific area of the room to be used as a central transmutation point, a humming bowl or body of water works well for this. This area is then used to direct the blocked energy into so that it may transmutate back into the universal whole. To cleanse a crystal one must open up themselves to the divine light above via their crown chakra, then imagine beaming that light via the third eye to the crystal. This method of cleansing works on more than just crystals I suspect, that with practice one can use it very effectively for line of sight or distance healing especially if one is able to channel other types of energy, such as reiki.

I should note that while cleansing a set of crystals my darling and myself both placed the crystal intuitively in front of the Third Eye and Akeeya said that she"see that she is working with past Atlantean's and Lemurian's. I believe if these two groups of re-incarnates can work together successfully we shall see some much needed balance here on Earth.

3. Faden- the Faden is a specific type of crystal that enable healing sessions. One of which the practitioner places the crystal in the hands of the one to be healed. Then using the crystal as a channel one senses each charka of the individual for understandings of color and vibration. (I was told that a bright pink was growing in my heart, the love for my darling) There is much more one does with the Faden, but I'll leave you to experiment on your own.

4. Laser Wand- The laser wand is used to help balance the chakras of an individual and can be used to cleanse a room of impurities. Again this cleansing would focus the blocked energy into a transmutation center.

During the break I had Akeeya sense the vibration in my Guardian Medallion. She said that she felt a, I believe, Star Fox within it and that it allowed me to also act from my point on high.

I wear the hemitite stone around my heart center and as such she was able to pick up on one of my past lives: She said I was a Trojan soldier and that I was marching off to war. She said I was terrified of going to war, primarily because I had left my love back in Egypt.

I should probably also note that at one point during the discussion she stopped and said that I had an extremely strong wolf energy along with me. And that the wolf is nobel and stands up for what they believe in.

Anyhoot it was a great class, should you get the opportunity to train from a Melody teacher, I highly recommend it.

I look forward to working with Crystals in the future. Once I get through some more Esoteric Astrology reads, I have some home reading to do here as well.


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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Perspective: Christ a real Superman

I recently saw a spectacular movie, SuperMan Returns

It was really entertaining. There was an enourmous amount of references of Superman as a Christ Figure in this edition.

A great Many Father - Son references

Father sent only son as a saviour

At a point he falls with his arms spread, as though upon a cross

He has heat vision, okay so maybe that's not a Christ power, but I bet if Jesus wanted heat vision he could have it.

There was one scene that I found to be most powerful. Superman takes Lois Lane up in the sky, high above the clouds and asks "what do you hear?" She replied, "nothing" And Superman says, "I hear everything"... which is why I feel the world needs a savior...

Now if you keep up with me you know that I am studying some Ageless Wisdom. I am in the process of Reading The Rays and Initiations. I came across an interesting comment that I felt related strongly to this scene in the movie

on page 78 "...The world of men is seething in response to the inflow of spiritual energy. This energy has been evoked by the unrealized and inaudible cry of humanity itself.

This inaudible cry represents the sounds that Superman hears

..."Humanity has for the first time in history become spiritually invocative."

Our Saviour hears our cry, and so he shall come.

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Observation: Buddha Arhats

In my search for knowledge I came across a Buddhist reference I had yet to become familiar with in this incarnation, during my studies of Nagarjuna, thought leader of Madkyamika, the term Arhats.

I thought I would ping my primary source for info online to research this term.

Google returns- Arhat

The Wikipedia says- Arhat

The Experience Festival tells us Arhat

Based on the info before me it seems as though this is a Mahayana school term.

At the very least an Arhat appears to be an individual that can obtain freedom from the cycle of samsara, or cyclic life-death and rebirth. In some instances they are a term for a specific type of Buddha. Experience fest pulled a definition as the highest rank obtained by Sravakas, who are voice followers of Buddha.

It seems as though they are a soon to be Boddhisatva and stick close to humanity to help them achieve enlightenment.

It is said that they wait for the appropriate time to re-establish the Dharma. I believe that time is soon at hand. They are to preserve the Buddha's teaching until the coming of Maitreya.

Sounds like a good group to listen for their vibration, I shall have to wonder about and sense that vibe ~ ~ ~

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Perspective: Faith and Science

As an active alumni of the University of Wisconsin Madison, I receive the On Wisconsin Magazine.

I recently read, Putting Faith in Science, which is appropriately cited here. (It would be nice if the university made those articles available cause some are of much interest)

It commented on "Intelligent Design"

On an interesting note, my journey draws me back to Plato and his natural "demiurge"

This line of thinking is for another time, and will bring some good linkages for the mind to ponder.


to quote the article " The basic argument of intelligent design proposes that the complexity of biological life is itself evidence of a designer, a higher being at work"

Now there is something for the nogin, a great Architect.

The article goes on to speak of the challenges of bringing God and Science to live harmoniously together. To me, what's the tough challenge???

Here is a valid hypothesis- I seek to prove that there is a great intelligent designer, or Architect that created the universe and all within.

So from a scientific perspective the next steps are to outline the methodology to be used to prove, or disprove this hypothesis.... simple right ;-)

Over time I shall aspire to distribute scientific experiments that can be done to build humanity up to the point where the grandiose experiment I outlined above is conceivable.

I was encouraged to hear that there is a national science society that has a program that helps with the relationship between science and religion. I shall have to keep up on the AAAS.

Anyhoot, the Intelligent Design concept struck a chord with me.

Let's see where this leads...

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Dream: Heart Felt Vision

I awoke the other evening rather suddenly!

I remember sensing "I must balance this in the heart" and my fourth chakra center was vibrating at a rather interesting rate.

I was just awoken from a dream, but this was not ordinary dream like dreams of past. It felt like a dream contained within my heart. A vision, dare I say, that my own heart put before me.

Now at one point I recall being in a room and the waters rushing in. I jumped onto the center cylidrical object, rather Superman like actually (gotta go see that movie)it was going to protect me. Then I don't recall the remainder of that section of the dream.

Now the remainder of the dream is the startling portion that woke me and brought me back, heart center ablaze.

We were hiking, or camping, or something like that. Only we were be tracked down by local authorities. My companion apparently had a false identification on them and once the autorities caught up with us big trouble was brewing. I believe it brewed from the previous actions we took, (past karma) My group had apparently done some not so good things, somewhat at my direction, but more like I didn't move to stop the group.

Then upon being caught

I must balance this in the heart... was all there was.

I awoke suddenly, but was I ever ultimately asleep???????

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Observation: Atlantean Technology can be fun; Guardian Medallion ®

I happened upon an atlantean technology that I have not experienced, until today, in this life time. When I was hiking in Sedona earlier this year I just so happened to fall coming down from Cathedrall Rock. I injured my tendon in my right hand along the ring finger very badly.

Now this was back in January and my tendon was still hurting till this day...

While attending a festival at Earth Song today I happened across a booth that caught my attention with the words...

Atlantean Technology

I thought, WOW cool, ever since I began this blog I have felt a connection to Atlantis. I'll extract this connection more and more upon My journey in this container. (the words Heir to Atlantis, once ran cross my mind while meditating)

So I decided to learn more. It turns out the the couple had several tools that utilized Atlantis Technology. Now me being the scientist that I am said, where did the Atlantis Technology come from? (Last I checked it was believed Atlantis was under the sea, I suspect it left an etheric imprint as well upon its demise)

They explained that the Technology was channeled by an Ascended Master Lantos who gave insturctions on Genesis energy.

Anyhoot after a 2 minute explaination, I was sold. I was given a 15 minute session using the BioOscillator® the Flame of Genesis® and the wand of Gensis. After my session my injured tendon felt and feels remarkable. My girlfriend is a little skeptical, but via direct experimentation I can attest to the ability of these tools assisting in my healing.

I was hooked so I purchased a Guardian Medallion® as well. The medallion works to purify elements, I really enjoy wearing it around my neck.

Needless to say I'll be doing some additional research into Master Lantos and the Atlantean Technology.

Stay tuned and we can see what remains to be uncovered from the lost city of Atlantis

(Disclaimer: please note that it is theorized that the city of Atlantis was over come when humanity began to abuse the use of energy they had come to master. The mass of the population ignored the warnings and didn't listen to their heart centers, or their Wills. It is my deepest desire to bring back the energies of that time in a manner that is responsible for the betterment of humanity as a whole)

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Lucis Trust, Alice Bailey, Djwahl Khul: Observation

Great insight on Lucis Trust, Alice Bailey and Djwal Khul to be read here!

You may note by my post Title that I am using a slightly different format on this one.

It has come to my attention that there are several websites that are spreading ill will for Lucis Trust. I will note justify these sites with a link simply know they exist.

Now I have been studying Ageless Wisdom for a while now, in this incarnation. Given that my inner voice cried out Heir to Atlantis I suspect it has been since the Atlantean days that this information has been before me. (WOW some time to study heh)

I am going to provide a brief overview of several of the Lucis Trust websites contents, please note that the information in this overview is based on the Lucis Trust info, source cited.

Now for a true citing of my source we must go back to the writter, Alice Bailey and perhaps even beyond her the Master Djwahl Khul.

Djwahl Khul- is a Master of Light that works on the inner side of things. (At least for the time being) Long long time ago through Alice Baiely he began a series of instructions that would serve as a foundation for esoteric knowledge an information to flow from. Alice Bailey went on to write a series of fantastic books, which I have been pulling from in this blog, that help people to come to certain understandings and realizations about the true nature of the force, opps sorry, I can't escape Star Wars.

Let's just say the books provide
1. Abstract Thinking
2. A focus on group mindedness
3. a platform for meditative work (thanks William for drilling those in for me)

In all honesty the information within the blue books contain brain food that my head has been seeking for a long long time. Any hoot it is my current understanding that Lucis Trust was founded on this work.

Snipp from their website:

The worldwide activities of the Lucis Trust, founded by Alice and Foster Bailey, are dedicated to establishing right human relations. The motivating impulse is love of God, expressed through love of humanity and service of the human race.

The activities of the Lucis Trust promote the education of the human mind towards recognition and practice of the spiritual principles and values upon which a stable and interdependent world society may be based.

The Lucis Trust is non-political and non-sectarian. It sponsors no special creed or dogma.

Wow, Lucis Trust is trying to establish Right Human Relations. That sounds like a great thing to me, I mean bring it on. A little invocation there, bring on right human relations! (or is it evocation, I gotta nail the differences down)

a motivating impulse of love of God and service to humanity, sounds like some nobel impules to me.

Some more info about Lucis Trust...


Groups of 3 that creat a world wide network of light, sweet. Hey what was that one thing in the Bible, a Trinity of some sort of another...

Arcane School

This is about education and the education is all about discipleship. Last I checked Jesus, Krishna and Ala had disciples (though the Ala had a prophet, who was essentially a diciple.) So this is a school to teach people in the ways of God. Rock on, now that's my type of school.

Meetings & Festivals

There are ongoing festivals which can be attended so that people can come together, learn from one another send blessings to the earth, sweet!

World Goodwill
Now this two word phrase comprised of 3 words in and of itself is alllll good. This is so good I gotta snip this one too
To stimulate and encourage men and women of goodwill everywhere to establish right human relations between races, religions, nations and classes through intelligent understanding and adequate communication

It amazes me that folks will speak against this organization.

I mean come on, with all of this great info and loving content it is hard for me to believe that people would be willing to discredit this organization. I do realize that not everyone is ready for this perspective on things at this time, however I feel it is important for another positive perspective to be prominently displayed out there.

Now It is my sincere desire for this web page to start showing up in Support of Lucis Trust.

Perhaps some day when with some additional time and due diligence, someone will be able to discredit the sources of the poorly informed websites.

I may have to make some steady updates of info from the website in the future to keep this fresh :-)

may the will to do good be with you all,

You may visit this website on Chakras Balancing for one of my contributions of the will to do good.

be well

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Observation: Esoteric Astrology, Scorpio & Beyond

Hi folks,

Sorry to have been gone for a while, I had some things to focus on in my day job. But really this is my day job, observing experiences in life.

Any hoot, I went to a great workshop with my lovely lady yesterday.

Esoteric Astrology presented by William Meader. You can get some great info on William Meader and Esoteric Astrology by clicking this link.

William had a wealth of great knowledge to share, and in an 8 hour time frame he could only touch the tip of the ice berg of what is possible for him.

Now I could blog on for pages about the great info we learned from William, but I will keep this post some what focused on the key take aways.

1. Next to ones sun sign there are 2 other primary signs of interest, the Moon and Ascendant Sign
2. Moon sign represents the past, as well as an challenge to be overcome after the age of 35, the Sun Sign represents your present (probabiligy), the Ascendant represents the future (possibility)
3. There is a traditional view of Astrology and an Esoteric view, or occult view.

Now I am a Scorpio, which means that in this life time I must face my darkest shadow before I can become victorious. It is said that the work of Scorpio is Consumated in Capercorn (thanks William)

Now that being said my ascendant sign has to do with the Ray of Business and Economy in William's terms or the 3rd Ray. A potential down fall of the personality in this ray has to do with personal achievement. This makes me all the more mindful of what to be cautious of post 35 years of age :-)

No shadow can remain on the final leg of ascension

Now William did scratched the surface on the 12 Houses as well and I can't wait to dig up some more info on those!

I will be continuing my discoveries of Esoteric Astrology and will keep ya posted ;-)

Hat tip to The Tibetan and the Master's for their wisdom on astrology.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Observation: Authentic Transformation

I recently attended an excellent workshop with my life partner on creating authentic power, it was presented by Gary Zukav and Linda Fancis.

They did a fantastic job! and I learned a bit.

One exercise that they did was to have the whole room visualize themselves coming up in front of the entire class and making a committment to work towards their own spiritual development. (I felt that this group committment, done on a higher level as well was extremely powerful and important to facilitate growth)

A focus on the workshop was on creating authentic power within oneself. And to focus on your internal issues as opposed to externalizing your problems.

Gary and Linda tend to focus on the 3rd 4th and 5th Chakras. Through the session my Manipura, (3rd chakra) became sensitive to impluse. More so than it has been in the past. At times I also experienced an infusion from my higher self above.

They focus on the 3rd center, as they call them, because many folks tend to need a lot of work there. One opportunity I saw for improvement in the class would be to take the POWER GENERATED in the third center and transform it via the love in the heart center. Living in the heart is a means of creating balance in our lives. (And believe me I need to do some balancing in my heart for some balance)

The session was a fantastic partner bonding experience, in fact they spoke throughout the session about Spiritual Partnerships.

Some Key Take Aways

1. When sensing something in an argument that doesn't feel right perhaps it comes from non-loving parts of oneself

2. Holiness = WHOLENESS

3. When trying to come to the root cause of a problem try:
Feeling reveal the layers of our imprinted issues

and then there was healing

4. Like Energy attracks like energy- hmm makes one wonder about the partners and friendships that go in and out of our lives...

5. Concepts on perception and reactions, past present and future, knowledge and the field of knowledge. I drew a chicken scratch image, but i can't drop it in here now.

6. Concepts on attachments pull on cultural differences and how the attachment to culture impeeds humans viewing the WHOLE of humanity as the core group of importance. Each culture has an attachment to a unique identity, only when each culture embraces the larger perspective of Humanity and its well being as a WHOLE can we move the planet. (Buddha was and is wise indeed on attachment and suffering)

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Perspective: Celestine Prophecy- Evolution

The book The Celestine Prophecy give an interesting view on just how humanity as a whole has evolved over the past milenium and why it is that we operate the way we do.

Essentially it says for a long period of time man was ruled by the churchmen, and through them we had a relationship with the Divine. Things occured in that day and age because either good will from God or poor occurances due to the devil.

As the legitimacy of the churchmen became corrupt, people were searching for more reasons as to "Why" the purpose of existence. In this search for purpose men decided to explore the world through scientific exploration. And from that process we have grown to improving our own qualities of life.

However, we have- for the most part- had yet to discover that which we have first sought out to seek, purpose in a closer relationship to the divine.

We substituted science.

And now it is time for science and religion to come together.

This is just one of my perspectives on The Celestine Prophecy there are more to come and I oh so enjoy the book.

be well,

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Perspective: Yoga meets Religion

I have come across an interesting article, on yoga and religion.

Now I don't mean to drop a bomb on Yogi's and Yogini's out there, but a Yogi is one that seeks union with God.

And guess what Yoga got its start a long long time ago, in our current history books, a first written discourse is provided in the Bhagavad Gita, the song of God.

Wait a minute, that's a Hindu text, you mean ...Religion. Yes, philosophy, religion you got it.

Now this just so happens to not jive so nicely with some Christians, please don't take me wrong, for others it integrates quit nicely.

In the Song of God there is an Avatar, Krishna, one of the 10 incarnations of Vishnu. Now I have a theory that in some text they have misinterpreted the 9th incarnation as the Buddha. And that in actuallity Christ was the 9th incarnation of Vishnu, 9 is my lucky

Now this leads to some interesting perspectives indeed. (Perhaps a scientific hypothesis to be tested upon the 10th incarnation return.)

If only I could find mention of Yoga in the Bible.

Let's define Yoga- to yoke heh, hmm any recommendations from Jesus on a yoke.

Matthew, Chapter 11, Verses 28 - 30

Come unto me, all ye that labour and ar heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Take my yoke upon you and you learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart:and ye shall find rest unto your souls

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

To quote the Yoga Religion article of interest-
But if one plunges with both feet into yogic spirituality while also pursuing a conventional faith, one risks what theologians call syncretism—or "riding two horses at once," as Needleman puts it. "It's very hard sometimes to try to be a deep Christian contemplative and at the same time be a Hindu—a Vedantan, let's say," he notes. "Not because they disagree but because the imagery sometimes is so conflicting."

Christ and Krishna- imagery seems right on to me.

And so you are given permission to follow Yoga along with your current religion. It is an acceptance we all must have.

Please do not lose site of what is important about our Yoga Practice is that we practice Yoga. That practice and the peace and wonder it provides you and humanity is of most importance, so it has been told for thousands of years...

peace my brotha's and sista's


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Monday, April 10, 2006

Observation: May my worth be measured in Light

In the end my wealth will be a factor of the light I may share with others.

May I serve as an anchor of light upon this planet that Light may flow through me to others.

I am worthless without the group

May love's light be guided to and from me.

Amen brotha's and sista's


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Friday, April 07, 2006

Observation: Shaman comes to town

And so the Shaman comes to town.

I have ran across an interesting shaman story. It is interesting because it actually links together some past lives tracking that I am engaged in.

Its a coincidence, because I actually happened upon this site by doing some Nostrodamus research, ahh the beauty of things..

The story itself actually references Egypt as well as a wolf shaman. It is said that a group of wolf people were first people.

One thing that sticks me about the account above is the cry "Arrowwwws" I tend to get nailed with Darts in my astral projections.

I'll have to see how it all ties together in time ;-)

One's field of knowldege increases as one opens to past live experience.


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Perspective: Celestine Prophecy, Restlessness

In tribute to the soon to be record breaking movie, the Celestine Prophecy (prediction) I have decided to reread the book to get pumped up for the movie.

I figure I add some commentary along side is as well.

Insights are an important aspect of the prophecy soon to be manifest. And what a great way to distribute to the masses they may not have taken the time to read the book. I suspect that the movie will break some records for the year.

Anyhoot the first insight in on Restlessness. A feeling that there is more to life than meets the eye, or perhaps we are simply not perceiving things correctly. This restlessness was present in previous lives, its only now that it is able to pick up steam with the mass of humanity.

I have stated that I am a scientist of the new age as such I have felt a desire/need to experiment with new age concepts and ideals. As a scientist should. However, I have really felt compelled to do so, as though my current existence would no longer fulfill my being. So I experiment, with yoga, reiki, channeling, ascended masters, and more is yet to come.

The exciting thing about this restlessness is that more new age scientists will come as well.

James Redfield is one of those scientists, and he has already been here. His experiment is well on its way. I do find it a coincidence that he is quoted on my Kundalini Yoga book.

I am still restless, I shall have to press on my brothers and sista's


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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Perspective: Etheric Body of Humanity

Doin some reading from some ageless wisdom, what's so great about this wisdom is that it is wisdome regardless of what age one is in ;-)

Discileship in the New Age speaks of the entire etheric body of humanity and often times compages it to a "Web of Ethers." Now from an internet perspective a Web of ether is very interesting.

Essentially all of humanity makes the sum total of this energetic web. Anytime one interacts with others that interaction is realized in the etheric web. I suspect that within the ether web, (I would say etherNet but given Cat 5 cable it would lose meaning) there are centers of force and energy that are Hubs and centers of force and energy that are authorities. A hub has many many rays of energy coming into it from across the etherweb of humanity. And an authority has many many energetic connections going out throughout the ether web of humanity. Of course some centers become hubs and authorities of etheric force.

Over time, lifetimes that is, this would become quite the interesting map of lines of force. I wonder what exists on the spiritual plan to simulate this...

Earthly manifestation tends to be a representation of that which has been achieved on the inner side...


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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Observation: Ascended Master Saint Germain Mahachohan

In my search for unifying some religions I picked up another book on Hinduism. I came across a text that I must read in time, "Laws of the Manu" for in my studies the Manu holds an importnat position in the changes that are occuring on earth and on a spiritual plane.

And so I figure I search for information on another important position, that of the Mahachohan I found it rather interesting that this position is proclaimed to be held by the ascended master Saint Germain

My theory is that this position is founded on remenants of truth, however in further examination of the iamuniversity site above, I do not believe it to be a sound source of knowledge and wisdom.

I shall have to explore this path in further detail, and it does make sense if my soul co-operator follows the path for civilization.

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Friday, March 31, 2006

Perspective: Channeling, Science of Impression

One interesting new age perspective is the ability to channel insights from above, or healing energy such as Reiki. By being present in the moment and opening up your awareness, going through attunement processes, one is able to become sensitive to these energies.

Now as these energetic impressions become stronger, one is able to make out what the impressions are "saying" so to speak.

The next step, and the step that I am working through right now, is the proper interpretation of these impressions.

I have become more aware of many impressions. The conventional question remains, what do they mean.

For instance I got the message "Don't move" this could mean a bunch of things:

Don't move into a new home

Don't move from your current occupation

Don't move away from the one you are with

Or simply, hey there get ready for some impressions to flow through so "Don't move"

It is the proper interpretation of impressions, which I must now master. The impressions are registering, on with some interpreting...

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Perspective: Kalki

The I am maker, has come across some interesting reads on Kalki. It was a rather interesting coincidence actually, I recently picked up a book on Hindu gods and read about the 10 incarnations of Vishnu, Krishna being the 8th incarnation and The Buddha being the 9th. (9 is my favorite number, yet I have the slightest suspicion that the Buddha was actually a Deciple of Krishna, Arjuna.

Anyhoot the 10th incarnation of Vishnu is to be Kalki. There is a fabulous perspective on the Avatar, from the Avatar.

I claim to be an Avatar. The Hindu scriptures are very clear as to who an Avatar is. You see, basically, it is like this: GOD per say can never be comprehended, can never be related to, other than through the manifesta-tions. Let us take the case of light as an example. We will go into a little bit of science. Suppose, a light ray was to pass through a vacuum tube, you are not going to see the light at all. So light as such can not be seen. But, if that light were to strike an object and come back to you, you see that object. Now, the question is, are you seeing that object or are you seeing the light. The photons do hit the object and they come back into your eyes, therefore we can say you are seeing light, you can also say you are seeing only the object. There is an ambience here. So, what stand can you take here? You really cannot take a stand. You can say, ?I am seeing light, yet I am not seeing light?. The same ap-proach applies to the understanding of an Avatar. When you are looking at an Avatar, you can say, ?I am seeing GOD; yet I am not seeing GOD?. Both are equally true. Like without light, you are not going to see anything at all, yet light itself cannot be seen.

Look how science and religion are coming together here. And what a brilliant analogy of Light compared to God. Now this really gets interesting if we run it through some Buddhist analysis. One cannot really take a stand because the inherent exisitence of the process of seeing is empty. Hat tip to Nagarjuna.

Here's a thought, Namaste, the divine in me aknowledges and pays tribute to the divine in you. (losely translated) So we are all little Avatars, just waiting to emerge. Deliver me. So what is so unique about the proclaimed Kalki???

Is the object of perception so divine it casts forth this view?

Are the receptors of perception extra sensitive to this light?

What of the vacuum tube? Is there a divine transferrence of light?

Interesting things to ponder on. One that transcends all things must be a part of, the light, the object, the reciever. A triad of sorts, and the triad of an Avatar is such that all 3 are one.

There are some interesting perspectives on Kalki as well. I particularly like the new age speculators about Kalki representing Maitreya Buddha. I especially like that he would herald the second coming of Christ.

Now provided that Kalki is from Shambala, it would make sense that Kalki is leading the way for his co-operator the Christ. With all these Light Bodies, allowing for the vibratory rate of humanity to increase, Kalki enligtenments it is a good be that Christ is right around the corner, mmm let's say about 6 years out. 2012 is going to be one great time in history. We must prepare.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Perspective: EGO, the I am Maker

I just read a great article in the Yoga Journal.

Sophisticated Ego by Sally Kempton.

I really felt that Sally captured the essence, or lack there of, ego in this article. Here is a great little snippet
Om Sanskrit the word for ego is ahamkara, which means "the I maker" (kind of like Mentos the fresh maker) Ego differentiates itself amon the mass of sensations that come your way and tell you that a particular experience belongs to the energy bundle you call "me"

The energy bundle you call me. What an intriguing concept. I pondered on this concept. I quickly took a look at my surroundings and said the energy bundle of me, okay what around me here is me? good question- everything really, by seeing I identify with things. In order to see my optical recepters have to take in the light energy that those things reflect. This energy becomes a part of "my" energy bundle. Now I could run this through an analysis by Nagarjuna and swiftly the emptiness of me, the sight and the object of that site quickly comes to pass. But lets stick on a conventional level for a moment. The energy bundle I call me. When I am next to another person, my aura will overlap, mess and sometimes blend with their aura especially when centered in love. So where is my energy bundle? My energy bundle is their energy bundle, what can I call me.

Sally goes on to say that sometimes the ego is not inclusive enough in its realm of what it identifies itself with. This is definately something to think on...

A small meditation is included in the article, the "I am" meditation. Not a bad one, but in my opinion it asks one to think a little bit much. I much prefer the Kundalini Meditation "I am, I am" I am what I am it does not allow for your ego to start thowing terms of attachment into the mix.

If ya say it long enough, you don't even know what you are saying anymore- I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am


Sat Nam

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Observation: Celestine Prophecy the Movie

I am uber stoked to see that the Celistine Prophecy the movie is coming out soon.

Some time ago I read the book, but I am do for a quick refresh.

One underlying principle is that in the future "energy" will be transferred from person to person and in time replace $. And that humanities vibratory rates are destined to increase through evolution.

There is a visionary movement from the author being generated here- Celestine Vision

It's my perspective that via understanding of Chakras this prophecy will come to light

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Perspective: From Darkness to Light

From Darkness to Light

that is the way for a true guru

What is interesting to percieve is that on the path and while becoming the path the darkness becomes more and more obvious. The more one is able to hold steadfast in the light the more observing one can be of dark.

As the veil of ignorance lifts the thickness of that ignorance becomes apparent.

From Darkness to Light..what a ride :-)

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Observation: Karuna Reiki

I just ran across and interesting site that talks about Karuna Reiki

Being relatively new to practicing Reiki I was not familiar. I shall chat with my Reiki Master next time I see her about this method. However, it seems rather straight forward enough.

The Usui natrual healing approach attunes one to Usui's healing energy channel. It would appear as though the Karuna system attunes one to an energy channel of several enlightened beings that flow healing energy.

Very interesting, perhpas after I reach Master status I shall explore Karuna in further detail.

A friend of mine is in "tune" with The Ascended Master Quan Yin and provides a different healing approach. Perhaps Karuna and Quan Yin's healing are similar in nature.

Given that I am to experiment scientifically with these methods I shall keep you posted ;-)

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Perspective: Reiki gettin hot hot hot

So now that I have been attuned to Reiki II I have noticed some increased flow of healing energy.

The other night just before falling asleep I decided to give myself some reiki and man did I get hot, I mean really cooking! I had to take off my shirt and remove a blanket to cool off.

Then I was so jazzed up with reiki flow I was no longer all that tired and didn't fall asleep for a bit, ha. Ohh well

Reiki is hot, and is getting hot as it becomes a part of mainstream medicine/healing

bring on the healing (overt invocation)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Perspective: Feelings are still valid, even if irrational

A point of balance to be had yin, yang, male, female, polarities is that of feelings versus logic. Even if one has feelings that are not founded on proper logic, those feelings are still valid, they must be aknowledged and worked through properly.

So how does one approach, somewhat irrational, feelings properly without being inconsiderate?

First off, aknowledge those feelings, say that you do not mean to diminish them give them their proper place as they are valid. Then allow the other person to talk through those feelings with you. The challenging thing becomes to talk through those feelings without elevating the conversation. Those feelings are best expressed in an open calm fashion and if they have been surpressed for too long can tend to blow up.

In many spiritual practices and beliefs they teach a non-attachment to feelings. I am not sure if I have always agreed with this perspective, but perhaps it has only been misinterpreted. Perhaps it is non-attachment to results of those feeling??

Feelings must be expressed and worked through, otherwise they can become built up as compressed love. Love seeks expression, that is why we are here for this human experience.

Move properly through your feelings, they are still valid :-)

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Observation: Reiki II

This past weekend I was attuned to Reiki II. It represents an exciting time in spiritual and personal growth for mySelf. In becoming attuned to Reiki II I have become a greater channel for healing energy to flow through me. Through my journey that is truly what I desire, to allow healing to flow through me.

With the attunment comes the presentation of sacred symbols to be used in distance healing as well as increase intuitive abilities, via the ajna center.

In my waking hours, my third eye presented me with a vision. It was held steadfast in the light and as I looked up my Third Eye and being were bathed in the light and energy.

I am excited to conduct healing sessions on others and to spread the light and energy which flows to humanity.

Reiki II is a good thing :-)

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Observation: Everything I eat turns to Poop

My wise old grandfather made this observation the other day.

Funny isn't it?

But wait, there is more to it than this. Why is it that everything we eat turns to poop? If one comteplates the theory of Lean Manufacuring, one will find that the purpose of Lean is to eliminate the amount of waste in a system. The reason that everything we eat turns to poop is that there is a very large amount of waste in the food that we eat. ALL food that we eat really.

So why do we eat? We eat so that we may transform the energy in food to work for us and sustain our life. So we eat for energy, yet the vast balance of that which we take into our system is waste. So what's up with that? Even vegan's food turns to poop.

All we are after as human beings is the proper amount of energy to sustain our lives. Based on the amount of waste we create from eating food it would seem that food is a very inefficient means of generating engergy to sustain life. In fact, since we create waste our body begins to break down, aging.

I am not saying that I have the answer, but there are some that say eating air is the answer they are called Breatharians

In many traditions fastings take place as a means of cleansing. This is the process of continuously remaining clean so to speak. By eating air it is said that all that you eat will not turn into poop :-)

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Dream: Here on Earth- Dreamless on the Astral Plane

Did you have any dreams last night?

I heard her say, no I did not.

Then next time you go to sleep say "I want to remember my dreams"

I recall the time when I told people such things. In my lucid dreams of past I often would take control of my dream space.

And in the teachings of ageless wisdom, one may find that dreams are but humanities path to and through the Astral Plane. In astral bodies we fly through our dreams. As EGO integrates with ego we find our astral body begins to dissapate. Dreams become not so frequent.

I like dreaming

so now I find myself living my dream: here on earth

Live your dreams and make them come true

Sat Nam

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Observation: Ascended Master: Saint Germain Quan Yin

A soul co-operator of mine regularly does his light body meditations.

In his minds eye, he envisions electic blue light and hears the words Saint Germain

Saint Germain is an Ascended Master with a very interesting background.

My friends soul mate recently has embraced a Quan Yin healing method. Quan Yin is also an Ascended Master, one of the Bodhisatvas who shall remain close to earth till all sentient beings are libertaed.

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Perspective: Sedona hotel

In my recent trip to Sedona Arizona I stayed at the most beautiful hotel.

The Briar Patch Inn is one of the most relaxing and beautiful Sedona hotels They have the cutest, most romantic little cottages.

Our cottage was called the Owl, each has its own little fire place refilled each day. There is a creek running through the grounds and they have the best homemade breakfasts in the morning.

And why visit Sedona, well from a New Age perspective it is like Disney Land. Sedona is simply majestic. A beautiful land that all beings can appreciate

Thanks Briar patch for makin our stay so fantastic!

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Observation: Fluid, like water

My beautiful little girl inspired this one.

In class they learned about water and how it reacts differently to the substances it comes in contact with.

To this I replied ahh yes fluid, it takes the shape of that which it is contained within.

Then I thought about the movie, What the Bleep do we Know" Then I thought, humans are round 75% water. Would not it make sense that we take the shape of that which we are contained within???

So what are we within


Science is teaching us that all matter is mostly comprised of space. Space is an entity...

and what is space within?


Water takes the shape of that which it is within

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Observation: Feng Shui

It apprears as though there is a new resource out there for information on Feng Shui. As humanity becomes more and more aware of their energy fields and the energy flow of the environment around them, design concepts such as this will become more and more important in our lives. Our living environments make up the space we exisit in, they should go with the flow.

Shout out to this new resource for connecting this with I Ching for me!

Cosmology and philosophy are of much interest...

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Perspective: Stiffled Growth

What is it?

That one thing,

or person,

That is slowing down your growth and evolution.

Our journey is one of evolution, in order to grow we are faced with difficult challenges. At any given point of time we have one major obstical holding us back from achieving our purpose.

What is your obstacle?

Now that you have identified it what are you going to do to overcome it?

For me it took a difficult conversation with the woman I loved to realize what I had to do.

And I did it...

I felt as though a ceiling had been lifted from upon my head, I was free at last and in doing the thing I felt to be not possible, I am able to grow.

What ever it is that you think impossible, do it and make it into an I-am-possible

Shout OUT to Gurmukh

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Perspective: Secret of Life is Ice Cream

This is a great perspective from my mother-

The secret of live

I figured out the secret to life this morning.

It’s ice cream.

Nick was driving past the old Dairy Queen on Raymond Road this morning. 2 of my boys went to day care next door to Dairy Queen. I said some of my favorite memories were in the van with them going through the drive thru at Dairy Queen at the end of a day. There was so much joy in their sweet smiles.

Then I remembered Dad last night commenting on how he loves ice cream and he was smiling, telling my boy he’ll even pay for the ice cream if he brings him more. It gave Dad pure joy in telling the story of him stopping by for a visit and bringing ice cream.

It’s ice cream.

We can go through our lives looking and seeking, but ice cream is the joy of life.

I was sharing my new philosophy with my friend this morning. She got chills as she told me when they brought her dad home to die from the hospital last year, he asked for ice cream. It was the last thing he ate before he died.

So when you’re having a difficult day or feeling down, just remember ice cream.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Perspective: Don't forget to Laugh

On my beautiful trip to Sedona, i just so happened to meet another guide along my path. I am fortunate to have many in this incarnation. What's funny is that in all likely hood these guides have been a part of my journey in past incarnations, ancient karmic ties are strong.

His name is Victor and he pleasantly reminded me of a couple of things.

1. I truely love the one I am journeying with now
2. One must heal themselves before they can heal others
3. I gotta remember to laugh

At times I take things too seriously, lots of times, but at my core I am a lover of life. All beings are innately lovers of life. It is this love which transcends all manifestation.

And a key to this enjoyment of life is laughter.

I love to laugh, ha ha ha ha. And will continue to share my laughter with the love of my life, my family, my friends and all whom I happen upon in this beautiful journey.

Be sure to contact Victor should you visit a Sedona Vortex

Healing benefits of laughter did you know there was
an ancient Oriental healing technique that used laughter to boost healing energy

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Perspective: Tools from God

In my travels to Arizona I came across a lady, who felt down on her luck to say the least. Some famil life circumstances had put her in a position where she felt "God
didn't give me the tools to deal with this. I go to church every Sunday..."

I found this comment rather interesting and unfortunate. I listened to her as best I could and said that sometimes we are faced with certain challenges in order to grow. Yet her comment stuck with me.

God has given us "Free WILL" and with this Will we are able to choose our own paths. I do belive that all the tools necessary to deal with life's ups and downs are right before our eyes we simply need to implement them.

Kundalini Yoga, any sort of Yoga for that matter, is one of those tools.

I suggest many use it :-)

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Observation: Leading up to Sedona

So in the past I have posted about my visit to Sedona. Sedona is a beautiful Spiritual New Age Center of activity, filled with fantastic Red Rocks and 4 very powerful energy vortexes. What's interesting to note is that my first trip up there, I owe to fantastic woman I am going to be visiting there with shortly.

I will be sure to keep ya posted on the trip.

To dwell in the vortex energy is truly divine!

It is said that there are male and female vortexes present in Sedona. The Vortex at Cathedral Rock is a feminine one and the Airport vortex is a masculine one.

I can't wait to experience them both with my special companion :-)

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Perspective: New Age

I do hope that this site can serve as a resource for people that are interested in making observations and perspectives in the new age.

Let's take a snap shoot, which shall shift over time, of some New Age Perspectives.

Click a link below and see what the search landscape thinks of New Age

Google Yahoo MSN Teoma
Alta Vista A9 Clusty
Gigablast Lycos WiseNut

Gotta give a shout out to the Open Directory for the thoughts on the New Age pulse


Let's enhance that thinking with some blog search:

Google Blog Search
Blog Search Engine

And of course the New Age Swicki

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Perspective: On Being Positive

Be Positive!

It's that simply my brotha's and sista's

Be positive :-)


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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Perspective: Yoga Journal on Chakras

Here is a nice little read on the Chakras, from the Yoga Journal. they go into explain each of the 7 chakras as well.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Perspective: Sa Ta Na Ma

As part of my New Age science experiment, and honestly to live a more fulfilled life, I have begun training as a Kundalini Yoga instructor. Kundalini Yoga provides a scientific approach to becoming closer with that which transcends all. It is a Yoga that greatly focuses on your Chakra System. A chakra is a vortex of energy located along the spine that connect the physical plane to the plane of subtle energies. Understanding and proper balancing of the Chakras will bring forth the next level of peace and understanding needed for humanity at this time. Another reason for my committment to Kundalini Yoga.

As part of my Teacher Training program I am to meditate for 31 minutes for 40 days in a row. I am on day 4 now and the meditation I chose includes the silently projected mantra of "Sa Ta Na Ma"

It can be interpreted to mean, Infinity, Life, Death, Rebirth. It is a very powerful mantra/meditation. While meditating I had an accute awareness of the subtle energies that were swirling around me, penetrating me and filling my being. I attribute this awareness to my Light Body course. I suspect that these energies are always in effect as Kundalini students meditate on Sa Ta Na Ma. Thanks to my Light Body course getting me in touch with my soul I am better able to percieve the subtle energies. The meditation has also been unearthing many thoughts and voices from my subconcious mind, visions even. I suspect that I have much to learn about the true meaning of Sa Ta Na Ma. I get that impression and the Ageless Wisdom I have been studying may say that I can invoke that understanding to my being.

Sa Ta Na Ma- when I ponder on this I think of my Zodiac sign, Scorpio a sign of death and rebirth. It would seem that through infinite life I can find balance...

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Observation: Observe the Observation

So last night I was doing some reflecting and in all honesty I was reflecting on some things that were bringing me down. So then I decided to reflect on what I was reflecting on. In doing so one realizes that the first reflection simply is not worth the energy in the grand scheme of things. Why dwell on what will bring you down???

Why not accept and acknowledge how you are feeling, let it pass and move on?

From the observer space much serenity lies within. Yet it is when we can observe the process of observation that SELF begins to break down and we find a deeper understanding of peace.


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