Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Observation: Venus in Scorpio in 10th House: Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Astrology- Interpretation of Venus in Scorpio in the 10th House

As we move onto the next of the planets in the sign of Scorpio of my natal chart, we find a source of Harmony in the Planet Venus. As Mars is conflict, Venus is Harmony.

As is commonly known among our culture, Venus has to do with Love.
The energy that comes from Venus is that of the 5th Ray (Concrete Knowledge and Science) I propose that a portion of the harmony I am to bring come via scientific experience.

Love via concrete knowledge would seem to communicate a certain degree of illumination. The harmonizing loving aspects of Venus shine through via illuminating the mind via concrete knowledge and scientific exploration of soul purpose in this life time.

As the love nature expresses through Scorpio, it prepares itself for the great fusion with Spirit in the sign of Capercorn.

(Alan Oken book cited)
This position communicates loving sacrifice of the personality for higher purposes. The House position may shed some light on those higher purposes. The 10th house deals with social responsibility, career and an externalization of service to enforce the plan of the Masters.

What is interesting about this sacrifice is that as one become infused with the soul, and later the monad, that fusion leads to the necessary sacrifice of the personality. And by that time one feels as though nothing is lost.

Another point of interest is that this serves as yet another struggle as demonstrated by the sign of Scorpio, prove your worth Scorpio. Strive torwards those goals of the soul.

And so loving sacrifice of the personality presents a point of tension from which true liberation can be sought from. Yet this tension, dissolves swiftly as the SELF becomes united with the Whole. And with this love comes harmony, communicated through knowledge and science.

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