Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Observation: Enamored with the Glamor of Attention

I had a very lovely conversation last night with a close friend of mine. It had mainly to do with Love and relationships. You'll note from a previous post I have been searching for a means to approach love differently.

Her premise, which I am a believer in, is that people really fall in love with the attention that others are paying to them. Now being a male I interpret that to be more that they are in love with the idea of being in love, but the attention is the expression of that idea. Her theory is that people jump into things too fast, I can relate as many a time in the past I have attempted to move too swiftly with the ladies as opposed to letting things run their course. Now this concept has HUGE ramifications for appropriate approaches to relationships. Its kind of almost like they go back in time to when people took things slowly. This represents a huge challenge given the sexual undertones of todays society. (Don't get me wrong I enjoy sexual undertones) For one thing the concept of just fooling around gets pushed way back on the timing progression and sex in and of itself once again becomes a big deal, not just par for the course.

True understanding of this concept can bring about lots of mutually beneficial relationships. In actuality it will save several BAD relationships from progressing any further.

So words of wisdom from this perspective would be to take things slowly. Let them progress, and get to know one another for who you each are.

Getting to truly know a person and testing the waters to see if you can love the person, not just the attention they pay you, now that is a test of love.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Dream: Golum, Greed and Acceptance

So the setting was back at my child hood home. The denial was Golum, he that represents greed, one of the seven deadly sins. Greed, that which = attachment. I locked my greed, golum the visual representation of it, to the sink downstairs. He got away, he came at me with a weapon. I took it from him. I struck at him with all the intention he had to strike at me. Then I ran his body down to the curb and threw out the trash. But he could still come back to me, my greed which I thought myself done with those many years ago can always show me a reflection I do not want to see. Mother was protecting me here from myself, she dealt with responsibility that was not her's. Greed only seeks acceptance, there are fragments within greed that seek to move and be transformed/integrated into the type of being I dream myself to be. The remainder of that greed must be moved enough to follow along its own destiney path and not stay here, suffocating and denied. I'll face my greed soon enough, and with loving acceptance process what needs to be done.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Perspective: On Yoga- to Yoke

Take up my YOGA, for my burden is LIGHT.

Just a little interpretation of mine from an often quoted Biblia.

What type of Yoga would Jesus do?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Observation: Ka Yoga take 2

After some further investigating it would seem as though Ka Yoga, from an Egyptian stand point (ka) would really be Life Force Yoga, or perhaps Chi Yoga.

I do believe that I am taking in Ka Yoga classes on the Astral Plane, now I only need understand the rules by which I may learn and teach.

I feel as though an integration of Kundalini Yoga and Light body meditation are a good starting point and that these together will further the consciousness development of the earth.

good times

Friday, September 16, 2005

Hypothesis: Kundalini Yoga to Raise Consciousness


So I would be pretty lame if I claim that the vast majority of humanity is not truly consciuos (humanities evolution) and not come up with some sort of hypothesis on how people will begin to evolve quickly.

While psychology has a nice frame work for experimentation Yoga, specifically Kundalini Yoga provides a nice platform to develop humanities consiousness of energy. Yoga overall has become very prominent in life, the practice of Kundalini Yoga prepares an individual to understand the energy that flows through them.

Kundalini Yoga is truly a fire, an ignition to the understandings that are needed by Humanity at this time of healing.

My hypothesis is

Kundalini Yoga will serve as a catalyst to increase the overal consciousness level of humanity, thus inceasing our collective vibratory rate.

So now I'll have to work on an experiment with this :-)


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dream and Observation: Ka Yoga

Alright so pieces of my past and present lives are starting to fall in place. A dream I had some time ago I was taking instruction on Ka Yoga. Now up to recently I have had no clue as to what Ka Yoga might be, I practice Kundalini yoga which focuses on the chakras and raising the energies up the spine so that Shiva can meet with Shakti with balance in the heart center. But Ka Yoga, had never heard of it. Yet in my prior dream I recall myself in Egypt, in a Pyramid, dead, or at least thinking I am dead. So that places me in Egypt. And in some Egyptian text there are references to Ka, which I believe is a God or path of worship. Anyhoot in my yoga training they always say focus on Sat Nam, True Identity. However, I always find my mind wandering off on the mind chatter that fills my day. Only recently I have been noticing where Emotion has been stored in my body. And some postures, or asanas seem to have me focus more on specific emotions. I have been looking for a healthy emotional expression for some time in my new scientific work and I have a theory that Ka Yoga can help identify trapped emotions and release it. Ka Yoga would simply be Kundalini with the added emphasis on the emotional release, with roots back to Egypt. I'll keep researching and let ya know.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Subconcious: Your Life at This Time is All About Religion

Those were the words that I carried forward from my dream world to this mornings waking hour.

- My life at this time is all about religion.-

I should preface this post with some info about how the subconcious can speak to us. What is a dream if not the subconcious going through its course of activity. When we first awake in the morning, and are in the state between sleep and wake, (thanks to Tinker Bell the Fairy for I believe in Faries)the human consciousness is capable of brining forward the lessons learned by our subconcious while we sleep. And thus the words I first heard were those above.

WOW, honestly I find much to poke fun at with this situation. For a large portion of my life, at this time, I have ran far far away from Religion. Religion simply did not make sense to me. I refused to believe, wholeheartedly that these other people could sit back and cast mandates at me and by me following them I would be saved, find God, develop understanding...

Now this knowledge that was imparted to my subconcious was stirred by an emotional response, note the importance of emotion here, to words I read in a book by the Master D.K. He spoke of a New World Religion, more specifically a Religion that would pull together 4 of the current mainstream religions of the Earth.

There remains much self integration on my part to develop the wisdom necessary to communicate this perspective appropriately. But for the time being let's make a few new age scientific hypothesis.

Again I cannot take credit for these directly, they are a result of several cross pollinations of learning.

Buddhism - Christianity: Emptiness = Not not GOD

Buddha nature is Not not the Christ within all.

Hindu - Christianity: Krisna = Previous incarnation of Christ

Now there is another tie in soon to come with another religion but at this time I am not properly educated to speak about it.

Again, my background will reveall that I have been educated in Buddhist philosophy, raised of Christian background, and a Kundalini Yoga practicioner. Yoga- Union with God, of the Hindu tradition.

So my present lifes work is to help develop something I have always ran from, but perhaps this is really the something I have always been running towards.

What is most interesting about this post is, how on Earth do I intend to prove my hypothesis...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Observation: On Seeking Wisdom

So in my search for knowledge and experience, (Wisdom) I find myself digging into ancient sources of information, of knowledge. The typical teachings of modern day life, (increase revenue, decrease costs) no longer spark my interest, though I may play well in them. I find myself going back to information that has been handed down since ancient Egypt and as such I begin my journey back to rediscover knowledge which I previously treaded upon.

I've had a dream where I am burried in an Egyptian pyramid, at least one past life lived there.

And so in rediscovering that information which now seems timeless, I will be able to integrate it with several life times worth of experience. And, in doing so the wisdom I seek shall be an ongoing process of establishment.

But what point of sought wisdom is there, if I cannot share with others who shall follow after me.

And so in the future I shall serve as a repository, for those who seek answers to questions, that will lead to broader horizons, and more questions ;-)