Thursday, December 29, 2005

Observation: First Chakra Vibration

An interesting thing occured the other day.

I believe it took place after a day of Kundalini Yoga, Light Body Meditation and some reading of spiritual scriptures.

okay so they are books not scriptures, but scriptures makes it sound cooler.

My Rook Chakra, my survival chakra sent forth a vibration that I was sensitive to.

I felt it pulse outwards in all directions, and what's intersting on top of that was that it was searching for a response.

What ever should respond, but my heart center or Fourth Chakra.

It was as if my 1st Chakra sent out a vibration for a response from my Heart Center, perhaps it was looking for a response from additional centers as well? Perhaps my Heart, being the balancing point needs relay vibration throughout the higher centers. Perhaps my higher centers are not yet completely accepting of my 1st Acceptance Chakra.

I haven't the direct knowledge of this activity at this time, but perhaps I should not look for results in what I observe...

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Observation: Opportunity for Improvement

One will often find that they trait they least like to see expressed in others is truly their surpressed weakness in themselves.

A trait I have recently not liked at all in another individual has been greed. They are motivated by Greed and it disgusts me. Then I ask myself, why does this action disgust me so.

and I ponder that perhaps it is the reflection of mySELF in that act that I do not like to view.

and I ask Greed, have I truly moved past you?

to raise the question is a good step...

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Observation: Phase 4 Light Body, Awakening Your Light Body

It has been a while since I posted on the Light Body. What's exciting is that I have completed the course! It has been an unbelievable uplifting in my vibratory energy rate. I can remember when session and during the meditation we finally made contact with our souls, I shed a tear for it was the first time in this lifetime I consciously made contact with my soul. It was wll needed. Anyhoot back to a description of Phase 4.

In the 4th phase we focus on 2 centers, the Fullonia and the Saha.

Fullonia- centered within the heart, it is from the Fullonia that we can operate in the "Observer Space" Rather interestingly that is what this blog is about, lots of observations. One is to follow to the smallest center of light within the heart center and there in lies the Fullonia. I do not recall at which point of my studies I came across the following concept, but I shall relay it anyway because it is currently my perception. I recall learning that there is a tiny Buddha within all of us, call it Buddha Nature. I believe I recall that within the heart there lies a tiny buddha for us all. A very cute thought if you think about it. Anyway this could simply be my own interpretation of a great many things. It is said that the Lord Buddha is watching over earth and that he is connected to all beings. I believe it is through the Fullonia center (within the heart center) that we are connected. Again, just a bunch of different lines of thought that I have strung together for a temporary truth for mySELF. Fullonia center connection with what Buddha represents.

Next center is the SaHa, in some Eastern practices the Ha represents the Har center. In Kundalini Yoga the Har is for prosperity and is a closely related to Hari (or Hari Krisna) The ha sits above the navel, the sa eqaul distant below the navel. In honestly I don't recall specifically how the SaHa functions. I believe that it is a final grounding of creativity and power (2nd and 3rd chakras) prior to going onto the dimension of the soul.

It seems as though the fullonia and the SaHa are centres within centers. When dealing with multiple dimensions this begins to come into alignment :-)

peace be a thing of beauty

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dream: Meeting with The Master

I recall being located in a rather desolate locations. It seems as though the place has been ransacked by a disaster of sometime, life appears to be rather non existent. Then I look up to the sky, and I see coming from the clouds The Master. Now this is no ordinary Master, but when one thinks of The Master, it is That Master. I see him float down from the sky and land upon a rocky ledge.

Wow, I am to meet The Master. I sense that others see his decent, yet I cannot see where they may be located. I decide I should fly over to The Master. On the way, I veer ever so slightly, I am humbled by his presence and somewhat scared actually. It's not every day one meets The Master.

I gather myself and go over to him.

He tells me things about ancient experiences, yet at this time I am unable to take this information from sub- to conscious mind.

He gathers me up and I take flight with him, I do not recall where we head.

Then I am walking on a path behind him. We pass goblets, or bottle of wine I believe. I stop to have a sip. I then remember no more. While in the presence of The Master and upon the path be mindful of where you are, but follow The Master as he leads...

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Observation: Butterflies in the Stomach

So it seems that the more I learn and awaken to the reality of things and of how energy flows, the more observations are made of things many experience.

The other day I was thinking about the potential of what I was to work on and achieve, then suddenly I got butterflies in my stomach. I used to regularly get some butterflies when giving presentations in school, I actually welcomed them because it meant that I would do well when actually delivering the presentation.

Now I realize that butterflies are nothing more than 3rd chakra energy moving up into the heart center to be integrated. So the chakra of personal power becomes integrated in the heart center. It can be said that Centered in Love is the way bhakti. Power energy becomes love energy and transmits.

What beautiful butterflies can you bring up :)

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Observation: Efficient Distribution of Energy

As my evolution begins to accelerate in this lifetime I have become a rather capable centre of energy. Sure my journey has just begun, but the raising of kundalini energy integrated with Soul energy from my Light Body meditations are allowing me to increase my energetic flow, or that which flows through me.

Now this is very exciting, yet I need to look dispassionately upon it.

One thing I have noticed is that I am becoming more effiecient in my use of energy. I am able with little effort to direct force in the directions necessary for the proper results to take place. This has caused an interesting situation in the work place. I can very easily over run the system I have been placed within. Now this is somewhat frustrating, but I need to integrate that all are not as efficient with their energy as I am learning to be. In order to properly direct my energy I believe I will have to focus it into many locations, for the time being.

The true test remains, to align my energy and direct it in a manner that it is not wasted nor over runs the systems that I direct it through.

Ahh energy distribution, more and more spirituality and science shall merge.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dream: What am I running from?

What is it that I run from, the shadow, the dark?

(So this dream was seeded by a Spider Man outfit I saw the other day)

I am Spider Man of sorts, I find myself late for class. It seems that the class has just completed a test. The teacher looks at me dissapointedly, I know not why I missed the class. Then the dark, if you are familiar with Venom it is something like that. It seeks me out in my class room. I burst out of class through the window, it is after me.

What is it that I run from?

Here is the thing, we are psychically connected. Through my Third Eye I am able to communicate through The Dark's Third Eye. I ask it to leave.

What is it that I run from.

It is said that when the path presents itself to you in all of its brilliance, the dark surrounding becomes ever so clear. Perhaps it is that dark, perhaps it is the dark of past lives seeking acceptance.

What is it that I run from?

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Perspective: The Path and my EGO are one

Note ego is capitalized to represent a soul enfused self rather than one of personality.

So I decided to Ponder on This dream of late and search it through for deeper meaning.

The symbolism cast before me and interpreted through the lense of Ageless Wisdom is quit interesting, yet very in line with what I have been sensing lately. I posted recently from my subconscious, actually most dream posts come from there, but this was a waking subconscious communication.

The symbolism of my dream through said lense reinforces my purpose in this lifetime.

WOW what a trip I have before me.

In the words of the Great Morpheus- "There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path" though I always thought he said there is a difference between knowing the path and being the path.

and so the path and EGO are one

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dream: Astral Projection of the Third Eye

So here is a dream I had of late.

I need to set this one up though, because as I was dreaming it I was very aware of my physical body being asleep. It probably helped that in my dream I was laying down as well. Though I am not sure where, (aside from on the astral plane.)

Here's is another intersting item I just recalled. I am looking down upon myself, down and from the side kind of. Now in these sorts of dreams folks tend to think of it as looking down upon my physical body, but I have a strong sense that I was looking down upon my Astral (emotional) body or mental body.

There is a swriling circular vortex that is my Third Eye, or ajna center.

Then from above a cone, or triangle is slowly getting lowered into my Third Eye. It is a gradual and pleasant process.

What wisdom of old that is passed down within this Triangle shall be interesting to discover!

interpretations always welcome :-)

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Dream: The Seige and Escape

I remember laying seige to the castle walls. Only it occured twice. The first time, I do believe it was successful. Then as if, a potentiality that lies aside the first instance, it was failure.

In the second time, I remember fighting with my sword, stricking enemy after enemy. And then I strick my own brother. It is no death blow, but a strick in the shoulder that leaves him incapable of fighting as well as he can. We become overwhelmed as he was our best figther. There are only 3 of us that survive, I am to meet up with them at a predetermined location, but I am delayed. We miss our meeting and as such can not continue with the battle.

Now we must flee, we take to an old water way passage that leads outside of the castle. We seek refuge in the towns below.

The dream clouds over...

Now I did happen to watch Lord of the Rings last night, but I still feel as though there is meaning within this astral expression of sub-conscious.

interpretations always welcome of a dream

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Perspective: Attachment to Love

A common topic of this blog is love and its various forms and definitions of love. A common difficulty I have with the concept of love is that I can become attached to love, or to the objects of my love.

Is love impermanent???

I would propose that love pervades all. So then perhaps it lies in the object of my love, the difficulty that is. But for soo long the objects of love is how we come to learn and understand love. Perhaps that is the purpose of manifestation...

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Observation: Found Kindred Spirits

It would seem as though I have located some kindred spirits, or they have found me. I look forward to getting to know them, though the potential irony is present- I look forward to getting to knowing them again. I guess I look forward to remembering them ;-)

my new friend Stacey has many interesting perspectives to share. It would appear as though she is seeking enlightenment. I hope I can add some good observations.

I have often thought about "seeking enlightenment" yet I seem to always run into trouble. When one seeks enlightenment one becomes "attached" to the idea of enlightenment. Thus in the process delaying that which is sought. Now this is not saying it is wrong to seek enlightenment, enlightenment is a never ending gradual process, what's important to remember along the way is not to become attached to the results of your progress.

good times

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Observation: Science and Spirituality begin to merge

Ahh the time has been long waited for humanity. We are FINALLY walking into a time when Science and Spirituality are colliding in a big way. A recent controversy over the Dali Lama's scientific research into the mind is pushing the buttons of "Traditional Scientists"
- "As the public face of neuroscience, we have a responsibility to at least see that research is replicated before it is promoted and highlighted," said Dr. Nancy Hayes, a neurobiologist at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey who objects to the Dalai Lama's speaking. "If we don't do that, we may as well be the Flat Earth Society."

Then perhaps it is time to see the research replicated. I have some projecting to do on this, it would be a great ride to manifest some replicated meditation studies.

An intersting note to add to my knowledge is the production of gamma rays in meditation.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Perspective: Free Will, Fate or Destiny, & Divine Will

It is unlikely that I shall come to any conclusion or internal consensus on this topic, but it is one of much interest! Two definitions are necessary to get this party started in the right direction.

Free Will- ... our choices are ultimately up to ourselves

Destiny or Fate-... all things are set

Okay, so as a human being I like to think that I have some choices over the outcomes of my life. So I am a Free Will proponent. However, there is a concept of Divine Free Will. Now Divine Free Will = the aggregate Free Will of all individuals. That is to say all possible choices being made are at the guidance of Divine Free Will. Now that sounds like a rather lovely idea, everyone has free will, everyone is happy.

What is the difference between Divine Free Will and Desitny?

For me it is rather challenging to see one. I heard an interesting perspective last night. If destiney is involved large and obvious events in your life will be presented to you which really makes the choice a no brainer. I am partially on board here. However, I am thinkin that Divine Free Will and Destiny are ONE, if that is the case the Free Will and Destiny would be the same as well.

then there is the concept of parrallel universes, which would represent the aggregate of infinite possibilites based on choice, imagine the potentialities...

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Observation: On Co-Creation

So my endeavors into co-creation have begun. In all honesty they started a long time ago, but now I am more consciously aware of them. At 11:11 last night a made a wish, but it was in all honesty a co-wish. Laying beside the girl I am falling for we both made a wish at the same time. And in all likely hood the wish was to be together. This was the first time in this life time I witnessed 2 peoples thoughts turn into a bright spark of light together and get sent off into the universe.

Co-creation is a very beautiful and magical thing.

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Friday, October 07, 2005

Perspective: Heart Update

So a common topic of discussion on this blog is that of Love. For love is existence and love rides on the wings of happiness. Love is the thing that dreams are made of- that's my philosophy any way.

So in blogs of past, okay I know they are posts, but blogs sounds more fun ;-) I have stated that I am in love. Now then, the majority of us have been in love at one time or another and the majority of us have also fallen out of love.

In loving an individual I found that I had opened a certain amount of space within my Heart that was dedicated to them. Now, my love was not returned properly, so this space was not nurished, but was still present. Right now I am in the process of falling for another. So what do I find? How is it possible for me to fall out of love so quickly for another person. I find my heart is in the process of moving the first individual out of that space (for my love was not returned properly) and opening up space for another. It is kind of a strange process, for every now and then the old person pops into my mind, but more often than not it is the new love.

How is it that we can fall in and out of love so easily? I think this dates back to the glamor of love. Love of attention, or of the concept of being in love is easy. True love of an individual and their soul that takes time.

love ya

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Observation: On Forever

In contemplating the vast ramifications of forever one realizes that true understanding of this concept will take forever.

Then one wonders what occurs when 5th dimensional travel is thrown into the mix...

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Observation: Enamored with the Glamor of Attention

I had a very lovely conversation last night with a close friend of mine. It had mainly to do with Love and relationships. You'll note from a previous post I have been searching for a means to approach love differently.

Her premise, which I am a believer in, is that people really fall in love with the attention that others are paying to them. Now being a male I interpret that to be more that they are in love with the idea of being in love, but the attention is the expression of that idea. Her theory is that people jump into things too fast, I can relate as many a time in the past I have attempted to move too swiftly with the ladies as opposed to letting things run their course. Now this concept has HUGE ramifications for appropriate approaches to relationships. Its kind of almost like they go back in time to when people took things slowly. This represents a huge challenge given the sexual undertones of todays society. (Don't get me wrong I enjoy sexual undertones) For one thing the concept of just fooling around gets pushed way back on the timing progression and sex in and of itself once again becomes a big deal, not just par for the course.

True understanding of this concept can bring about lots of mutually beneficial relationships. In actuality it will save several BAD relationships from progressing any further.

So words of wisdom from this perspective would be to take things slowly. Let them progress, and get to know one another for who you each are.

Getting to truly know a person and testing the waters to see if you can love the person, not just the attention they pay you, now that is a test of love.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Dream: Golum, Greed and Acceptance

So the setting was back at my child hood home. The denial was Golum, he that represents greed, one of the seven deadly sins. Greed, that which = attachment. I locked my greed, golum the visual representation of it, to the sink downstairs. He got away, he came at me with a weapon. I took it from him. I struck at him with all the intention he had to strike at me. Then I ran his body down to the curb and threw out the trash. But he could still come back to me, my greed which I thought myself done with those many years ago can always show me a reflection I do not want to see. Mother was protecting me here from myself, she dealt with responsibility that was not her's. Greed only seeks acceptance, there are fragments within greed that seek to move and be transformed/integrated into the type of being I dream myself to be. The remainder of that greed must be moved enough to follow along its own destiney path and not stay here, suffocating and denied. I'll face my greed soon enough, and with loving acceptance process what needs to be done.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Perspective: On Yoga- to Yoke

Take up my YOGA, for my burden is LIGHT.

Just a little interpretation of mine from an often quoted Biblia.

What type of Yoga would Jesus do?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Observation: Ka Yoga take 2

After some further investigating it would seem as though Ka Yoga, from an Egyptian stand point (ka) would really be Life Force Yoga, or perhaps Chi Yoga.

I do believe that I am taking in Ka Yoga classes on the Astral Plane, now I only need understand the rules by which I may learn and teach.

I feel as though an integration of Kundalini Yoga and Light body meditation are a good starting point and that these together will further the consciousness development of the earth.

good times

Friday, September 16, 2005

Hypothesis: Kundalini Yoga to Raise Consciousness


So I would be pretty lame if I claim that the vast majority of humanity is not truly consciuos (humanities evolution) and not come up with some sort of hypothesis on how people will begin to evolve quickly.

While psychology has a nice frame work for experimentation Yoga, specifically Kundalini Yoga provides a nice platform to develop humanities consiousness of energy. Yoga overall has become very prominent in life, the practice of Kundalini Yoga prepares an individual to understand the energy that flows through them.

Kundalini Yoga is truly a fire, an ignition to the understandings that are needed by Humanity at this time of healing.

My hypothesis is

Kundalini Yoga will serve as a catalyst to increase the overal consciousness level of humanity, thus inceasing our collective vibratory rate.

So now I'll have to work on an experiment with this :-)


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dream and Observation: Ka Yoga

Alright so pieces of my past and present lives are starting to fall in place. A dream I had some time ago I was taking instruction on Ka Yoga. Now up to recently I have had no clue as to what Ka Yoga might be, I practice Kundalini yoga which focuses on the chakras and raising the energies up the spine so that Shiva can meet with Shakti with balance in the heart center. But Ka Yoga, had never heard of it. Yet in my prior dream I recall myself in Egypt, in a Pyramid, dead, or at least thinking I am dead. So that places me in Egypt. And in some Egyptian text there are references to Ka, which I believe is a God or path of worship. Anyhoot in my yoga training they always say focus on Sat Nam, True Identity. However, I always find my mind wandering off on the mind chatter that fills my day. Only recently I have been noticing where Emotion has been stored in my body. And some postures, or asanas seem to have me focus more on specific emotions. I have been looking for a healthy emotional expression for some time in my new scientific work and I have a theory that Ka Yoga can help identify trapped emotions and release it. Ka Yoga would simply be Kundalini with the added emphasis on the emotional release, with roots back to Egypt. I'll keep researching and let ya know.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Subconcious: Your Life at This Time is All About Religion

Those were the words that I carried forward from my dream world to this mornings waking hour.

- My life at this time is all about religion.-

I should preface this post with some info about how the subconcious can speak to us. What is a dream if not the subconcious going through its course of activity. When we first awake in the morning, and are in the state between sleep and wake, (thanks to Tinker Bell the Fairy for I believe in Faries)the human consciousness is capable of brining forward the lessons learned by our subconcious while we sleep. And thus the words I first heard were those above.

WOW, honestly I find much to poke fun at with this situation. For a large portion of my life, at this time, I have ran far far away from Religion. Religion simply did not make sense to me. I refused to believe, wholeheartedly that these other people could sit back and cast mandates at me and by me following them I would be saved, find God, develop understanding...

Now this knowledge that was imparted to my subconcious was stirred by an emotional response, note the importance of emotion here, to words I read in a book by the Master D.K. He spoke of a New World Religion, more specifically a Religion that would pull together 4 of the current mainstream religions of the Earth.

There remains much self integration on my part to develop the wisdom necessary to communicate this perspective appropriately. But for the time being let's make a few new age scientific hypothesis.

Again I cannot take credit for these directly, they are a result of several cross pollinations of learning.

Buddhism - Christianity: Emptiness = Not not GOD

Buddha nature is Not not the Christ within all.

Hindu - Christianity: Krisna = Previous incarnation of Christ

Now there is another tie in soon to come with another religion but at this time I am not properly educated to speak about it.

Again, my background will reveall that I have been educated in Buddhist philosophy, raised of Christian background, and a Kundalini Yoga practicioner. Yoga- Union with God, of the Hindu tradition.

So my present lifes work is to help develop something I have always ran from, but perhaps this is really the something I have always been running towards.

What is most interesting about this post is, how on Earth do I intend to prove my hypothesis...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Observation: On Seeking Wisdom

So in my search for knowledge and experience, (Wisdom) I find myself digging into ancient sources of information, of knowledge. The typical teachings of modern day life, (increase revenue, decrease costs) no longer spark my interest, though I may play well in them. I find myself going back to information that has been handed down since ancient Egypt and as such I begin my journey back to rediscover knowledge which I previously treaded upon.

I've had a dream where I am burried in an Egyptian pyramid, at least one past life lived there.

And so in rediscovering that information which now seems timeless, I will be able to integrate it with several life times worth of experience. And, in doing so the wisdom I seek shall be an ongoing process of establishment.

But what point of sought wisdom is there, if I cannot share with others who shall follow after me.

And so in the future I shall serve as a repository, for those who seek answers to questions, that will lead to broader horizons, and more questions ;-)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Perspective: On Egosynthesis

As a scientist of the new age I figure I am about due for another hypothesis.

Now I cannot take full credit for this hypothesis, I took the foundation of it from some Ageless Wisdom and some direct experiences.

I define Egosythesis to be: The alignment of an individual's EGO with thier soul, (or spirit.)

Sat Nam as the yogis say is your true identity (or truth is my identity) and this cannot be manifest until this alignment is complete.

So what are the ramifications of egosythesis. Well those silly little self arguments are compeletely minimized. An individual is working from a state where the EGO and the Soul are as one. The soul's light will shine through the EGO, they are as one.

Egosythesis is actually really really close to photosythesis. When one has completed the process of egosynthesis the light of the soul will nourish the individual and open up access to a wealth of sustaining energy.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Observation: My Background (PART 2)

When blogging about my background in the past I forgot to mention my religious up bringing, ie my relationship with Christ.

I grew up attending Maravian Church, was baptized, attended many a Sunday school class and spent a fair amount of time learning about Christ.

Over time I found things to be too perscriptive. There were some key messages to be taken though, mainly about LOVE and being a good person.

For various reasons over my Adolescence years, I began to "Lose Faith" It's not that I didn't believe there was some higher state of being, I simply refused to approach it from the perscriptions I was being offered.

I can recall times when I would attend my friends confirmation classes. Looking back I now realize that I would get into some pretty good discussions with the Priests for a 12 year old. My position was more or less, "If I believe in what Christ had to say, and live my life as a good person that wants to help others, then why do I have to go to church" (I enjoyed my free time as a teenager)

There are many important messages spoken within the bible that I feel some of the current communication vehicles are missing the point on.

Any hoot, from that point on the rest of my background comes to bare.

I now stand with new perspective.

Chirst lies within the good will and hearts of humanity. It is our evolutionary path to become one with that aspect of ourselves. As this New Age is ushured in we will begin to find many an individual that can access that aspect, that Buddha nature.

And from this new perspective I have accepted the challenge to pave the road for His return. I have accepted this, in myself.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Observation: More of Humanity Needs "A Vision"

I do believe that what Humanity could use more of is Vision.

I have a vision, several actually, and in time I will be able to quite my mind to the point where the clarity of that vision shines through.

Now the challenge is upon me to communicate this vision to others. I'll voice it strongly to belivers at first, who shall join in and share my vision. Those not ready for a vision now will simply disregard what I have to say. This is fine, for in time my vision will be presented right before them. And upon the realization that the vision truly is a beautiful thing only then will they share in that vision.

Our society is currently structure such that "A Vision" will seem impossible.

Perhaps that is a good thing...

For when the impossible becomes common place. And magic walks and lives upon the realm of men. Peace, love and evolution are in place and on track.

A Vision is a beautiful thing, I'll share mine and through sharing it shall change evolve and become ours. (humanities that is)

Friday, August 19, 2005

Observation: Light Body Phase 3, Higher Energy Centers

In the third phase of Light Body Development- (Ya know I have been thinking, we can call this Chi Energy Meditation and appeal to a completely new group of people, Light Body, Chi Energy what ever just spin that which people perceive to be greater than themselves)

Any hoot we work on the following centers


Again these centers are focused around the Chakra system

Traeo = 5th chakra or communication
Pieah = 6th chakra or intuition
Renawre = 7th chakra or connection to divine/higher self

Meditations through these energy centers have been fantastic. I've found that this course coupled with Kundalini Yoga and some reiki have profoundly accelerated my evolution as a human being.

The spiritual types will speak about being on "The Path" and yet they always say everyone's path is unique. This path I am on can be emmulated by all.

Time to evolve folks, accept it.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Perspective: 300,000 tasks

When being told one has 300,000 tasks at hand my first thought is

Bring on number 1!

Of course these tasks serve a higher purpose, its not everyday the universe asks you to do 300,000 things.

or perhaps it is

There is an infinite level of detail in any given moment.

Think for a minute...

how many tasks did you just perform????

Friday, August 12, 2005

Observation: EGO Self Talk

Calling out your EGO is an excersize in sanity.

Then one asks questions, like who is calling out whom?

and Whom is responding to who?

If I call out my EGO then that's just I calling out I, right?

good questions.

A German Leperchaun advises-

Simply claim victory over ego and all the rest of life is gravy

How did that term become, "gravy" I mean I like gravy, but come on.

But his point is well taken, rewrite the rules of engagement. Claim vicotry, for when one calls out the EGO the ego knows it has power and influence over you. But when one has already won, or knows will win in the future so doesn't mater, said ego is rendered powerless.

Its all about building alignment, mind, body, spirit, soul, ego, emotion. (no wonder this is an excesize in sanity)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Observation: Time equals not $, Time = Energy

I'll have to further formulate this one, or allow other minds to.

I was thinkin about Time is Money. Then what is time? Money is basically a unit of measure used to value someone's time spent doing something. (I earn $10 and hour) What that time really = is an expenditure of my energy. For me to spend 1 hr of my energy is $10. So really Time = Energy being spent. Any moment of time = an infinite amount of potential energy. (There is an infinite amount of detail in the moment)

So E = mcsquared right and E also = Time

Now I just gotta figure out the direct relation between Time and Energy and we can start talking time travel...

Monday, August 08, 2005

Dream: Asteroid Field

So it seems that I love star wars so much that it has come into my dream space. Last night I recall navigating through an extremely busy asteroid field in order to get to a secret Imperial base station. My mission, to steel some piece of intelligence, good thing I am a Jedi. I locate my objective in an Imperial store, but wait, her comes Vader- the only one capable of discovering me.

I try to hide in the bathroom. (note- in future hide in places other than bathrooms)

I am discovered.

I run, as I run, I use my Jedi powers to grab that which I came for. I appear to escape, but now I need my stat ship. It is unavailable and so I must steel the enemies ship. I do have a companion along, perhaps an astro droid, I am not sure. I get into the enemy ship with my companion and the ship is actually alive. In order to navigate I look through a LARGE eye. I can't seem to really control the ship, but we move with the eye guiding the way.

and I think that is how I made my way out of the asteroid field.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Projection: Get me to Letterman

Okay so this is my first projection from this blog, well first official projection. Truth of the matter is I have already foretold of several things to come like this

Now this does bring me to an interesting question.

What is the difference between a prophecy and a projection?

My first official projection here is for me to appear on Letterman someday with the purpose to educate folks about the importance of chackra work. More than likely it will be tied into bloggin as well, but there is my projection.

So based on that I am willing this to happen sometime in the future.

Precognition is the ability to know know things before they happen and is how people tell prophecies.

Projection, precognition, prophecy that's a dousy. I'll leave it for your perspective to determine your truth...

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Perspective: Epistomology of Love

Perhaps my definition of love and possible knowledge of it have been mistaken all this time?

Perhaps we are all mistaken.

What is the current epistomology of love?

It would seem to be a question of knowledge vs belief.

For something to count as knowledge it must be true, or perhaps only percieved to be true to the knowing. As we evolve on this spiritual journey, we find that old belief patters change. Things we used to "Know" to be true no longer hold up. This is what I have been tryin to communicate in my previous posts on love.

The difficulty is that I am not entirely sure it can be done with words.

Only through direct experience can emptiness be realized
--Ancient Buddhist proverb

Only through direct experience can a new knowledge of love be realized
- heir to Atlantis

I don't recall a direct experience of it yet in this life time, but I'll keep ya posted.


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dream: Trinity Enlightenment

This one is a random one.

First part I am in an Ice cavern or something of that nature, I don't recall all of the happenings. All I can remember is that I am still pulling out the darts, which have now solidified into bullets, from my feet. I am starting to feel lighter now that they are no longer within me.

Next thing I remember is I am leaving some people behind from my old place of business. I wanted to help them, but they could not appreciate what I had to offer. So I went and built a roof, (yeah I don't get it either.) The roof was made of popsicle sticks, but each stick represented goodness and wellbeing. I then offered it to those who could not appreciate me and they refused it.

Then a vampire laughed at me and said, "See, you've built them God's house and they deny you." He proclaimed that he would be back, but I never formally "invited" him. He made it seem like it was implied that he could come in. I was trying to rid myself of him.

What's good to note is that this time, he did not bite me. I wasn't allowing it.

Just because people cannot appreciate what you build for them, or offer them, does not mean that it is a waste of time.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Perspective: Love, Love's LOVE

Love, Love's LOVE.

With my desire for love I have come across an impass. In my past post I try to move beyond the impass by removing agent and action.

Love, Love's LOVE means

Agent A has LOVE for Agent B

Agent B has LOVE for Agent A

LOVE between A & B has love for both A & B

To Love, Love's LOVE is for both Agent A & B love the LOVE that is shared and given between.

Loving, Love's LOVE is a concept to work beyond duality.

Now I just need to further meditate on this and take it to Heart

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Observation: On Desire

Ahhh desire,

Desire is an interesting topic for discussion. Desire is one thing that drives humans to act. Desire is also that which causes attachment, hat tip to Buddha and Nagarjuna.

I've found myself at an impass with regards to Love and Desire. I've blogged about my predicament before on Love, yet I seem to keep comin back to this impass.

I desire Love.

I desire others to have Love.

In fact one may say that my existence is for the purpose of spreading love.

So currently I am in love with another. Yet I am havin the darndest time communicating this feeling and I sense that it has to do with attachment to the feeling of Love itself.

So I say to myself, okay Mr. Bright guy, how you gonna work yourself around this one?

Problem with the desire to love is that the attachment is to the desire, not the Love.

So how do I get around this one. When agent and action have become one, one can move beyond duality and thus attachment. So mySelf being the agent and Love being the action, is a means for me to stop the desire/attachment. Simply put I must become LOVE, then and only then LOVE will I be.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Observation: Contstant Trials

In my growth and desire to seek, happiness, love and healing I find that I am constantly tested in my resolve.

I have taken note of two locations within me that do not want to move with me. They my gaps, I call them gappy and gappy junior. More or less they are a couple of blockages on either side of my heart center.

Come to think of it, I have mirror blockages in my neck between my 6th and 5th Chakras.

So back to my tested resolve. It seems as though my sexuality is being tested as in my desire to be with many women. It's a animal instinct, it comes from our survival instinct and my creativity center. However, I my heart is focused on one soul and she is the only one I wish to make love to. This seems to be conflicting with how I have viewed my Self in the past. I have good control over this in physical format, however in my dreams while I travel the astral plane I find myself seduced by other women. In this state I am less conscious of my actions and I find myself engaging with these women.

I get the feeling that the parts of me that do not want to move are happy to engage while I am sleeping.

I need to bring in a new vibration to get them to move. I feel constantly tested. I seek my love, but I feel my whole being should be aligned.

I'll keep ya posted

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Observation: Dream Philosophy

Dreams from 2.

2 hearts and souls dream the same dream that they are meant for each other. Not only that, but together they shall accomplish great things for humanity and the Earth. With that type of projection sent out into the universe, reflected off of the mirror, I can see no other possibility but that thier dreams shall become reality and already are very real.

For in fact they are the same dream.

Ah what a beautiful dream space we can weave.

(I recommend checking out Shark Boy and Lava Girl, dreamers true and true)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dreams: War, what is it good for?

Here is where I find myself - or at least, where my subconcious is. The following are some interpretations based on recent dreams. Further interpretation or opinions are welcome:

To dream of a war, signifies disorder and chaos in your personal affairs. You also be experiencing some internal conflict or emotional struggle. You are feeling torn between aspects of yourself. Perhaps the dream may indicate that you are being overly aggressive or you are not being assertive enough.

To dream that you are loading a gun, forewarns that you should be careful in not letting your temper get out of control.

To dream that you shoot someone with a gun, denotes your aggressive feelings and hidden anger toward that particular person.

To dream that you are aiming a pistol, denotes that you are trying to target a specific goal. However, if the overtones of the dream is that of fear, anger and aggression, then the pistol signifies power by which you need to defend yourself against the fear and anger.

To see a staircase in your dream, symbolizes change and transformation.

To see concrete in your dream, represents your solid and clear understanding of some situation. The dream may also mean that you are unyielding and inflexible.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Observation: Back in the Day

Back in the day everybody smelled bad.

back in the day

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Perspective: Dreams of Past

Dreams of Past,

Within them lie, secrets to your mornings eye.

Unlock the dreams and unlock the secrets of the subconscious mind. It is there that more meaningful purpose can be found for your existence.

Looking back on my dreams of past, I begin to put them into perspective as to what was really occuring

in my dreams of past.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Observation: Rebirthing

I had an interesting meditation experience that journeyed my consciousness through rebirthing.

Overall it was an excellent experience, it focused on my comin into the world as an enlightened being, with celebration in many dimensions. It was uplifting to say the least, but one thing was wrong with it.

It asked that I change some fundamental things in my birth and life experience. I was thinkin, now that's just silly. For me to be the Master that this meditation is guiding me towards, I really needed all of the life experiences I have had to this time. That is why I chose this life.

Here is a good read on rebirthing from a different technique, I hope to try this one formally some day :-)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Observation: Reiki is a good thing

Reiki, originally developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in the late 1800's is a form of energy healing. Rei, or ultimate source and ki life force energey (like chi)

Note: Re is also the name of the Ra Egyptian God of the Sun

Reiki is a beautiful energy, the first time it was performed on my, by a dear friend of mine a large energy blockage was released. It was at that time that I realized I needed to understand more about energy work and the chakras.

People are capable of doing Reiki via, attunement, or direct transimission if you like.

I recently had the priveledge of becoming attuned to Reiki I. I am looking forward to practicing on myself and others. Healing self and others is a good thing.

Observation: Reiki is a good thing

Perspective: Light Body Phase 2, Ranthia, Mumin

The next phase of the Light Body focuses on the Ranthia, or heart center and the mumin, which acts as a filter of the energy from the lower centers.

The heart center is that which we must be centered in to express love and compassion openly and freely. This is very much the same as the fourth chakra

One thing I like about the Light Body path is that through the Mumin the energies from the lower three chakras are filtered. There are stories about Kundalini rising improperly and harming the practicioner. I believe that this can only happen when one has fear of it happening. However, with the addition of an energy filter I think that some that may be hesitant of the kundalini energy may be able to work with the energies more appropriately and safe.

The heart center is of ut most importance for the times we are in and transitioning towards. The vast majority of humanity is only capable of functioning within their first three chakras, or energy centers. However, in the near future more and more people are going to feel the need to evolve into the 4th chakra, or Ranthia space.

This must be done for the evolution of man kind. However, there is a lot of things that get caught up in the heart space. Old pains that must be made aware of and aknowledge if we are to clear that heart space. This center has been a challenge to me, but I am in the process of diggin up these pains. Pains of a broken heart, pains of being left along, all very real and many burried deep within our hearts.

To evolve we must face, accept and move through these pains.

Wishing you ~ on your journey to clear this space.


Monday, June 06, 2005

Observation: Eyes Wide Open to Darkness

Sometimes in the process of evolution, we must be open enough to have our eyes wide open to the darkness.

For our physical eyes lack the capacity to truly see.

We are simply human.

Through our simple nature, peace shall be delivered.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Observation: Buddha & Mother Earth

What would Buddha say to the Mother Earth?

I think we shall see.

Compassion lies in the message :-)

Dream: Winds and Stone

The Winds pick up in our strong hold, yet they are overpowering.

Rocks, boulders, spirits are all being blown away. I find shelter on the other side of a huge stone. The winds blow over head.

I'm safe (Yipee)

Then all are running towards the gate. They ask I help take the stone to the gate.

But the stone just saved me from the winds, why would I want to put it to the Gate.

Then the German Leperchaun tells me I have failed yet again. I do not understand.

So I try to free this, magical horse I believe, clouded is this dream.

Those were some strong winds.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Manifesto: Humanities Evolution

Humanity is evolving at a rapid pace. Very soon noticable evolutionary steps will be seen within single lifetimes.

Phychology establishes a beautiful frame work for scientific experiment on human evolution and the new age.

I'll be pulling several phychology concepts from the text by John
Santrock, University of Texas at Dallas, Primis Custom Publishing 1997.

Let's take some quick look at some solid phychological definitions from that book.

Sensation- Process of detecting and encoding stimulus energy in the world

Perception- Organizing and interpreting sensory information

Consciousness- awareness of both external and internal stimuli or events

Based on these phychological definitions I belive that - (Hypothesis)

The vast majority of humanity is truly not conscious.

How did I come to that conclusion?

Perception is essentially organizing and interpreting energy (sensations)

Consciousness is awareness of that energy.

How much energy do you percieve in a sofa? How much energy do you percieve in human beings magnetic fields? In the plants, a walking stick, your keyboard?

And you think yourself to be conscious.

The Age of Acceptance (New Age) is about accepting these energies and becoming aware of them.

This is the current state of humanity, through experimentation we shall move towards evolution of a people as a whole. More on this and experiments to follow...

Special thanks to Brad and Des who shared in my realization moment.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Observation: Or should I say Hypothesis


As a New Age Scientist it is my duty to make hypothesis.

Here we go and lets see about manifesting the results. (Lots of the recent material I have been reading mentions that the results of many science experiments are truly shaped by the expected results of the person setting up the experiement. Manifest your own destiny please)

1. Chakra System for emotional healing will be the first means Chakra education spreads down into mainstream via college education.

2. Being of a Phychology Book, students will be intrigued by the concept. It then will present a phychological experience the students can take upon them selves to help excercize the emotional body because for some reason no body decided to teach us about that while we were growing up.

3. After that adoption the physiology and health books of middle and high school students must be educated on the benefits of a healthy chakra system for your physical body.

4. We haven't even touched on the mental and spiritual side yet

Psychology- teaches people about there emotions and how their brain works. It doestn't do a great job of telling people how to properly excersize those emotions. We exercize our bodies, yet for some stupid reason are are made to hold up our emotions within ourselves. So that "Society Approves"

How stupid is that. Excersize your emotional bodies, how???

I have learned several ways to do so via, Yoga, or Light Body Meditations.

Perspective: Definition of a Jedi

How does one define a Jedi?

I love Star Wars, thing is I think that the way ones describes a Jedi is the way people would like to describe themselves

Well Being

(Light side Jedi's of coures)

Thing is all people are magical, they just don't truly believe in thier magic. I even believe in that which flows through me. (The force, I do not control it, The Force flows through me) And I have only begun to achieve the magic that I belive in.

So, if a Jedi is recognized as being these things, can one who defined the term Jedi in the first place take action against said person? They are simple descriptions of what that person represents and they just happen to align with the term Jedi.

They never went back far enough to tell us who the first human Jedi are.

I wonder back to what time frame they went??

Then again analysis of time, and its esencelessness, always leaves many questions...

once again ... means dramatic effect


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Perspective: Non-Resistence


I had an interesting perspective bestowed upon me during a healing session with Omar.

In dealing with, fear, pain, etc. Non-resistence is the key. Fear, pain loss of empowerment all lie on the same wave as LOVE. By denying those feelings, those experiences, we create energy blockages. These blockages hinder our potential to grow and evolve.

Non-resistence, I believe the Buddha spoke on this, though I do not recall the context. I would view non-resistence as a form of Acceptance.

The Age of Acceptance is still upon us and through non-resistence many shall evolve. I'm sooo excited, its gonna be a great trip!


Saturday, May 21, 2005

Observation: Definition of Mo Blogging

Definition of Mo Blogging

Mo Blogging

To rapidly crank out several blog posts in a row, whose lines of thought intertwine with links within them selves that also span the blog history in a common thread.

Mo Blogging

Mo Blogging, Mo Blogging, Mo Blogging


Dream: The Aligator Dream

Observation: On a Dream

Perspective Past Lives

Dream: The Aligator Dream

Ah the Aligator Dream.

I am suddenly in a battle with an Aligator. I have my staff of power, aka walking stick, and am fending him off. I stab my staff down his mouth, so he cannot bite me. He wriggles, I fear he will get free and ask the staff to produce rat poison. Should have asked for healing qualities here, purification water is better. It makes him convolse and break free.

I turn into a bird to fly away, only my staff is too big to carry. (Wow am I foolish in this dream)

Aligator's mean many things in dreams... I suggest thumbing through a dream interpretation book at the store for their meaning..

Observation: On a Dream

So some may be wondering why I didn't name this post a Dream:

I took the perspective that I could have an observation on a dream as well.

Two Dreams

Big Ass Fish Giant Teeth

And the Aligator Dream

Both of these dreams represent me running from myself and my true nature. The big ass fish represents my gapping loss will, the part of me I denied for soo long and failed to express properly. I must face it.

The second dream the aligator can be a creature that brings healing, yet I am fearful and try to run from it. The healing is also in my nature.

I am a Scorpio, and as such my life force is centered in my second chakra, creation (sex), death and regeneration. My Kundalini Yoga knowledge has told my that my animals, being of the water of course in this Acquarian Age, crocodile and fish.

To Unlock my Past Lives I must face those parts of myself, that I have denied and in doing so will come to accept the healing that I shall bring fully. Full Acceptance of my nature and a new definition of love.

Acceptance is my message.

Perspective: Past Lives

I am a believer in past lives. There is no way that I am soo good at such a wide variety of things, if it weren't for past lives.

Thing is past lives unearth the patterns we still are learing from in this incarnation. To uncover that of the past, is to evolve spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and as all align physically.

Let's see how many past lives I can unearth.

In my initial search for past lives, I am drawn to the prophecies of Nostradamus. H~ is to bring healing to this planet and by 2012 many will start to wake up.

I have in the past been a Powerful Dream Shaman. Through of what culture I am not certain, perhaps several

I've also recently dreamed, that I am a Pharro buried within one of the pyramids. I think I have a hot lead to track this one down through my light body work.

And there is no doubt in my mind that I have been a buddhist in the past. Yet that makes me doubt in my ability to doubt. And I belive I found a method that allows for removal of doubt. Though which one you make the choice..

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Perspective: The Force

No big secret here, I love Star Wars. Who wouldn't?

Just saw Revenge of the Sith. Very very good movie, couple of sceens to be improved upoon but it makes my ponder... what lessons on the nature of the force can we learn.

1. Attachment- what drives Anakin to the Dark Side, is actually LOVE or attachment to an object of his love. This in a quandry that I believe I am at odds with. There are many on the path that feel attachment leads to just this, the Dark Side. I say, how can love lead to the Dark Side?

But love is blind, and being blinded by love one may not understand the repurcussions of their actions.

I believe it comes back to LOVE, without attachment. Now there is a concept, how does one love less being attached.

The feeling of love with an object is as equal to the feeling of love without the object. (Ladies I apologize, I mean not to refer to women as objects, it holds equally true for men and men are silly objects)

I think I have already blogged on Love is a fire

So to love without attachment, hmmm, to love many without attachment


I still prefer to be in love. Meditate on this I will.

2. Don't mess with crazy old dudes that tell ya you can live forever. What if that crazy dude is yourself?

3. Never try to sneak up on Master Yoda, you'll be headed in the wrong direction.

4. The force is very real, humanity as a whole wants to believe in it. Now how do we convince them that it is okay to believe???

I'm a believer in the Force.

May the Force be with you my friends ~

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Perspective: On Truth


A construct of the mind set up to exclude that which it is not.


Truth is that defines most everything...

Monday, May 16, 2005

Dream: The Healing Pool

Doesn't that sound nice

A healing pool. I love swimming pools, but this pool is special, it heals ya.

At first I didn't know what to make of the pool as I stripped down into my boxers. There was a rock ledge along the side and I noticed a man with his young one floating around the perimiter. I jumped in.

Felt great.

Next thing I know I am in this large spacious garden/lecutre area for Essential Healings, I belive. I have a towel over my body and am just basking in the wonderful feeling with those around me.

What sprung this you may ask.

The Heart Center, or Ranthia, soon to be blogged with mo blogging

I guess it's time to heal, yipeeeee!!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Dream: Back in School

One of the greatest challenges about being back in school, in my dreams, is that I do not fully understand the lesson plans, nor the surrounding, nor the reason why I am there. There is a fine line between my conscious and sub-conscious.

Last night I am trying to go to school, I think I am at Jefferson Middle school trying to get into a Marketing class, but the room is wayyyyy tooo small and I can't get in for the lesson.

So I get frustrated and decide I am gonna do something about it. I storm off to the principles office. I bring along with me one person, that is even less aware than I am and another person who is very hot headed. Hot head male, less aware female.

I demand to speak to whomever is in charge because the class is too small. The principle comes out and says.

"Ohh H~ has a problem I had better go fix." sarcastically

We walk through the school, he stops to shoot the shit with another student. Obviously one that has been there longer and knows the drill. I still get the sense that I am not completely welcome. They think I am too confident and are suspicious of me. As we walk, he starts in at an extreme pace, I cannot keep up for the life of me. Then my silly flat feet kick in, I'm dreaming yet my flat feet keep me from moving. Hmm??

I gotta get a better grip when I am in school. I get the feeling that if someone, in school could just sit me down and explain some about the apprehension about me, that things would get better.

I totally thought with a college degree I would be done. Truth is we are never done with the school of life.

This school just happens to be one of Existence on a different plane, or is it plain. Depends on your perspective...

Friday, May 13, 2005

Perspective: From the Heart Center

Ahh the Heart Center

Its time to chat some on the 4th chakra. The heart center is very important, for it provides the balancing act for the chakra system. It is from here that true "bhakti yoga", or the Yoga of Love can really shine through.

Centered in love is the means by which humanity will bring back their rightful purpose here on Earth. To live life, and I mean really live life. We all get the feeling like we want to "Wake Up" Like the Buddha. But we are engolfed in ignorance.

From the Heart Center, ignorance will be dispelled.

The heart center is our position of LOVE radiation. When you begin to open your heart center, you speak from your true self, a Self filled with love.

It's a beautiful thing.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Observation: Third Chakra

Third Chakra

I figure I should give readers an opportunity to get up to speed on some energy systems. I'll have a recap of all seven chakras at a later post, but allow this to be my first one dedicated to the Third Chakra.

That's right let's start with number 3.

The Third Chakra is dedicated to personal power. Self enduced empowerment is the perspective I like to have on it.

I did a third chakra Kundalini Yoga kriya this morning to empower myself. The third chakra is key for an individuals ability to project their will into reality. Anytime you are feelin down and helpless some third chakra work is good to do.

It is also the chakra of combustion and fire. The fire, drive and determination to realize the power we all have.

The Third Chakra rocks!


Monday, May 09, 2005

Observation: Removal of Doubt

Some time ago I had a Shadow of a Doubt.

At the time I really didn't realize what that doubt was doing to me, but man once the shadow is established it allows all kinds of doubt to pour through.

I did some self Reiki. I have yet to be formally trained in this life time, but have had several treatments and in being in tuned with myself was able to identify a hole in my energy field.

It was about two feet off to the left side of my tempel and the channel was flowing into my mind. Not sure who placed that there, possibly myself, but it was not a good thing to have. So I strengthened the field and closed up the connection.

With doubt removed my purpose has become clear. It may not unfold as quickly as I would like it to, but unfold it will.

Many will be swept away by this purpose, for the purpose is LIFE.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Dream: @ a familiar place, under seduction

My last dream was some what fragmented. I was at my buddies Bluhm's old house with a bunch of friends. Bluhm had a new girl friend that didn't make much sense to me. My friend Christian was there, but distant as he is in reality. It was kind of like we were all gettin drunk, because I kept popping in and out of consciousness.

then I recall, this attractive lady, though I cannot recall her face making advances on me. She was kind, attractive, but not for me. In what ever state I was in I was very susceptible to her advances. Don't know her name or her face.

Second Dream

I am in training again I believe. I am a little fish in a pool of water. I find myself outside of the pool on the shore. I think I will suffocate as I floop about. But really I am fine, I could breath just fine. Then I end up near the end of the pool, next to a really big yellow fish that doesn't seem to be bothered at all by the experience. One by one we get swept up in a net taken to the next location. But I am sad, because at the bottom there is one fish that has died, or gotten left behind. I don't think death here is actually possible.

(intereting note on the book I am reading, last night the Mother mentioned a fish flooping out of water experience kind of similar to a portion of my dream)

Third Dream

I am back on the lines, but now I sense that I am where I am most comforatble. On defense. It was a bright and open space, it could have been more training. I now have Force Lightening abilities. Some would say these are dark powers, but the intention behind them is what is important. As I bridge conventional reality with my dream space I can't wait to see what that looks like.

Good Dreams~~~

Observation: Light Body Phase 1

I thought I'd give a brief overview of the energy centers that are built up on the first Phase of awakening the Light Body.

We are entering phase 1 of my evil plan, or is it one anyway I don't do phases

Dr. Evil

So phase 1 is all about grounding and building your power base. As mentioned in previous posts grounding is essential here.

okay so they call it Levels 1 Light Body, but phases sounds so much cooler.

The first step involves some visuallization of establishing solid roots into the mother earth. Grounding is such a great skill, if more folks were grounded the insecurities of the world would lessen and all would be more comfortable in their skin.

The first three energy centers are

1. Nu'a
2. Dinia
3. Leow

Nu'a can be likened to the 1st chakra, except the visuallization is that of a cone at the base that goes down into the earth to gather up energey

Dinia, would be around the area of the 2nd Chakra, but on the sides of the bodies instead of at the center. My guess is that these lie on the nadis paths that intertwine on the outside of the Sushumna.

Leow is much the same as the 3rd Chakra.

I have very much so enjoyed my meditations in Phase 1 to awaken my light body. I even experienced a self enduced Logic Bomb, if you have experienced it before then you know what I am talking about. (Direct Experience is key)

Light Body training

good times ~

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Observation: Best of Observations N Perspectives

What good is a blog without a shout out to some great posts of old.

Here are some of my favorite posts:

Observation: On Boundaries

Dream: Big Ass Fish, Giant Teeth

Observation: The Age of Acceptance is upon us

Perspective: On the Goddess @ Work

Observation: I am so very much in LOVE

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Perspective: On Dreams

Perspective: What to Look 4

Perspective: Star Wars Rules

Observation: Great perspective on meditation

I came across this website in my online ventures

It's about meditation

I recommend reading through at a comforatble pace, it reads well.

Oh and for those that are somewhat attuned you will notice as small, sensation in you mind. Just the affirmation that it speaks truly and clearly through to you.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Dream Lessons from Mother

It was the oddest thing, I'm in a class room full of people taking notes. The lesson kind of went right over my head through, but at the end of class I stayed to help pick things up. And there was my brother Nick, hmm,

hey wait, my Mother was giving the lesson plan.

It was the same lessons she had been givin us for all of our lives, so we kind of rolled our eyes about it, but the lessons still stuck with us. Unlike the others who left early.

And then a warning, to beware of Skeltons. What ever that means. To me a skelton is a mindless, creature with no meat to them, but still kind of creepy.

beware of skeltons,

perhaps those other folks should have listened to my mother???

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Observation: On Boundaries

In a journey for growth and well being one eventually must deal with boundaries. What are the purposes of boundaries? Are not limits meant to be tested?

Well, yes and no.

Some boundaries must be tested and broken. They were only temporary. Others...

It really comes down to a certain amount of faith. Faith that certain boundaries are in place in order to protect us from experiences we need not encounter, nor would understand.
So how does the curious mind go on with these
1. It ceases to be drawn to them
2. Upon encountering them it says, that is beyond the purpose of my experience and I shall move along

Using these two points as references one will indeed be able to see that within the boundaries that are in place, there is an infinite amount of detail, splendor, and other boundaries that can be overcome.

It's a matter of faith though, faith that these boundaries truly are in our best interest. Regardless of what you believe in, faith that the boundaries are set for our best interest is all that is required.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dream Observation: Playful on a throne

So in realizing I need to have more fun with things, I recalled a vision to mind. I am a young and happy baby, sitting on the throne of someone kingly, I'm not to be there but I am so damn cute the big man can't help to allow me there. Thing is I could be the baby and the king at the same time, that is not clear to me.

In doing my light body meditations I have come to realize that now that which has been unlocked by another, is truly within my control to continue to unlock. That logic bomb that was planted in my brain, can now go off regularly just with practice.

And as I align this with my being, my state of essence, I will be peaceful and as I am now on my journey, I am peaceful.

It is a state of mind, and one I would just assume share with others, millions of others ideally. Cause we all should be peaceful in this journey.

Now I wonder how to interpret the dream. Although a past life of mine does have me buried in an Egyptian pyramid. I wonder what my role was?? I wonder if I'm in the 2nd Chakra pyramid.

Let's stop being so serious here and have some fun, 2nd chakra is my life force, creativity is my guide.

The present fun struttin devil card didn't come up in my terrot for nothing.

I'm in B town, bring on the fun from my life force.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Perspective: My Background

So when did you start getting into this?

That's a good question, one I am not readily prepared to answer, so allow my to express myself now.

I have always known that I was here for a bigger purpose, that I was different than most folks. Then through my childhood I would take control of my dreams and create my own reality within my mind.

In my teenage years, my ability to predict future events, especially while I dreamed, become more prevelant.

While in College I became enamored with Buddhist study. Nagarjuna changed my perspective all the way around till that which I percieved was undescribably without that which was percieving it. And then one day, starring off into the ceicling of white space, I meditated on emptiness and had about as close to a direct experience as could be without actually going over the edge. Then I knew there was more to existence than what meets the eye.

One enjoyable evening at summer fest, Paul Simon was jammin! The vibe was so beautiful, I couldn't help but send a message to the heavens and say, "Look at the beauty we are capable of" The message was heard, and a guide was presented. I had a choice and I signed the deal. Life has never been the same since. Direct transmission to open my third eye, cause the blockage was in a ginormous knot and even still a little tangled.

Post one traumatic event of my life, I had a rather large blockage in my Throat Chakra. A Reiki healer opened the blockage, utilizing my dormant kundalini energy with a force that dismissed Western medicine from my train of thought.

Fully beleiving in Chakra abilities I par took in the Yoga that focues on the Chakras..Kundalini Yoga.

Then Kundalini dancing to Osho, which saved my existence in the astral plane. Then the dreams kicked in and my potential reaches far beyond the Earth realm. But in my dreams I face my fear like I shall in reality.

With one year Kundalini Yoga under my belt I begin my light body experience.

What a great trip this thing called life :-)

peace and love to all

Observation: Of the Light Body

And so with meditation held strong the shape of the Phoenix rising shines brilliantly in my minds eye.

Increased vibrational energy from the Mother Earth. Providing healing, purpose and the desire to do more and help others.

White Magic, is a topic of study. Tweaking interest, I am excited about the future studies that I will undertake!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Perspective: Grounding to release pains of old

On the journey towards the light body, the most profound element for me has been the ability to ground. Being present in the moment, one with nature and the Earth has fantastic benefits.

Deep, deep roots planted firmly throughout the soil. Its a great gift to receive.

And in my journey, while I dream, I have been able to move regrets from the past. I have never liked regretting things, it always seemed like such a negative action.

"I wish I would have done..."

What's done is done and dwelling on it is not beneficial. However, I didn't realize I had so many regrets that were buried deep down causing emotional and spiritual blockages. So recently in my dreams I have been facing those regrets. And in doing so have been passing them through my system so they no longer cloud my being. I release my regrets and in doing so I shall become more free.

Feet firmly planted on the ground with my head sky high in the air

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Perspective: Soul shift

Healing of pains and confirmation that the journey is just. And I'll be just fine to work through this. Tears of healing and thanks and gratitude and grounding

SOLID GROUNDING I love my soul and my soul loves me.

impressions of a light journey.

Soul- thanks bro

Friday, April 15, 2005

Observation: Found my tribe

You are my Peoples. My family that I never realized I had. And I am your "college graduate" as you lovingly call me ;-)

I could not have gone on without your support and guidance. Next time you say "I wouldn't do that if I were you" I'll listen. Sorry I went against the your current initially, but that way of doing things was not comfortable to me.

As the Age of Acceptance comes upon us, you will become more and more accepting of me and I will feel more comfortable among you.

All people have tribes in which they mingle in and out of. Some find tribes they do not truly belong to, it just so happened that life put them there and they feel incapable of changing. I am not a fan of not changing what I do not approve or feel right about. In finding my tribe I have located a piece of myself that has been lost for lifetimes.

So to my brother's I say, "I'll take the point"

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Dream: Big Ass Fish, Giant Teeth

I recall getting called up into rank. Only thing is that I don't seem to get approval from those around me. I really don't understand what is happening so that doesn't help things at this time either.

The rest of the troops are African American and other dark skinned folk, I may be the only one in this group that is part white.

I end up in the rear of the formation

We all link up and are connected, yet the point of connection to me runs through my previously wounded left ring finger.

On our tops we carry equipment to keep us invisible to others.

We are in gold fish formation, so we look like a gold fish, though I didn't realize this till a later time.

Going along flying is extremely hot. We are flying ontop of molten lava with red firey brick and bars on all sides.

I see my child hood best friend. I haven't seen him in years. He is down on the brick unable to go on. He hands me something. I pendant I think. He cannot go on, but he will be okay, so we fly on..

We are flying through a Dragons hoard of riches, mountain upon mountain of gold, treasure.

There is a Big Ass Fish flying above us. But perhaps it is a Dragon.

Our defense keeps us invisible to the Big Ass Fish that has Giant Teeth.

I get scared, I see a blaster in the riches and pick it up. Then I fire at the Big Ass Fish with gigantic teeth.

So now it comes after us (Nice move H~)

Now I panic and in doing so I realize that the injured finger that is connecting us is causing me more pain, holding me back, so I release it.

Formation breaks

Everyone scatters trying to get out through inescapbale bars.

And the Big Ass Fish comes flying in

I turn around to face him


Friday, April 08, 2005

Observation: 1st Chakra Rules

The one closest to Mother Earth, the one that carries the most fundamental human instinct.


Survival is what we, as a species, have been continually seeking in existence. It's a good instinct to have. In contemplating survival my neuron receptors recently activated the region that has to do with "Alpha Male Syndrom"

(Man I almost wrote alpha mail syndrom, that's right the best type of mail)

Alpha Male Syndrom is really an instinct of survival. The best, strongest most intelligent, dominate the rules of engagement for the benefit of the entire pack. This is typically men that perform this, though I have witnessed some interesting alpha female encounters. So how about where Alpha males run into each other, or a Beta wants to take a stab at the top spot. This causes friction.

I liken this friction to the typical scene in drinking establishments in larger cities. All dudes there think they are the Shisnit and are so up tight trying to impress everyone the whole time they are out. This is because they are all projecting Alpha Male images, even though we know they cannot possibly all be Alpha males. So why do they project?

Because they are fighting for survival, the abilty to pass their "superior" genes down along with a alpha female. (superior only in that they are the only genes they have ever known) But there is just something missing in this and it has to do with Chakra number uno. Emotion, the first Chakra is also responsible for emotional security as well. Alpha Male Syndrome seems to go against emotional security. Perhaps a Matriarchy is what our planet has been missing for so long??

Maybe men have screwed this place up enough and we should stand aside and let the women run things? hmm Why not. Then emotion would play in here appropriately. Or maybe we should all be graded as to our status so that we carry signs along with us, Alpha's Beta's Epsilon's oh wait there was already a story about that, but it would make goin go drinkin establishments in big cities a lot more laid back and that's what it is all about right?

To sum up, this spun me several directions. 1st Chakra dictates to us how we should go about surviving, but we seem to not listen well enough. Where is the "Alpha Female of Earth" I bet she would have some excellent perspective on this..

Observation: On Perception

Gotta give a shot out to my German Leperchaun on this far out quote:

"perception can become truth, but it is not truth in
and of itself. truth is truth regardless of

Kind of makes ya wonder, doesn't it??

Observation: Prime Mover

In my buddhist studies the discussions around a "Prime Mover" were always of great interest to me. One of the perspectives that we consistently went back to was the notion that the Concept of a Prime Mover necessitates an infinate regression. That is to say the 1st moving entity in existence must have been caused to move by something, right??? But if this is the first moving entity in existence, empitness, Ala, Goddess, God... then it must have made itself move. So it basically turns in on itself, since it must have always been to have initiated first movement.

So that was the perspective of a Prime mover that I was working with.

Recent observation of mine is that the "Prime Mover" is also the 1st mover of experience. That is to say, they experience all things prior to any other entity, or perhaps right along with the other entities, but experience them first never the less.

In man's journey through existence and growth we constantly seek those that have trail blazed ahead of us for guidance and wisdom so that we might not make unnecessary mistaks. Contemplate the "Prime Mover" for a while....


"We'll since I'm the first one to do this, I hope it turns out alright. I have nobody else that can relate to my experience in moving first, except perhaps other parts of myself."

And CEO's think they get lonely at the top.

Yet the Prime Mover is never alone,
moving first, but never along.

I'm trying to prime some movement here!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Perspective: Consciousness expanssion

So I have been doin quit a bit of work along the lines of consciousness expansion.

This is some tough work. No wonder the vast majority of folks on this planet would just assume plug into the daily grind, go about their business of contemporary experience and then die with no sense of beyond.

The thing about consciousness expansion is that it is kind of a slippery slope. That first direct experience, one achieves for themselves, that reality is not necessarily what they have always thought it to be only brings the desire for more of those sorts of experiences. Then those folks begin to realize that they can't have more of those types of experiences if they stay within their present paradigms of existance.

Word of caution. Its freeckin scary to expand your consciousness. You just don't know what you might find on the other side. However, I am a firm "believer" that to better human existence our collective consiousness must be elevated.

So how do we get there,

simple, we feed the starving minds thier first direct experience that reality just might not be what they always thought it was...

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Perspective: on LifeSpace

We just need some LifeSpaces
& life shall grow


Those within this space must be capable of excersising free will. And their collective free will must move them towards a common, center.

The LifeSpace we get now is dictated to us by others, it feels as though few aspects are to our choosing.

We just need some LifeSpace & life shall grow.


Thursday, March 31, 2005

Observation: Sometimes we aren't meant to understand FLOW

Just go with the flow

Some of the best words of wisdom on the Earth. Flow, the traction of the universe.

Flow, the path we walk that is irresistable.

As we tap into our FLOW, we begin to ponder with the conscious mind. What's next, what info am I receiving at a sub-conscious level.

and just when that kicks in, is when the flow says

"You're not to comprehend this @ this time"

just go with the FLOW

"Hi, they call my flow" ;-)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Perspective: Other Scientists are soon to come

As a person of science I would like to put forth the hpothesis-

That soon, another brilliant mind will come along and challenge a perspective, or observation that has been communicated here. Only to put science to the test..

I don't believe you, they say.

Then just give it a try, no true experience that 1st hand.

Their judgemental mind will tell them-

"Go ahead, prove those to be incorrect"

They shall take the test, and low and behold, my hypotesis has come true.

Perspective: Infinity lies, within my eyes

For some time the eyes have been called

"Windows to the soul"

For some time I've been able to captivate people with my eyes alone. With my eyes, I perceived one step before the non-perceivable.

Ever blue, ever golden

Infinity lies within the moment, for it is all we ever have and infinite in its detail. Beautiful, majestic, eyes behold the moment

EYE am not the only 1 that beholds infinity...

What lies within your I's???

Monday, March 28, 2005

Observation: On a Dream

I have some ongoin dream interpretation that I must do here. Actually I have been doin it all along, it just might not seem that way.

Only snippets are coming through. I am in a class room, with many students 30 or so. The chairs are like those from elementary school. I am anxious to learn, yet things seem to be moving so slowly.

Then the teacher asks if I have seen.. movie, I say yes although I am not sure if I really have. I race home from school in the pouring rain, yet I do not mind the rain.

Then I'm in a strange world with R2-D2 and the big guy from Harry Potter. There is more, yet it remains clouded.

Observation: On Resurrection

after life

after death

after life

There can be, only bunnies


Friday, March 25, 2005

Observation: Evolution, while we Sleep?

I have been thinkin a lot recently about human evolution. Where are we headed on this crazy trip called life?

From what I have gathered in most readings, evolution takes place at an extremely slow rate. So differences within a species do not become very evident unless compared over a long period of time.


From the moment we are born we are evolving. The human mind is constantly learning.

I find that our sleep provides an excellent time to evolve. (Remember those growing pains as a kid? Man those used to hurt) That's evolution. The mind itself needs rest so that it can expand, or more technically speaking come to terms with the new nueral connections that have been created throughout the day.

Evolution while we sleep.

Sleep is also a great time for healing, for release of things that have been holding us back from evolving.

How do you evolve while you sleep?

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Observation: I just don't feel like "IT" today

You know what "IT" is. That one thing you have to do.

The early morning stretching, the afternoon jog, heck goin to work.

Sometimes ya just don't feel like it. Thing is you know you have to do it and once you get into "IT" it won't be so bad.

I needed to do some 1st Chakra Yoga work this mornin, but when I woke up

I didn't feel like "IT"

Too bad, I did it anyway, and it was really good for me.

"Keep up and you'll be kept up"

Yogi Bhajan

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Observation: On Purification

So okay,

I am on a spiritual growth trip, no surprises there. Recently I was contemplating purifying my body of ailments, stop eating meat, stop drinking alcohol, stop drinking coffee etc.

You know become pure, like those other spiritual types.

Then I came across a realization, wait no

a revelation

1. I like eating meat
2. I like to drink beer
3. I like coffee
4. In fact I like a lot of things that aren't "PURE"

So we are comin to the Age of Acceptance, right?!

I have to accept these things about myself. Now moderation is just fine mind you, but I wouldn't recommend purification at the sacrifice of the self. (Contemporary reality self pls for those that follow empitness)

Eat, Drink and be Merry :-)