Sunday, April 24, 2005

Perspective: My Background

So when did you start getting into this?

That's a good question, one I am not readily prepared to answer, so allow my to express myself now.

I have always known that I was here for a bigger purpose, that I was different than most folks. Then through my childhood I would take control of my dreams and create my own reality within my mind.

In my teenage years, my ability to predict future events, especially while I dreamed, become more prevelant.

While in College I became enamored with Buddhist study. Nagarjuna changed my perspective all the way around till that which I percieved was undescribably without that which was percieving it. And then one day, starring off into the ceicling of white space, I meditated on emptiness and had about as close to a direct experience as could be without actually going over the edge. Then I knew there was more to existence than what meets the eye.

One enjoyable evening at summer fest, Paul Simon was jammin! The vibe was so beautiful, I couldn't help but send a message to the heavens and say, "Look at the beauty we are capable of" The message was heard, and a guide was presented. I had a choice and I signed the deal. Life has never been the same since. Direct transmission to open my third eye, cause the blockage was in a ginormous knot and even still a little tangled.

Post one traumatic event of my life, I had a rather large blockage in my Throat Chakra. A Reiki healer opened the blockage, utilizing my dormant kundalini energy with a force that dismissed Western medicine from my train of thought.

Fully beleiving in Chakra abilities I par took in the Yoga that focues on the Chakras..Kundalini Yoga.

Then Kundalini dancing to Osho, which saved my existence in the astral plane. Then the dreams kicked in and my potential reaches far beyond the Earth realm. But in my dreams I face my fear like I shall in reality.

With one year Kundalini Yoga under my belt I begin my light body experience.

What a great trip this thing called life :-)

peace and love to all

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