Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dream Observation: Playful on a throne

So in realizing I need to have more fun with things, I recalled a vision to mind. I am a young and happy baby, sitting on the throne of someone kingly, I'm not to be there but I am so damn cute the big man can't help to allow me there. Thing is I could be the baby and the king at the same time, that is not clear to me.

In doing my light body meditations I have come to realize that now that which has been unlocked by another, is truly within my control to continue to unlock. That logic bomb that was planted in my brain, can now go off regularly just with practice.

And as I align this with my being, my state of essence, I will be peaceful and as I am now on my journey, I am peaceful.

It is a state of mind, and one I would just assume share with others, millions of others ideally. Cause we all should be peaceful in this journey.

Now I wonder how to interpret the dream. Although a past life of mine does have me buried in an Egyptian pyramid. I wonder what my role was?? I wonder if I'm in the 2nd Chakra pyramid.

Let's stop being so serious here and have some fun, 2nd chakra is my life force, creativity is my guide.

The present fun struttin devil card didn't come up in my terrot for nothing.

I'm in B town, bring on the fun from my life force.

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