Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Observation: Efficient Distribution of Energy

As my evolution begins to accelerate in this lifetime I have become a rather capable centre of energy. Sure my journey has just begun, but the raising of kundalini energy integrated with Soul energy from my Light Body meditations are allowing me to increase my energetic flow, or that which flows through me.

Now this is very exciting, yet I need to look dispassionately upon it.

One thing I have noticed is that I am becoming more effiecient in my use of energy. I am able with little effort to direct force in the directions necessary for the proper results to take place. This has caused an interesting situation in the work place. I can very easily over run the system I have been placed within. Now this is somewhat frustrating, but I need to integrate that all are not as efficient with their energy as I am learning to be. In order to properly direct my energy I believe I will have to focus it into many locations, for the time being.

The true test remains, to align my energy and direct it in a manner that it is not wasted nor over runs the systems that I direct it through.

Ahh energy distribution, more and more spirituality and science shall merge.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dream: What am I running from?

What is it that I run from, the shadow, the dark?

(So this dream was seeded by a Spider Man outfit I saw the other day)

I am Spider Man of sorts, I find myself late for class. It seems that the class has just completed a test. The teacher looks at me dissapointedly, I know not why I missed the class. Then the dark, if you are familiar with Venom it is something like that. It seeks me out in my class room. I burst out of class through the window, it is after me.

What is it that I run from?

Here is the thing, we are psychically connected. Through my Third Eye I am able to communicate through The Dark's Third Eye. I ask it to leave.

What is it that I run from.

It is said that when the path presents itself to you in all of its brilliance, the dark surrounding becomes ever so clear. Perhaps it is that dark, perhaps it is the dark of past lives seeking acceptance.

What is it that I run from?

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Perspective: The Path and my EGO are one

Note ego is capitalized to represent a soul enfused self rather than one of personality.

So I decided to Ponder on This dream of late and search it through for deeper meaning.

The symbolism cast before me and interpreted through the lense of Ageless Wisdom is quit interesting, yet very in line with what I have been sensing lately. I posted recently from my subconscious, actually most dream posts come from there, but this was a waking subconscious communication.

The symbolism of my dream through said lense reinforces my purpose in this lifetime.

WOW what a trip I have before me.

In the words of the Great Morpheus- "There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path" though I always thought he said there is a difference between knowing the path and being the path.

and so the path and EGO are one

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dream: Astral Projection of the Third Eye

So here is a dream I had of late.

I need to set this one up though, because as I was dreaming it I was very aware of my physical body being asleep. It probably helped that in my dream I was laying down as well. Though I am not sure where, (aside from on the astral plane.)

Here's is another intersting item I just recalled. I am looking down upon myself, down and from the side kind of. Now in these sorts of dreams folks tend to think of it as looking down upon my physical body, but I have a strong sense that I was looking down upon my Astral (emotional) body or mental body.

There is a swriling circular vortex that is my Third Eye, or ajna center.

Then from above a cone, or triangle is slowly getting lowered into my Third Eye. It is a gradual and pleasant process.

What wisdom of old that is passed down within this Triangle shall be interesting to discover!

interpretations always welcome :-)

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Dream: The Seige and Escape

I remember laying seige to the castle walls. Only it occured twice. The first time, I do believe it was successful. Then as if, a potentiality that lies aside the first instance, it was failure.

In the second time, I remember fighting with my sword, stricking enemy after enemy. And then I strick my own brother. It is no death blow, but a strick in the shoulder that leaves him incapable of fighting as well as he can. We become overwhelmed as he was our best figther. There are only 3 of us that survive, I am to meet up with them at a predetermined location, but I am delayed. We miss our meeting and as such can not continue with the battle.

Now we must flee, we take to an old water way passage that leads outside of the castle. We seek refuge in the towns below.

The dream clouds over...

Now I did happen to watch Lord of the Rings last night, but I still feel as though there is meaning within this astral expression of sub-conscious.

interpretations always welcome of a dream

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Perspective: Attachment to Love

A common topic of this blog is love and its various forms and definitions of love. A common difficulty I have with the concept of love is that I can become attached to love, or to the objects of my love.

Is love impermanent???

I would propose that love pervades all. So then perhaps it lies in the object of my love, the difficulty that is. But for soo long the objects of love is how we come to learn and understand love. Perhaps that is the purpose of manifestation...

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