Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dream: Astral Projection of the Third Eye

So here is a dream I had of late.

I need to set this one up though, because as I was dreaming it I was very aware of my physical body being asleep. It probably helped that in my dream I was laying down as well. Though I am not sure where, (aside from on the astral plane.)

Here's is another intersting item I just recalled. I am looking down upon myself, down and from the side kind of. Now in these sorts of dreams folks tend to think of it as looking down upon my physical body, but I have a strong sense that I was looking down upon my Astral (emotional) body or mental body.

There is a swriling circular vortex that is my Third Eye, or ajna center.

Then from above a cone, or triangle is slowly getting lowered into my Third Eye. It is a gradual and pleasant process.

What wisdom of old that is passed down within this Triangle shall be interesting to discover!

interpretations always welcome :-)

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Beard said...

Years ago, for a short time, I worked very hard a astral projection with some success. Now I only rarely even have a lucid dream. When I do I enjoy flying. When I wake up it is disappointing to realize that I can not really fly.

H~ said...

Who is it that is unable to fly?

Beard said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry, my last entry just disappeared, so I'll assume it will post so I'll continue..

When I turned to see what was standing next to me, I saw a translucent figure. From the thighs down, and from the shoulders up, the image faded away. All I saw was the trunk of a man, wearing blue jeans and shirtless. Still thinking it was an intruder, I lunged at it to strike it in the stomach, but my first went right through it, then it disappeared.

What has lead me ultimately to this site is that what hit me felt very strange. It was right in the middle of my forehead and was round, about the size of a quarter, but was moist and soft. It felt like being hit with a hammer made of jell-o.

I've search for a month to find something that makes sense of it. It wasn't a dream, and I was fully awake when I saw the image. The third eye is the closest thing I've been able to find that describes it, although I had never heard of a chakra before.

My wife says it was my spirit self, which sounds close, but I'm trying to find examples from others that may help explain what happened.

Anonymous said...

Sorry again, but I noticed the first part didn't post. Here is the first part.

What happened was that while in a deep sleep, about a month ago, something hit me in the forehead. My wife and son were out of town and I was in a deep sleep, when I suddenly hit in the forehead. It yanked me out of a deep sleep in an instant. I went from a deep sleep to instant terror in a heartbeat.

When I immediately opened my eyes, I saw a figure standing next to me in my perephreal vision.

Anonymous said...

Possibly an epileptic episode (see #5). I'm epileptic and have had a few out-of-body experiences; my neurologist wasn't the least phased hearing about them.