Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dream: What am I running from?

What is it that I run from, the shadow, the dark?

(So this dream was seeded by a Spider Man outfit I saw the other day)

I am Spider Man of sorts, I find myself late for class. It seems that the class has just completed a test. The teacher looks at me dissapointedly, I know not why I missed the class. Then the dark, if you are familiar with Venom it is something like that. It seeks me out in my class room. I burst out of class through the window, it is after me.

What is it that I run from?

Here is the thing, we are psychically connected. Through my Third Eye I am able to communicate through The Dark's Third Eye. I ask it to leave.

What is it that I run from.

It is said that when the path presents itself to you in all of its brilliance, the dark surrounding becomes ever so clear. Perhaps it is that dark, perhaps it is the dark of past lives seeking acceptance.

What is it that I run from?

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