Saturday, May 14, 2005

Dream: Back in School

One of the greatest challenges about being back in school, in my dreams, is that I do not fully understand the lesson plans, nor the surrounding, nor the reason why I am there. There is a fine line between my conscious and sub-conscious.

Last night I am trying to go to school, I think I am at Jefferson Middle school trying to get into a Marketing class, but the room is wayyyyy tooo small and I can't get in for the lesson.

So I get frustrated and decide I am gonna do something about it. I storm off to the principles office. I bring along with me one person, that is even less aware than I am and another person who is very hot headed. Hot head male, less aware female.

I demand to speak to whomever is in charge because the class is too small. The principle comes out and says.

"Ohh H~ has a problem I had better go fix." sarcastically

We walk through the school, he stops to shoot the shit with another student. Obviously one that has been there longer and knows the drill. I still get the sense that I am not completely welcome. They think I am too confident and are suspicious of me. As we walk, he starts in at an extreme pace, I cannot keep up for the life of me. Then my silly flat feet kick in, I'm dreaming yet my flat feet keep me from moving. Hmm??

I gotta get a better grip when I am in school. I get the feeling that if someone, in school could just sit me down and explain some about the apprehension about me, that things would get better.

I totally thought with a college degree I would be done. Truth is we are never done with the school of life.

This school just happens to be one of Existence on a different plane, or is it plain. Depends on your perspective...

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