Saturday, May 28, 2005

Manifesto: Humanities Evolution

Humanity is evolving at a rapid pace. Very soon noticable evolutionary steps will be seen within single lifetimes.

Phychology establishes a beautiful frame work for scientific experiment on human evolution and the new age.

I'll be pulling several phychology concepts from the text by John
Santrock, University of Texas at Dallas, Primis Custom Publishing 1997.

Let's take some quick look at some solid phychological definitions from that book.

Sensation- Process of detecting and encoding stimulus energy in the world

Perception- Organizing and interpreting sensory information

Consciousness- awareness of both external and internal stimuli or events

Based on these phychological definitions I belive that - (Hypothesis)

The vast majority of humanity is truly not conscious.

How did I come to that conclusion?

Perception is essentially organizing and interpreting energy (sensations)

Consciousness is awareness of that energy.

How much energy do you percieve in a sofa? How much energy do you percieve in human beings magnetic fields? In the plants, a walking stick, your keyboard?

And you think yourself to be conscious.

The Age of Acceptance (New Age) is about accepting these energies and becoming aware of them.

This is the current state of humanity, through experimentation we shall move towards evolution of a people as a whole. More on this and experiments to follow...

Special thanks to Brad and Des who shared in my realization moment.

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