Friday, May 27, 2005

Observation: Or should I say Hypothesis


As a New Age Scientist it is my duty to make hypothesis.

Here we go and lets see about manifesting the results. (Lots of the recent material I have been reading mentions that the results of many science experiments are truly shaped by the expected results of the person setting up the experiement. Manifest your own destiny please)

1. Chakra System for emotional healing will be the first means Chakra education spreads down into mainstream via college education.

2. Being of a Phychology Book, students will be intrigued by the concept. It then will present a phychological experience the students can take upon them selves to help excercize the emotional body because for some reason no body decided to teach us about that while we were growing up.

3. After that adoption the physiology and health books of middle and high school students must be educated on the benefits of a healthy chakra system for your physical body.

4. We haven't even touched on the mental and spiritual side yet

Psychology- teaches people about there emotions and how their brain works. It doestn't do a great job of telling people how to properly excersize those emotions. We exercize our bodies, yet for some stupid reason are are made to hold up our emotions within ourselves. So that "Society Approves"

How stupid is that. Excersize your emotional bodies, how???

I have learned several ways to do so via, Yoga, or Light Body Meditations.

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