Saturday, May 21, 2005

Observation: On a Dream

So some may be wondering why I didn't name this post a Dream:

I took the perspective that I could have an observation on a dream as well.

Two Dreams

Big Ass Fish Giant Teeth

And the Aligator Dream

Both of these dreams represent me running from myself and my true nature. The big ass fish represents my gapping loss will, the part of me I denied for soo long and failed to express properly. I must face it.

The second dream the aligator can be a creature that brings healing, yet I am fearful and try to run from it. The healing is also in my nature.

I am a Scorpio, and as such my life force is centered in my second chakra, creation (sex), death and regeneration. My Kundalini Yoga knowledge has told my that my animals, being of the water of course in this Acquarian Age, crocodile and fish.

To Unlock my Past Lives I must face those parts of myself, that I have denied and in doing so will come to accept the healing that I shall bring fully. Full Acceptance of my nature and a new definition of love.

Acceptance is my message.

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