Friday, March 31, 2006

Perspective: Channeling, Science of Impression

One interesting new age perspective is the ability to channel insights from above, or healing energy such as Reiki. By being present in the moment and opening up your awareness, going through attunement processes, one is able to become sensitive to these energies.

Now as these energetic impressions become stronger, one is able to make out what the impressions are "saying" so to speak.

The next step, and the step that I am working through right now, is the proper interpretation of these impressions.

I have become more aware of many impressions. The conventional question remains, what do they mean.

For instance I got the message "Don't move" this could mean a bunch of things:

Don't move into a new home

Don't move from your current occupation

Don't move away from the one you are with

Or simply, hey there get ready for some impressions to flow through so "Don't move"

It is the proper interpretation of impressions, which I must now master. The impressions are registering, on with some interpreting...

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Perspective: Kalki

The I am maker, has come across some interesting reads on Kalki. It was a rather interesting coincidence actually, I recently picked up a book on Hindu gods and read about the 10 incarnations of Vishnu, Krishna being the 8th incarnation and The Buddha being the 9th. (9 is my favorite number, yet I have the slightest suspicion that the Buddha was actually a Deciple of Krishna, Arjuna.

Anyhoot the 10th incarnation of Vishnu is to be Kalki. There is a fabulous perspective on the Avatar, from the Avatar.

I claim to be an Avatar. The Hindu scriptures are very clear as to who an Avatar is. You see, basically, it is like this: GOD per say can never be comprehended, can never be related to, other than through the manifesta-tions. Let us take the case of light as an example. We will go into a little bit of science. Suppose, a light ray was to pass through a vacuum tube, you are not going to see the light at all. So light as such can not be seen. But, if that light were to strike an object and come back to you, you see that object. Now, the question is, are you seeing that object or are you seeing the light. The photons do hit the object and they come back into your eyes, therefore we can say you are seeing light, you can also say you are seeing only the object. There is an ambience here. So, what stand can you take here? You really cannot take a stand. You can say, ?I am seeing light, yet I am not seeing light?. The same ap-proach applies to the understanding of an Avatar. When you are looking at an Avatar, you can say, ?I am seeing GOD; yet I am not seeing GOD?. Both are equally true. Like without light, you are not going to see anything at all, yet light itself cannot be seen.

Look how science and religion are coming together here. And what a brilliant analogy of Light compared to God. Now this really gets interesting if we run it through some Buddhist analysis. One cannot really take a stand because the inherent exisitence of the process of seeing is empty. Hat tip to Nagarjuna.

Here's a thought, Namaste, the divine in me aknowledges and pays tribute to the divine in you. (losely translated) So we are all little Avatars, just waiting to emerge. Deliver me. So what is so unique about the proclaimed Kalki???

Is the object of perception so divine it casts forth this view?

Are the receptors of perception extra sensitive to this light?

What of the vacuum tube? Is there a divine transferrence of light?

Interesting things to ponder on. One that transcends all things must be a part of, the light, the object, the reciever. A triad of sorts, and the triad of an Avatar is such that all 3 are one.

There are some interesting perspectives on Kalki as well. I particularly like the new age speculators about Kalki representing Maitreya Buddha. I especially like that he would herald the second coming of Christ.

Now provided that Kalki is from Shambala, it would make sense that Kalki is leading the way for his co-operator the Christ. With all these Light Bodies, allowing for the vibratory rate of humanity to increase, Kalki enligtenments it is a good be that Christ is right around the corner, mmm let's say about 6 years out. 2012 is going to be one great time in history. We must prepare.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Perspective: EGO, the I am Maker

I just read a great article in the Yoga Journal.

Sophisticated Ego by Sally Kempton.

I really felt that Sally captured the essence, or lack there of, ego in this article. Here is a great little snippet
Om Sanskrit the word for ego is ahamkara, which means "the I maker" (kind of like Mentos the fresh maker) Ego differentiates itself amon the mass of sensations that come your way and tell you that a particular experience belongs to the energy bundle you call "me"

The energy bundle you call me. What an intriguing concept. I pondered on this concept. I quickly took a look at my surroundings and said the energy bundle of me, okay what around me here is me? good question- everything really, by seeing I identify with things. In order to see my optical recepters have to take in the light energy that those things reflect. This energy becomes a part of "my" energy bundle. Now I could run this through an analysis by Nagarjuna and swiftly the emptiness of me, the sight and the object of that site quickly comes to pass. But lets stick on a conventional level for a moment. The energy bundle I call me. When I am next to another person, my aura will overlap, mess and sometimes blend with their aura especially when centered in love. So where is my energy bundle? My energy bundle is their energy bundle, what can I call me.

Sally goes on to say that sometimes the ego is not inclusive enough in its realm of what it identifies itself with. This is definately something to think on...

A small meditation is included in the article, the "I am" meditation. Not a bad one, but in my opinion it asks one to think a little bit much. I much prefer the Kundalini Meditation "I am, I am" I am what I am it does not allow for your ego to start thowing terms of attachment into the mix.

If ya say it long enough, you don't even know what you are saying anymore- I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am


Sat Nam

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Observation: Celestine Prophecy the Movie

I am uber stoked to see that the Celistine Prophecy the movie is coming out soon.

Some time ago I read the book, but I am do for a quick refresh.

One underlying principle is that in the future "energy" will be transferred from person to person and in time replace $. And that humanities vibratory rates are destined to increase through evolution.

There is a visionary movement from the author being generated here- Celestine Vision

It's my perspective that via understanding of Chakras this prophecy will come to light

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Perspective: From Darkness to Light

From Darkness to Light

that is the way for a true guru

What is interesting to percieve is that on the path and while becoming the path the darkness becomes more and more obvious. The more one is able to hold steadfast in the light the more observing one can be of dark.

As the veil of ignorance lifts the thickness of that ignorance becomes apparent.

From Darkness to Light..what a ride :-)

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Observation: Karuna Reiki

I just ran across and interesting site that talks about Karuna Reiki

Being relatively new to practicing Reiki I was not familiar. I shall chat with my Reiki Master next time I see her about this method. However, it seems rather straight forward enough.

The Usui natrual healing approach attunes one to Usui's healing energy channel. It would appear as though the Karuna system attunes one to an energy channel of several enlightened beings that flow healing energy.

Very interesting, perhpas after I reach Master status I shall explore Karuna in further detail.

A friend of mine is in "tune" with The Ascended Master Quan Yin and provides a different healing approach. Perhaps Karuna and Quan Yin's healing are similar in nature.

Given that I am to experiment scientifically with these methods I shall keep you posted ;-)

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Perspective: Reiki gettin hot hot hot

So now that I have been attuned to Reiki II I have noticed some increased flow of healing energy.

The other night just before falling asleep I decided to give myself some reiki and man did I get hot, I mean really cooking! I had to take off my shirt and remove a blanket to cool off.

Then I was so jazzed up with reiki flow I was no longer all that tired and didn't fall asleep for a bit, ha. Ohh well

Reiki is hot, and is getting hot as it becomes a part of mainstream medicine/healing

bring on the healing (overt invocation)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Perspective: Feelings are still valid, even if irrational

A point of balance to be had yin, yang, male, female, polarities is that of feelings versus logic. Even if one has feelings that are not founded on proper logic, those feelings are still valid, they must be aknowledged and worked through properly.

So how does one approach, somewhat irrational, feelings properly without being inconsiderate?

First off, aknowledge those feelings, say that you do not mean to diminish them give them their proper place as they are valid. Then allow the other person to talk through those feelings with you. The challenging thing becomes to talk through those feelings without elevating the conversation. Those feelings are best expressed in an open calm fashion and if they have been surpressed for too long can tend to blow up.

In many spiritual practices and beliefs they teach a non-attachment to feelings. I am not sure if I have always agreed with this perspective, but perhaps it has only been misinterpreted. Perhaps it is non-attachment to results of those feeling??

Feelings must be expressed and worked through, otherwise they can become built up as compressed love. Love seeks expression, that is why we are here for this human experience.

Move properly through your feelings, they are still valid :-)

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