Sunday, March 05, 2006

Perspective: Feelings are still valid, even if irrational

A point of balance to be had yin, yang, male, female, polarities is that of feelings versus logic. Even if one has feelings that are not founded on proper logic, those feelings are still valid, they must be aknowledged and worked through properly.

So how does one approach, somewhat irrational, feelings properly without being inconsiderate?

First off, aknowledge those feelings, say that you do not mean to diminish them give them their proper place as they are valid. Then allow the other person to talk through those feelings with you. The challenging thing becomes to talk through those feelings without elevating the conversation. Those feelings are best expressed in an open calm fashion and if they have been surpressed for too long can tend to blow up.

In many spiritual practices and beliefs they teach a non-attachment to feelings. I am not sure if I have always agreed with this perspective, but perhaps it has only been misinterpreted. Perhaps it is non-attachment to results of those feeling??

Feelings must be expressed and worked through, otherwise they can become built up as compressed love. Love seeks expression, that is why we are here for this human experience.

Move properly through your feelings, they are still valid :-)

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