Saturday, March 11, 2006

Observation: Karuna Reiki

I just ran across and interesting site that talks about Karuna Reiki

Being relatively new to practicing Reiki I was not familiar. I shall chat with my Reiki Master next time I see her about this method. However, it seems rather straight forward enough.

The Usui natrual healing approach attunes one to Usui's healing energy channel. It would appear as though the Karuna system attunes one to an energy channel of several enlightened beings that flow healing energy.

Very interesting, perhpas after I reach Master status I shall explore Karuna in further detail.

A friend of mine is in "tune" with The Ascended Master Quan Yin and provides a different healing approach. Perhaps Karuna and Quan Yin's healing are similar in nature.

Given that I am to experiment scientifically with these methods I shall keep you posted ;-)

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Interpreter said...

Make your move to and watch the movement expand faster than it is now.

H~ said...

That is a very good suggestion my old friend, however, there is a plan in place here which shall unfold in due time. Perhaps you should make interpretations on MySpace. Patience is ever so important here and from the perspective of eternity what's a couple of years..

Interpreter said...


From the perspective of eternity, I suppose a couple of years are nothing.

Maybe I will start blogging on MySpace. I shall require you to at least create an account there so as to comment on my blogs.

Peace to you my old friend.