Friday, March 31, 2006

Perspective: Channeling, Science of Impression

One interesting new age perspective is the ability to channel insights from above, or healing energy such as Reiki. By being present in the moment and opening up your awareness, going through attunement processes, one is able to become sensitive to these energies.

Now as these energetic impressions become stronger, one is able to make out what the impressions are "saying" so to speak.

The next step, and the step that I am working through right now, is the proper interpretation of these impressions.

I have become more aware of many impressions. The conventional question remains, what do they mean.

For instance I got the message "Don't move" this could mean a bunch of things:

Don't move into a new home

Don't move from your current occupation

Don't move away from the one you are with

Or simply, hey there get ready for some impressions to flow through so "Don't move"

It is the proper interpretation of impressions, which I must now master. The impressions are registering, on with some interpreting...

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