Sunday, April 02, 2006

Observation: Ascended Master Saint Germain Mahachohan

In my search for unifying some religions I picked up another book on Hinduism. I came across a text that I must read in time, "Laws of the Manu" for in my studies the Manu holds an importnat position in the changes that are occuring on earth and on a spiritual plane.

And so I figure I search for information on another important position, that of the Mahachohan I found it rather interesting that this position is proclaimed to be held by the ascended master Saint Germain

My theory is that this position is founded on remenants of truth, however in further examination of the iamuniversity site above, I do not believe it to be a sound source of knowledge and wisdom.

I shall have to explore this path in further detail, and it does make sense if my soul co-operator follows the path for civilization.

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