Friday, November 17, 2006

Observation: 2012 info online

Ahh the great dates in 2012. I think it will be rather interesting as the year approaches how main stream the prophecies will be.

I have come across an interesting read of the Mayan Calandar

It states that there will be a new creation date on 21.12.2012

A Galatic alignment process could bring all sorts of interesting energies upon the earth.

A note on the Snake rattle as an alarm clock is interesting as well. Kundalini energy has often been correlated with a snake. And I interpret an alarm clock to call for some awakening.

And WOW the Hopi emergence claiming that we are the 4th era and emerging into the 5th is fantastic. The 4th root race of men transitions into the 5th via an alarm. How cool is it that the Hopi culture preserved this teaching.

Further discussion about Kundalini Yoga and 2012 are also cited here. I've spoken of 2012 here before It's also rather interesting that I am so passionate about Kundalini Yoga.

I'll keep reading the signs and communicating as best within my abilities, perhaps someday beyone My abilities.