Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Perspective: On Egosynthesis

As a scientist of the new age I figure I am about due for another hypothesis.

Now I cannot take full credit for this hypothesis, I took the foundation of it from some Ageless Wisdom and some direct experiences.

I define Egosythesis to be: The alignment of an individual's EGO with thier soul, (or spirit.)

Sat Nam as the yogis say is your true identity (or truth is my identity) and this cannot be manifest until this alignment is complete.

So what are the ramifications of egosythesis. Well those silly little self arguments are compeletely minimized. An individual is working from a state where the EGO and the Soul are as one. The soul's light will shine through the EGO, they are as one.

Egosythesis is actually really really close to photosythesis. When one has completed the process of egosynthesis the light of the soul will nourish the individual and open up access to a wealth of sustaining energy.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Observation: My Background (PART 2)

When blogging about my background in the past I forgot to mention my religious up bringing, ie my relationship with Christ.

I grew up attending Maravian Church, was baptized, attended many a Sunday school class and spent a fair amount of time learning about Christ.

Over time I found things to be too perscriptive. There were some key messages to be taken though, mainly about LOVE and being a good person.

For various reasons over my Adolescence years, I began to "Lose Faith" It's not that I didn't believe there was some higher state of being, I simply refused to approach it from the perscriptions I was being offered.

I can recall times when I would attend my friends confirmation classes. Looking back I now realize that I would get into some pretty good discussions with the Priests for a 12 year old. My position was more or less, "If I believe in what Christ had to say, and live my life as a good person that wants to help others, then why do I have to go to church" (I enjoyed my free time as a teenager)

There are many important messages spoken within the bible that I feel some of the current communication vehicles are missing the point on.

Any hoot, from that point on the rest of my background comes to bare.

I now stand with new perspective.

Chirst lies within the good will and hearts of humanity. It is our evolutionary path to become one with that aspect of ourselves. As this New Age is ushured in we will begin to find many an individual that can access that aspect, that Buddha nature.

And from this new perspective I have accepted the challenge to pave the road for His return. I have accepted this, in myself.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Observation: More of Humanity Needs "A Vision"

I do believe that what Humanity could use more of is Vision.

I have a vision, several actually, and in time I will be able to quite my mind to the point where the clarity of that vision shines through.

Now the challenge is upon me to communicate this vision to others. I'll voice it strongly to belivers at first, who shall join in and share my vision. Those not ready for a vision now will simply disregard what I have to say. This is fine, for in time my vision will be presented right before them. And upon the realization that the vision truly is a beautiful thing only then will they share in that vision.

Our society is currently structure such that "A Vision" will seem impossible.

Perhaps that is a good thing...

For when the impossible becomes common place. And magic walks and lives upon the realm of men. Peace, love and evolution are in place and on track.

A Vision is a beautiful thing, I'll share mine and through sharing it shall change evolve and become ours. (humanities that is)

Friday, August 19, 2005

Observation: Light Body Phase 3, Higher Energy Centers

In the third phase of Light Body Development- (Ya know I have been thinking, we can call this Chi Energy Meditation and appeal to a completely new group of people, Light Body, Chi Energy what ever just spin that which people perceive to be greater than themselves)

Any hoot we work on the following centers


Again these centers are focused around the Chakra system

Traeo = 5th chakra or communication
Pieah = 6th chakra or intuition
Renawre = 7th chakra or connection to divine/higher self

Meditations through these energy centers have been fantastic. I've found that this course coupled with Kundalini Yoga and some reiki have profoundly accelerated my evolution as a human being.

The spiritual types will speak about being on "The Path" and yet they always say everyone's path is unique. This path I am on can be emmulated by all.

Time to evolve folks, accept it.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Perspective: 300,000 tasks

When being told one has 300,000 tasks at hand my first thought is

Bring on number 1!

Of course these tasks serve a higher purpose, its not everyday the universe asks you to do 300,000 things.

or perhaps it is

There is an infinite level of detail in any given moment.

Think for a minute...

how many tasks did you just perform????

Friday, August 12, 2005

Observation: EGO Self Talk

Calling out your EGO is an excersize in sanity.

Then one asks questions, like who is calling out whom?

and Whom is responding to who?

If I call out my EGO then that's just I calling out I, right?

good questions.

A German Leperchaun advises-

Simply claim victory over ego and all the rest of life is gravy

How did that term become, "gravy" I mean I like gravy, but come on.

But his point is well taken, rewrite the rules of engagement. Claim vicotry, for when one calls out the EGO the ego knows it has power and influence over you. But when one has already won, or knows will win in the future so doesn't mater, said ego is rendered powerless.

Its all about building alignment, mind, body, spirit, soul, ego, emotion. (no wonder this is an excesize in sanity)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Observation: Time equals not $, Time = Energy

I'll have to further formulate this one, or allow other minds to.

I was thinkin about Time is Money. Then what is time? Money is basically a unit of measure used to value someone's time spent doing something. (I earn $10 and hour) What that time really = is an expenditure of my energy. For me to spend 1 hr of my energy is $10. So really Time = Energy being spent. Any moment of time = an infinite amount of potential energy. (There is an infinite amount of detail in the moment)

So E = mcsquared right and E also = Time

Now I just gotta figure out the direct relation between Time and Energy and we can start talking time travel...

Monday, August 08, 2005

Dream: Asteroid Field

So it seems that I love star wars so much that it has come into my dream space. Last night I recall navigating through an extremely busy asteroid field in order to get to a secret Imperial base station. My mission, to steel some piece of intelligence, good thing I am a Jedi. I locate my objective in an Imperial store, but wait, her comes Vader- the only one capable of discovering me.

I try to hide in the bathroom. (note- in future hide in places other than bathrooms)

I am discovered.

I run, as I run, I use my Jedi powers to grab that which I came for. I appear to escape, but now I need my stat ship. It is unavailable and so I must steel the enemies ship. I do have a companion along, perhaps an astro droid, I am not sure. I get into the enemy ship with my companion and the ship is actually alive. In order to navigate I look through a LARGE eye. I can't seem to really control the ship, but we move with the eye guiding the way.

and I think that is how I made my way out of the asteroid field.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Projection: Get me to Letterman

Okay so this is my first projection from this blog, well first official projection. Truth of the matter is I have already foretold of several things to come like this

Now this does bring me to an interesting question.

What is the difference between a prophecy and a projection?

My first official projection here is for me to appear on Letterman someday with the purpose to educate folks about the importance of chackra work. More than likely it will be tied into bloggin as well, but there is my projection.

So based on that I am willing this to happen sometime in the future.

Precognition is the ability to know know things before they happen and is how people tell prophecies.

Projection, precognition, prophecy that's a dousy. I'll leave it for your perspective to determine your truth...

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Perspective: Epistomology of Love

Perhaps my definition of love and possible knowledge of it have been mistaken all this time?

Perhaps we are all mistaken.

What is the current epistomology of love?

It would seem to be a question of knowledge vs belief.

For something to count as knowledge it must be true, or perhaps only percieved to be true to the knowing. As we evolve on this spiritual journey, we find that old belief patters change. Things we used to "Know" to be true no longer hold up. This is what I have been tryin to communicate in my previous posts on love.

The difficulty is that I am not entirely sure it can be done with words.

Only through direct experience can emptiness be realized
--Ancient Buddhist proverb

Only through direct experience can a new knowledge of love be realized
- heir to Atlantis

I don't recall a direct experience of it yet in this life time, but I'll keep ya posted.


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dream: Trinity Enlightenment

This one is a random one.

First part I am in an Ice cavern or something of that nature, I don't recall all of the happenings. All I can remember is that I am still pulling out the darts, which have now solidified into bullets, from my feet. I am starting to feel lighter now that they are no longer within me.

Next thing I remember is I am leaving some people behind from my old place of business. I wanted to help them, but they could not appreciate what I had to offer. So I went and built a roof, (yeah I don't get it either.) The roof was made of popsicle sticks, but each stick represented goodness and wellbeing. I then offered it to those who could not appreciate me and they refused it.

Then a vampire laughed at me and said, "See, you've built them God's house and they deny you." He proclaimed that he would be back, but I never formally "invited" him. He made it seem like it was implied that he could come in. I was trying to rid myself of him.

What's good to note is that this time, he did not bite me. I wasn't allowing it.

Just because people cannot appreciate what you build for them, or offer them, does not mean that it is a waste of time.