Friday, August 19, 2005

Observation: Light Body Phase 3, Higher Energy Centers

In the third phase of Light Body Development- (Ya know I have been thinking, we can call this Chi Energy Meditation and appeal to a completely new group of people, Light Body, Chi Energy what ever just spin that which people perceive to be greater than themselves)

Any hoot we work on the following centers


Again these centers are focused around the Chakra system

Traeo = 5th chakra or communication
Pieah = 6th chakra or intuition
Renawre = 7th chakra or connection to divine/higher self

Meditations through these energy centers have been fantastic. I've found that this course coupled with Kundalini Yoga and some reiki have profoundly accelerated my evolution as a human being.

The spiritual types will speak about being on "The Path" and yet they always say everyone's path is unique. This path I am on can be emmulated by all.

Time to evolve folks, accept it.

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Scott K Smith said...

what happened? Why did you stop writing?