Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Perspective: Epistomology of Love

Perhaps my definition of love and possible knowledge of it have been mistaken all this time?

Perhaps we are all mistaken.

What is the current epistomology of love?

It would seem to be a question of knowledge vs belief.

For something to count as knowledge it must be true, or perhaps only percieved to be true to the knowing. As we evolve on this spiritual journey, we find that old belief patters change. Things we used to "Know" to be true no longer hold up. This is what I have been tryin to communicate in my previous posts on love.

The difficulty is that I am not entirely sure it can be done with words.

Only through direct experience can emptiness be realized
--Ancient Buddhist proverb

Only through direct experience can a new knowledge of love be realized
- heir to Atlantis

I don't recall a direct experience of it yet in this life time, but I'll keep ya posted.


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