Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dream: Trinity Enlightenment

This one is a random one.

First part I am in an Ice cavern or something of that nature, I don't recall all of the happenings. All I can remember is that I am still pulling out the darts, which have now solidified into bullets, from my feet. I am starting to feel lighter now that they are no longer within me.

Next thing I remember is I am leaving some people behind from my old place of business. I wanted to help them, but they could not appreciate what I had to offer. So I went and built a roof, (yeah I don't get it either.) The roof was made of popsicle sticks, but each stick represented goodness and wellbeing. I then offered it to those who could not appreciate me and they refused it.

Then a vampire laughed at me and said, "See, you've built them God's house and they deny you." He proclaimed that he would be back, but I never formally "invited" him. He made it seem like it was implied that he could come in. I was trying to rid myself of him.

What's good to note is that this time, he did not bite me. I wasn't allowing it.

Just because people cannot appreciate what you build for them, or offer them, does not mean that it is a waste of time.


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