Monday, August 08, 2005

Dream: Asteroid Field

So it seems that I love star wars so much that it has come into my dream space. Last night I recall navigating through an extremely busy asteroid field in order to get to a secret Imperial base station. My mission, to steel some piece of intelligence, good thing I am a Jedi. I locate my objective in an Imperial store, but wait, her comes Vader- the only one capable of discovering me.

I try to hide in the bathroom. (note- in future hide in places other than bathrooms)

I am discovered.

I run, as I run, I use my Jedi powers to grab that which I came for. I appear to escape, but now I need my stat ship. It is unavailable and so I must steel the enemies ship. I do have a companion along, perhaps an astro droid, I am not sure. I get into the enemy ship with my companion and the ship is actually alive. In order to navigate I look through a LARGE eye. I can't seem to really control the ship, but we move with the eye guiding the way.

and I think that is how I made my way out of the asteroid field.

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