Sunday, January 11, 2009

Novice Tarot Daily Reading

WoW I've not been on this site for a while, that's okay cause I'm focused on many other things right now.

I recently had an excellent Oracle Card reading class, where I picked a Tarot card for the new year. The purpose of the oracle cards is to get us to be more in touch with our intuition. I used to play with Tarot a little before, so I figure now would be a good time to pick it back up and foster more intuition.

I am going to journal my daily spreads here from time to time with interpretation to help me learn.

Works: King of Cups: works are things to accomplish. Cups deals with emotions. King represents stability, yet there is a longing in the heart. I should seek a creative outlet for today, how about Tarot reading. I should also focus on the positive today.

Home: 10 of Wands: This has a feeling of overbearing, wands brings fire. Perhaps this is my wife, shhhh, don't tell her. We are having a baby soon and she is relentlessly on me to make more money for our family. It's rather annoying actually, because I am doing a couple side projects already, they simply have yet to come to fruition. The Ten of Wands says I am nearly finished with an ardous task, perhaps one of my side projects. There is light at the end of the tounel, yet I bear the weight.

Unexpected: Nine of Pentacles this makes it seem like unexpected resources will show up today, in plenty. Perhaps it's some of the financial planning I intend to do this afternoon. The figure is alone in the picture and pleased with what they have accomplished alone. Perhaps not always accomplishing alone will be a God thing in the future.

My Role: Knight of Wands: Knights are galliant fellows that charge in. This knight holds steady to the magic/fire in the wand. I feel no fear and am ready to move forward with passion. I must be mindful of what I rush into though.

Outcome: Knight of Pentacles: Pentacles represent material resources of some sort. The Knight of Pentacles is in a defensive position.

Perhaps I will take the fiery task at hand and through my creativity transform it into a physical resource that stands ready to defend....