Sunday, July 30, 2006

Chakras, Planets and Rays oh my

I have run across some conflicting points of view when it comes to Chakras and their corresponding Planets.

The Kundalini Yoga Experience, by Guru Dharan S. Khalso and Darryl O'Keeffe, Simon and Schuster, states the following Chakra Planet relations

1st Chakra- Root- Saturn
2nd Chakrs- Sacral- Moon
3rd Chakra- Power- Sun
4th Chakra- Heart- Venue
5th Chakra- Communication- Mercury
6th Chakra- Intuition- Jupiter
7th Chakra- Divine- Uranus

Alan Oken in Soul-Centered Astrology outlines them as follow:

1st Chakra- Root- Mercury, Moon (Ray of Harmony Through Conflict)
2nd Chakrs- Sacral- Uranus- (Ray of Ceremonial Order and Magic)
3rd Chakra- Power- Mars, Neptune (Ray of Devotion and Idealism)
4th Chakra- Heart- Jupiter, Sun (Ray of Love & Wisdom)
5th Chakra- Communication- Saturn, Earth (Ray of Active Intelligence)
6th Chakra- Intuition- Venue (Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science)
7th Chakra- Divine- Vulcan, Pluto (Ray of Will/Power)

Now what is interesting about this discrepency is that it has implications to the Ray energies that are associated with each of the Chakras. The knowledge structures that formed these perspectives are both thousands of years old, probably older but with no written history.

I have a theory that the Yogis have a deeper understanding of the Charkras, and the Astrologers have a deeper understanding of the Planets and their Ray influences. I know doesn't tell ya much, but I would think Mercury would be the planet of the 5th Chakra, being communication and all.

Now these are both perspectives, it will be interesting for me to come to my own thoughts on how these interplay. Once I have a deeper understanding of the Rays I shall make my own interpretations of the charkras they primarily influence.


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Perspective: Esoteric Astrology; Natal Chart of H~

In my discovery of the mysteries of old, I have decided I ought become a bit of an Astrology, Esoteric Astrologer that is.

I must cite my sources, so I pay tribute to William Meader for conducting the workshop I attended, as well as Alan Oken and The Tibetan. I shall be utilizing many concepts put forth in Alan Oken's book, Soul-Centered Astrology, A Key to Your Expanding Self. (The Crossing Press, A division of Ten Speed Press, PO BOX 7123 Berkely, CA 94707)

So let's go through the natal Chart of H~

Moon- Cancer- 7th House
Sun- Scorpio- 9th House
Mercury- Scorpio- 9th House
Venus- Scorpio- 10th House
Mars- Scorpio- 10th House
Jupiter- Leo- 7th House
Saturn- Virgo- 8th House
Uranus- Scoprio- 8th House
Neptune- Sagitarius- 11th House
Pluto- Libra= 8th House
Ascendent- Capercorn- 12th House

For the purpose of this analysis I shall attempt to break down the meaning behind each of these Planetary Energies, their signs and the Houses of influence. I shall also do my best to uncover the combined effects of them. Upon completion I will make a summary post of my intuitive interpretation and allow it up for discussion.

Wahoooooo! I love this stuff, its not everyday that one sits down to uncover their soul purpose :-)


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Observation: Crystology Faden & Laser Wand Teachings from Akeeya & Yvette

Crystology via Akeeya and Yvette

The love of my life and I spent a fabulous evening this past Friday at Mimosa in Madison WI In my search to scientifically discover the divine spirit with in all, I saw an opportunity to begin my studies of the 1st Kingdom, the Mineral Kingdom.

I am fortunate in that I have excellent access to rich spiritual study locations at Earth Song and Mimosa.

The instructions this time came through Akeeya and Yvette. Akeeya studied Crystology under Melody, who wrote several books on Crystology.

Akeeya and Yvette set the basics for a small class on how to work with Crystals. We coverd a ton of information in a small amount of time, so I'll recap as best I can.

1. Dedicating Crystals- after one has selected the proper crystal to work with, and you will know if a crystal is right for you to work with by sensing if its vibration ressonates with you. It is proper form to decicate the crystal towards its purpose and towards healing.

2. Cleansing Crystals- one must cleanse their crystals every time they work with one. Akyeea taught us the "White Light" method of cleansing crystals. First off one needs to identify a specific area of the room to be used as a central transmutation point, a humming bowl or body of water works well for this. This area is then used to direct the blocked energy into so that it may transmutate back into the universal whole. To cleanse a crystal one must open up themselves to the divine light above via their crown chakra, then imagine beaming that light via the third eye to the crystal. This method of cleansing works on more than just crystals I suspect, that with practice one can use it very effectively for line of sight or distance healing especially if one is able to channel other types of energy, such as reiki.

I should note that while cleansing a set of crystals my darling and myself both placed the crystal intuitively in front of the Third Eye and Akeeya said that she"see that she is working with past Atlantean's and Lemurian's. I believe if these two groups of re-incarnates can work together successfully we shall see some much needed balance here on Earth.

3. Faden- the Faden is a specific type of crystal that enable healing sessions. One of which the practitioner places the crystal in the hands of the one to be healed. Then using the crystal as a channel one senses each charka of the individual for understandings of color and vibration. (I was told that a bright pink was growing in my heart, the love for my darling) There is much more one does with the Faden, but I'll leave you to experiment on your own.

4. Laser Wand- The laser wand is used to help balance the chakras of an individual and can be used to cleanse a room of impurities. Again this cleansing would focus the blocked energy into a transmutation center.

During the break I had Akeeya sense the vibration in my Guardian Medallion. She said that she felt a, I believe, Star Fox within it and that it allowed me to also act from my point on high.

I wear the hemitite stone around my heart center and as such she was able to pick up on one of my past lives: She said I was a Trojan soldier and that I was marching off to war. She said I was terrified of going to war, primarily because I had left my love back in Egypt.

I should probably also note that at one point during the discussion she stopped and said that I had an extremely strong wolf energy along with me. And that the wolf is nobel and stands up for what they believe in.

Anyhoot it was a great class, should you get the opportunity to train from a Melody teacher, I highly recommend it.

I look forward to working with Crystals in the future. Once I get through some more Esoteric Astrology reads, I have some home reading to do here as well.


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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Perspective: Christ a real Superman

I recently saw a spectacular movie, SuperMan Returns

It was really entertaining. There was an enourmous amount of references of Superman as a Christ Figure in this edition.

A great Many Father - Son references

Father sent only son as a saviour

At a point he falls with his arms spread, as though upon a cross

He has heat vision, okay so maybe that's not a Christ power, but I bet if Jesus wanted heat vision he could have it.

There was one scene that I found to be most powerful. Superman takes Lois Lane up in the sky, high above the clouds and asks "what do you hear?" She replied, "nothing" And Superman says, "I hear everything"... which is why I feel the world needs a savior...

Now if you keep up with me you know that I am studying some Ageless Wisdom. I am in the process of Reading The Rays and Initiations. I came across an interesting comment that I felt related strongly to this scene in the movie

on page 78 "...The world of men is seething in response to the inflow of spiritual energy. This energy has been evoked by the unrealized and inaudible cry of humanity itself.

This inaudible cry represents the sounds that Superman hears

..."Humanity has for the first time in history become spiritually invocative."

Our Saviour hears our cry, and so he shall come.

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Observation: Buddha Arhats

In my search for knowledge I came across a Buddhist reference I had yet to become familiar with in this incarnation, during my studies of Nagarjuna, thought leader of Madkyamika, the term Arhats.

I thought I would ping my primary source for info online to research this term.

Google returns- Arhat

The Wikipedia says- Arhat

The Experience Festival tells us Arhat

Based on the info before me it seems as though this is a Mahayana school term.

At the very least an Arhat appears to be an individual that can obtain freedom from the cycle of samsara, or cyclic life-death and rebirth. In some instances they are a term for a specific type of Buddha. Experience fest pulled a definition as the highest rank obtained by Sravakas, who are voice followers of Buddha.

It seems as though they are a soon to be Boddhisatva and stick close to humanity to help them achieve enlightenment.

It is said that they wait for the appropriate time to re-establish the Dharma. I believe that time is soon at hand. They are to preserve the Buddha's teaching until the coming of Maitreya.

Sounds like a good group to listen for their vibration, I shall have to wonder about and sense that vibe ~ ~ ~

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Perspective: Faith and Science

As an active alumni of the University of Wisconsin Madison, I receive the On Wisconsin Magazine.

I recently read, Putting Faith in Science, which is appropriately cited here. (It would be nice if the university made those articles available cause some are of much interest)

It commented on "Intelligent Design"

On an interesting note, my journey draws me back to Plato and his natural "demiurge"

This line of thinking is for another time, and will bring some good linkages for the mind to ponder.


to quote the article " The basic argument of intelligent design proposes that the complexity of biological life is itself evidence of a designer, a higher being at work"

Now there is something for the nogin, a great Architect.

The article goes on to speak of the challenges of bringing God and Science to live harmoniously together. To me, what's the tough challenge???

Here is a valid hypothesis- I seek to prove that there is a great intelligent designer, or Architect that created the universe and all within.

So from a scientific perspective the next steps are to outline the methodology to be used to prove, or disprove this hypothesis.... simple right ;-)

Over time I shall aspire to distribute scientific experiments that can be done to build humanity up to the point where the grandiose experiment I outlined above is conceivable.

I was encouraged to hear that there is a national science society that has a program that helps with the relationship between science and religion. I shall have to keep up on the AAAS.

Anyhoot, the Intelligent Design concept struck a chord with me.

Let's see where this leads...

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Dream: Heart Felt Vision

I awoke the other evening rather suddenly!

I remember sensing "I must balance this in the heart" and my fourth chakra center was vibrating at a rather interesting rate.

I was just awoken from a dream, but this was not ordinary dream like dreams of past. It felt like a dream contained within my heart. A vision, dare I say, that my own heart put before me.

Now at one point I recall being in a room and the waters rushing in. I jumped onto the center cylidrical object, rather Superman like actually (gotta go see that movie)it was going to protect me. Then I don't recall the remainder of that section of the dream.

Now the remainder of the dream is the startling portion that woke me and brought me back, heart center ablaze.

We were hiking, or camping, or something like that. Only we were be tracked down by local authorities. My companion apparently had a false identification on them and once the autorities caught up with us big trouble was brewing. I believe it brewed from the previous actions we took, (past karma) My group had apparently done some not so good things, somewhat at my direction, but more like I didn't move to stop the group.

Then upon being caught

I must balance this in the heart... was all there was.

I awoke suddenly, but was I ever ultimately asleep???????

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