Thursday, July 13, 2006

Observation: Buddha Arhats

In my search for knowledge I came across a Buddhist reference I had yet to become familiar with in this incarnation, during my studies of Nagarjuna, thought leader of Madkyamika, the term Arhats.

I thought I would ping my primary source for info online to research this term.

Google returns- Arhat

The Wikipedia says- Arhat

The Experience Festival tells us Arhat

Based on the info before me it seems as though this is a Mahayana school term.

At the very least an Arhat appears to be an individual that can obtain freedom from the cycle of samsara, or cyclic life-death and rebirth. In some instances they are a term for a specific type of Buddha. Experience fest pulled a definition as the highest rank obtained by Sravakas, who are voice followers of Buddha.

It seems as though they are a soon to be Boddhisatva and stick close to humanity to help them achieve enlightenment.

It is said that they wait for the appropriate time to re-establish the Dharma. I believe that time is soon at hand. They are to preserve the Buddha's teaching until the coming of Maitreya.

Sounds like a good group to listen for their vibration, I shall have to wonder about and sense that vibe ~ ~ ~

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