Friday, July 07, 2006

Dream: Heart Felt Vision

I awoke the other evening rather suddenly!

I remember sensing "I must balance this in the heart" and my fourth chakra center was vibrating at a rather interesting rate.

I was just awoken from a dream, but this was not ordinary dream like dreams of past. It felt like a dream contained within my heart. A vision, dare I say, that my own heart put before me.

Now at one point I recall being in a room and the waters rushing in. I jumped onto the center cylidrical object, rather Superman like actually (gotta go see that movie)it was going to protect me. Then I don't recall the remainder of that section of the dream.

Now the remainder of the dream is the startling portion that woke me and brought me back, heart center ablaze.

We were hiking, or camping, or something like that. Only we were be tracked down by local authorities. My companion apparently had a false identification on them and once the autorities caught up with us big trouble was brewing. I believe it brewed from the previous actions we took, (past karma) My group had apparently done some not so good things, somewhat at my direction, but more like I didn't move to stop the group.

Then upon being caught

I must balance this in the heart... was all there was.

I awoke suddenly, but was I ever ultimately asleep???????

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