Saturday, April 30, 2005

Observation: On Boundaries

In a journey for growth and well being one eventually must deal with boundaries. What are the purposes of boundaries? Are not limits meant to be tested?

Well, yes and no.

Some boundaries must be tested and broken. They were only temporary. Others...

It really comes down to a certain amount of faith. Faith that certain boundaries are in place in order to protect us from experiences we need not encounter, nor would understand.
So how does the curious mind go on with these
1. It ceases to be drawn to them
2. Upon encountering them it says, that is beyond the purpose of my experience and I shall move along

Using these two points as references one will indeed be able to see that within the boundaries that are in place, there is an infinite amount of detail, splendor, and other boundaries that can be overcome.

It's a matter of faith though, faith that these boundaries truly are in our best interest. Regardless of what you believe in, faith that the boundaries are set for our best interest is all that is required.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dream Observation: Playful on a throne

So in realizing I need to have more fun with things, I recalled a vision to mind. I am a young and happy baby, sitting on the throne of someone kingly, I'm not to be there but I am so damn cute the big man can't help to allow me there. Thing is I could be the baby and the king at the same time, that is not clear to me.

In doing my light body meditations I have come to realize that now that which has been unlocked by another, is truly within my control to continue to unlock. That logic bomb that was planted in my brain, can now go off regularly just with practice.

And as I align this with my being, my state of essence, I will be peaceful and as I am now on my journey, I am peaceful.

It is a state of mind, and one I would just assume share with others, millions of others ideally. Cause we all should be peaceful in this journey.

Now I wonder how to interpret the dream. Although a past life of mine does have me buried in an Egyptian pyramid. I wonder what my role was?? I wonder if I'm in the 2nd Chakra pyramid.

Let's stop being so serious here and have some fun, 2nd chakra is my life force, creativity is my guide.

The present fun struttin devil card didn't come up in my terrot for nothing.

I'm in B town, bring on the fun from my life force.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Perspective: My Background

So when did you start getting into this?

That's a good question, one I am not readily prepared to answer, so allow my to express myself now.

I have always known that I was here for a bigger purpose, that I was different than most folks. Then through my childhood I would take control of my dreams and create my own reality within my mind.

In my teenage years, my ability to predict future events, especially while I dreamed, become more prevelant.

While in College I became enamored with Buddhist study. Nagarjuna changed my perspective all the way around till that which I percieved was undescribably without that which was percieving it. And then one day, starring off into the ceicling of white space, I meditated on emptiness and had about as close to a direct experience as could be without actually going over the edge. Then I knew there was more to existence than what meets the eye.

One enjoyable evening at summer fest, Paul Simon was jammin! The vibe was so beautiful, I couldn't help but send a message to the heavens and say, "Look at the beauty we are capable of" The message was heard, and a guide was presented. I had a choice and I signed the deal. Life has never been the same since. Direct transmission to open my third eye, cause the blockage was in a ginormous knot and even still a little tangled.

Post one traumatic event of my life, I had a rather large blockage in my Throat Chakra. A Reiki healer opened the blockage, utilizing my dormant kundalini energy with a force that dismissed Western medicine from my train of thought.

Fully beleiving in Chakra abilities I par took in the Yoga that focues on the Chakras..Kundalini Yoga.

Then Kundalini dancing to Osho, which saved my existence in the astral plane. Then the dreams kicked in and my potential reaches far beyond the Earth realm. But in my dreams I face my fear like I shall in reality.

With one year Kundalini Yoga under my belt I begin my light body experience.

What a great trip this thing called life :-)

peace and love to all

Observation: Of the Light Body

And so with meditation held strong the shape of the Phoenix rising shines brilliantly in my minds eye.

Increased vibrational energy from the Mother Earth. Providing healing, purpose and the desire to do more and help others.

White Magic, is a topic of study. Tweaking interest, I am excited about the future studies that I will undertake!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Perspective: Grounding to release pains of old

On the journey towards the light body, the most profound element for me has been the ability to ground. Being present in the moment, one with nature and the Earth has fantastic benefits.

Deep, deep roots planted firmly throughout the soil. Its a great gift to receive.

And in my journey, while I dream, I have been able to move regrets from the past. I have never liked regretting things, it always seemed like such a negative action.

"I wish I would have done..."

What's done is done and dwelling on it is not beneficial. However, I didn't realize I had so many regrets that were buried deep down causing emotional and spiritual blockages. So recently in my dreams I have been facing those regrets. And in doing so have been passing them through my system so they no longer cloud my being. I release my regrets and in doing so I shall become more free.

Feet firmly planted on the ground with my head sky high in the air

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Perspective: Soul shift

Healing of pains and confirmation that the journey is just. And I'll be just fine to work through this. Tears of healing and thanks and gratitude and grounding

SOLID GROUNDING I love my soul and my soul loves me.

impressions of a light journey.

Soul- thanks bro

Friday, April 15, 2005

Observation: Found my tribe

You are my Peoples. My family that I never realized I had. And I am your "college graduate" as you lovingly call me ;-)

I could not have gone on without your support and guidance. Next time you say "I wouldn't do that if I were you" I'll listen. Sorry I went against the your current initially, but that way of doing things was not comfortable to me.

As the Age of Acceptance comes upon us, you will become more and more accepting of me and I will feel more comfortable among you.

All people have tribes in which they mingle in and out of. Some find tribes they do not truly belong to, it just so happened that life put them there and they feel incapable of changing. I am not a fan of not changing what I do not approve or feel right about. In finding my tribe I have located a piece of myself that has been lost for lifetimes.

So to my brother's I say, "I'll take the point"

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Dream: Big Ass Fish, Giant Teeth

I recall getting called up into rank. Only thing is that I don't seem to get approval from those around me. I really don't understand what is happening so that doesn't help things at this time either.

The rest of the troops are African American and other dark skinned folk, I may be the only one in this group that is part white.

I end up in the rear of the formation

We all link up and are connected, yet the point of connection to me runs through my previously wounded left ring finger.

On our tops we carry equipment to keep us invisible to others.

We are in gold fish formation, so we look like a gold fish, though I didn't realize this till a later time.

Going along flying is extremely hot. We are flying ontop of molten lava with red firey brick and bars on all sides.

I see my child hood best friend. I haven't seen him in years. He is down on the brick unable to go on. He hands me something. I pendant I think. He cannot go on, but he will be okay, so we fly on..

We are flying through a Dragons hoard of riches, mountain upon mountain of gold, treasure.

There is a Big Ass Fish flying above us. But perhaps it is a Dragon.

Our defense keeps us invisible to the Big Ass Fish that has Giant Teeth.

I get scared, I see a blaster in the riches and pick it up. Then I fire at the Big Ass Fish with gigantic teeth.

So now it comes after us (Nice move H~)

Now I panic and in doing so I realize that the injured finger that is connecting us is causing me more pain, holding me back, so I release it.

Formation breaks

Everyone scatters trying to get out through inescapbale bars.

And the Big Ass Fish comes flying in

I turn around to face him


Friday, April 08, 2005

Observation: 1st Chakra Rules

The one closest to Mother Earth, the one that carries the most fundamental human instinct.


Survival is what we, as a species, have been continually seeking in existence. It's a good instinct to have. In contemplating survival my neuron receptors recently activated the region that has to do with "Alpha Male Syndrom"

(Man I almost wrote alpha mail syndrom, that's right the best type of mail)

Alpha Male Syndrom is really an instinct of survival. The best, strongest most intelligent, dominate the rules of engagement for the benefit of the entire pack. This is typically men that perform this, though I have witnessed some interesting alpha female encounters. So how about where Alpha males run into each other, or a Beta wants to take a stab at the top spot. This causes friction.

I liken this friction to the typical scene in drinking establishments in larger cities. All dudes there think they are the Shisnit and are so up tight trying to impress everyone the whole time they are out. This is because they are all projecting Alpha Male images, even though we know they cannot possibly all be Alpha males. So why do they project?

Because they are fighting for survival, the abilty to pass their "superior" genes down along with a alpha female. (superior only in that they are the only genes they have ever known) But there is just something missing in this and it has to do with Chakra number uno. Emotion, the first Chakra is also responsible for emotional security as well. Alpha Male Syndrome seems to go against emotional security. Perhaps a Matriarchy is what our planet has been missing for so long??

Maybe men have screwed this place up enough and we should stand aside and let the women run things? hmm Why not. Then emotion would play in here appropriately. Or maybe we should all be graded as to our status so that we carry signs along with us, Alpha's Beta's Epsilon's oh wait there was already a story about that, but it would make goin go drinkin establishments in big cities a lot more laid back and that's what it is all about right?

To sum up, this spun me several directions. 1st Chakra dictates to us how we should go about surviving, but we seem to not listen well enough. Where is the "Alpha Female of Earth" I bet she would have some excellent perspective on this..

Observation: On Perception

Gotta give a shot out to my German Leperchaun on this far out quote:

"perception can become truth, but it is not truth in
and of itself. truth is truth regardless of

Kind of makes ya wonder, doesn't it??

Observation: Prime Mover

In my buddhist studies the discussions around a "Prime Mover" were always of great interest to me. One of the perspectives that we consistently went back to was the notion that the Concept of a Prime Mover necessitates an infinate regression. That is to say the 1st moving entity in existence must have been caused to move by something, right??? But if this is the first moving entity in existence, empitness, Ala, Goddess, God... then it must have made itself move. So it basically turns in on itself, since it must have always been to have initiated first movement.

So that was the perspective of a Prime mover that I was working with.

Recent observation of mine is that the "Prime Mover" is also the 1st mover of experience. That is to say, they experience all things prior to any other entity, or perhaps right along with the other entities, but experience them first never the less.

In man's journey through existence and growth we constantly seek those that have trail blazed ahead of us for guidance and wisdom so that we might not make unnecessary mistaks. Contemplate the "Prime Mover" for a while....


"We'll since I'm the first one to do this, I hope it turns out alright. I have nobody else that can relate to my experience in moving first, except perhaps other parts of myself."

And CEO's think they get lonely at the top.

Yet the Prime Mover is never alone,
moving first, but never along.

I'm trying to prime some movement here!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Perspective: Consciousness expanssion

So I have been doin quit a bit of work along the lines of consciousness expansion.

This is some tough work. No wonder the vast majority of folks on this planet would just assume plug into the daily grind, go about their business of contemporary experience and then die with no sense of beyond.

The thing about consciousness expansion is that it is kind of a slippery slope. That first direct experience, one achieves for themselves, that reality is not necessarily what they have always thought it to be only brings the desire for more of those sorts of experiences. Then those folks begin to realize that they can't have more of those types of experiences if they stay within their present paradigms of existance.

Word of caution. Its freeckin scary to expand your consciousness. You just don't know what you might find on the other side. However, I am a firm "believer" that to better human existence our collective consiousness must be elevated.

So how do we get there,

simple, we feed the starving minds thier first direct experience that reality just might not be what they always thought it was...

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Perspective: on LifeSpace

We just need some LifeSpaces
& life shall grow


Those within this space must be capable of excersising free will. And their collective free will must move them towards a common, center.

The LifeSpace we get now is dictated to us by others, it feels as though few aspects are to our choosing.

We just need some LifeSpace & life shall grow.