Saturday, May 28, 2005

Manifesto: Humanities Evolution

Humanity is evolving at a rapid pace. Very soon noticable evolutionary steps will be seen within single lifetimes.

Phychology establishes a beautiful frame work for scientific experiment on human evolution and the new age.

I'll be pulling several phychology concepts from the text by John
Santrock, University of Texas at Dallas, Primis Custom Publishing 1997.

Let's take some quick look at some solid phychological definitions from that book.

Sensation- Process of detecting and encoding stimulus energy in the world

Perception- Organizing and interpreting sensory information

Consciousness- awareness of both external and internal stimuli or events

Based on these phychological definitions I belive that - (Hypothesis)

The vast majority of humanity is truly not conscious.

How did I come to that conclusion?

Perception is essentially organizing and interpreting energy (sensations)

Consciousness is awareness of that energy.

How much energy do you percieve in a sofa? How much energy do you percieve in human beings magnetic fields? In the plants, a walking stick, your keyboard?

And you think yourself to be conscious.

The Age of Acceptance (New Age) is about accepting these energies and becoming aware of them.

This is the current state of humanity, through experimentation we shall move towards evolution of a people as a whole. More on this and experiments to follow...

Special thanks to Brad and Des who shared in my realization moment.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Observation: Or should I say Hypothesis


As a New Age Scientist it is my duty to make hypothesis.

Here we go and lets see about manifesting the results. (Lots of the recent material I have been reading mentions that the results of many science experiments are truly shaped by the expected results of the person setting up the experiement. Manifest your own destiny please)

1. Chakra System for emotional healing will be the first means Chakra education spreads down into mainstream via college education.

2. Being of a Phychology Book, students will be intrigued by the concept. It then will present a phychological experience the students can take upon them selves to help excercize the emotional body because for some reason no body decided to teach us about that while we were growing up.

3. After that adoption the physiology and health books of middle and high school students must be educated on the benefits of a healthy chakra system for your physical body.

4. We haven't even touched on the mental and spiritual side yet

Psychology- teaches people about there emotions and how their brain works. It doestn't do a great job of telling people how to properly excersize those emotions. We exercize our bodies, yet for some stupid reason are are made to hold up our emotions within ourselves. So that "Society Approves"

How stupid is that. Excersize your emotional bodies, how???

I have learned several ways to do so via, Yoga, or Light Body Meditations.

Perspective: Definition of a Jedi

How does one define a Jedi?

I love Star Wars, thing is I think that the way ones describes a Jedi is the way people would like to describe themselves

Well Being

(Light side Jedi's of coures)

Thing is all people are magical, they just don't truly believe in thier magic. I even believe in that which flows through me. (The force, I do not control it, The Force flows through me) And I have only begun to achieve the magic that I belive in.

So, if a Jedi is recognized as being these things, can one who defined the term Jedi in the first place take action against said person? They are simple descriptions of what that person represents and they just happen to align with the term Jedi.

They never went back far enough to tell us who the first human Jedi are.

I wonder back to what time frame they went??

Then again analysis of time, and its esencelessness, always leaves many questions...

once again ... means dramatic effect


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Perspective: Non-Resistence


I had an interesting perspective bestowed upon me during a healing session with Omar.

In dealing with, fear, pain, etc. Non-resistence is the key. Fear, pain loss of empowerment all lie on the same wave as LOVE. By denying those feelings, those experiences, we create energy blockages. These blockages hinder our potential to grow and evolve.

Non-resistence, I believe the Buddha spoke on this, though I do not recall the context. I would view non-resistence as a form of Acceptance.

The Age of Acceptance is still upon us and through non-resistence many shall evolve. I'm sooo excited, its gonna be a great trip!


Saturday, May 21, 2005

Observation: Definition of Mo Blogging

Definition of Mo Blogging

Mo Blogging

To rapidly crank out several blog posts in a row, whose lines of thought intertwine with links within them selves that also span the blog history in a common thread.

Mo Blogging

Mo Blogging, Mo Blogging, Mo Blogging


Dream: The Aligator Dream

Observation: On a Dream

Perspective Past Lives

Dream: The Aligator Dream

Ah the Aligator Dream.

I am suddenly in a battle with an Aligator. I have my staff of power, aka walking stick, and am fending him off. I stab my staff down his mouth, so he cannot bite me. He wriggles, I fear he will get free and ask the staff to produce rat poison. Should have asked for healing qualities here, purification water is better. It makes him convolse and break free.

I turn into a bird to fly away, only my staff is too big to carry. (Wow am I foolish in this dream)

Aligator's mean many things in dreams... I suggest thumbing through a dream interpretation book at the store for their meaning..

Observation: On a Dream

So some may be wondering why I didn't name this post a Dream:

I took the perspective that I could have an observation on a dream as well.

Two Dreams

Big Ass Fish Giant Teeth

And the Aligator Dream

Both of these dreams represent me running from myself and my true nature. The big ass fish represents my gapping loss will, the part of me I denied for soo long and failed to express properly. I must face it.

The second dream the aligator can be a creature that brings healing, yet I am fearful and try to run from it. The healing is also in my nature.

I am a Scorpio, and as such my life force is centered in my second chakra, creation (sex), death and regeneration. My Kundalini Yoga knowledge has told my that my animals, being of the water of course in this Acquarian Age, crocodile and fish.

To Unlock my Past Lives I must face those parts of myself, that I have denied and in doing so will come to accept the healing that I shall bring fully. Full Acceptance of my nature and a new definition of love.

Acceptance is my message.

Perspective: Past Lives

I am a believer in past lives. There is no way that I am soo good at such a wide variety of things, if it weren't for past lives.

Thing is past lives unearth the patterns we still are learing from in this incarnation. To uncover that of the past, is to evolve spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and as all align physically.

Let's see how many past lives I can unearth.

In my initial search for past lives, I am drawn to the prophecies of Nostradamus. H~ is to bring healing to this planet and by 2012 many will start to wake up.

I have in the past been a Powerful Dream Shaman. Through of what culture I am not certain, perhaps several

I've also recently dreamed, that I am a Pharro buried within one of the pyramids. I think I have a hot lead to track this one down through my light body work.

And there is no doubt in my mind that I have been a buddhist in the past. Yet that makes me doubt in my ability to doubt. And I belive I found a method that allows for removal of doubt. Though which one you make the choice..

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Perspective: The Force

No big secret here, I love Star Wars. Who wouldn't?

Just saw Revenge of the Sith. Very very good movie, couple of sceens to be improved upoon but it makes my ponder... what lessons on the nature of the force can we learn.

1. Attachment- what drives Anakin to the Dark Side, is actually LOVE or attachment to an object of his love. This in a quandry that I believe I am at odds with. There are many on the path that feel attachment leads to just this, the Dark Side. I say, how can love lead to the Dark Side?

But love is blind, and being blinded by love one may not understand the repurcussions of their actions.

I believe it comes back to LOVE, without attachment. Now there is a concept, how does one love less being attached.

The feeling of love with an object is as equal to the feeling of love without the object. (Ladies I apologize, I mean not to refer to women as objects, it holds equally true for men and men are silly objects)

I think I have already blogged on Love is a fire

So to love without attachment, hmmm, to love many without attachment


I still prefer to be in love. Meditate on this I will.

2. Don't mess with crazy old dudes that tell ya you can live forever. What if that crazy dude is yourself?

3. Never try to sneak up on Master Yoda, you'll be headed in the wrong direction.

4. The force is very real, humanity as a whole wants to believe in it. Now how do we convince them that it is okay to believe???

I'm a believer in the Force.

May the Force be with you my friends ~

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Perspective: On Truth


A construct of the mind set up to exclude that which it is not.


Truth is that defines most everything...

Monday, May 16, 2005

Dream: The Healing Pool

Doesn't that sound nice

A healing pool. I love swimming pools, but this pool is special, it heals ya.

At first I didn't know what to make of the pool as I stripped down into my boxers. There was a rock ledge along the side and I noticed a man with his young one floating around the perimiter. I jumped in.

Felt great.

Next thing I know I am in this large spacious garden/lecutre area for Essential Healings, I belive. I have a towel over my body and am just basking in the wonderful feeling with those around me.

What sprung this you may ask.

The Heart Center, or Ranthia, soon to be blogged with mo blogging

I guess it's time to heal, yipeeeee!!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Dream: Back in School

One of the greatest challenges about being back in school, in my dreams, is that I do not fully understand the lesson plans, nor the surrounding, nor the reason why I am there. There is a fine line between my conscious and sub-conscious.

Last night I am trying to go to school, I think I am at Jefferson Middle school trying to get into a Marketing class, but the room is wayyyyy tooo small and I can't get in for the lesson.

So I get frustrated and decide I am gonna do something about it. I storm off to the principles office. I bring along with me one person, that is even less aware than I am and another person who is very hot headed. Hot head male, less aware female.

I demand to speak to whomever is in charge because the class is too small. The principle comes out and says.

"Ohh H~ has a problem I had better go fix." sarcastically

We walk through the school, he stops to shoot the shit with another student. Obviously one that has been there longer and knows the drill. I still get the sense that I am not completely welcome. They think I am too confident and are suspicious of me. As we walk, he starts in at an extreme pace, I cannot keep up for the life of me. Then my silly flat feet kick in, I'm dreaming yet my flat feet keep me from moving. Hmm??

I gotta get a better grip when I am in school. I get the feeling that if someone, in school could just sit me down and explain some about the apprehension about me, that things would get better.

I totally thought with a college degree I would be done. Truth is we are never done with the school of life.

This school just happens to be one of Existence on a different plane, or is it plain. Depends on your perspective...

Friday, May 13, 2005

Perspective: From the Heart Center

Ahh the Heart Center

Its time to chat some on the 4th chakra. The heart center is very important, for it provides the balancing act for the chakra system. It is from here that true "bhakti yoga", or the Yoga of Love can really shine through.

Centered in love is the means by which humanity will bring back their rightful purpose here on Earth. To live life, and I mean really live life. We all get the feeling like we want to "Wake Up" Like the Buddha. But we are engolfed in ignorance.

From the Heart Center, ignorance will be dispelled.

The heart center is our position of LOVE radiation. When you begin to open your heart center, you speak from your true self, a Self filled with love.

It's a beautiful thing.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Observation: Third Chakra

Third Chakra

I figure I should give readers an opportunity to get up to speed on some energy systems. I'll have a recap of all seven chakras at a later post, but allow this to be my first one dedicated to the Third Chakra.

That's right let's start with number 3.

The Third Chakra is dedicated to personal power. Self enduced empowerment is the perspective I like to have on it.

I did a third chakra Kundalini Yoga kriya this morning to empower myself. The third chakra is key for an individuals ability to project their will into reality. Anytime you are feelin down and helpless some third chakra work is good to do.

It is also the chakra of combustion and fire. The fire, drive and determination to realize the power we all have.

The Third Chakra rocks!


Monday, May 09, 2005

Observation: Removal of Doubt

Some time ago I had a Shadow of a Doubt.

At the time I really didn't realize what that doubt was doing to me, but man once the shadow is established it allows all kinds of doubt to pour through.

I did some self Reiki. I have yet to be formally trained in this life time, but have had several treatments and in being in tuned with myself was able to identify a hole in my energy field.

It was about two feet off to the left side of my tempel and the channel was flowing into my mind. Not sure who placed that there, possibly myself, but it was not a good thing to have. So I strengthened the field and closed up the connection.

With doubt removed my purpose has become clear. It may not unfold as quickly as I would like it to, but unfold it will.

Many will be swept away by this purpose, for the purpose is LIFE.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Dream: @ a familiar place, under seduction

My last dream was some what fragmented. I was at my buddies Bluhm's old house with a bunch of friends. Bluhm had a new girl friend that didn't make much sense to me. My friend Christian was there, but distant as he is in reality. It was kind of like we were all gettin drunk, because I kept popping in and out of consciousness.

then I recall, this attractive lady, though I cannot recall her face making advances on me. She was kind, attractive, but not for me. In what ever state I was in I was very susceptible to her advances. Don't know her name or her face.

Second Dream

I am in training again I believe. I am a little fish in a pool of water. I find myself outside of the pool on the shore. I think I will suffocate as I floop about. But really I am fine, I could breath just fine. Then I end up near the end of the pool, next to a really big yellow fish that doesn't seem to be bothered at all by the experience. One by one we get swept up in a net taken to the next location. But I am sad, because at the bottom there is one fish that has died, or gotten left behind. I don't think death here is actually possible.

(intereting note on the book I am reading, last night the Mother mentioned a fish flooping out of water experience kind of similar to a portion of my dream)

Third Dream

I am back on the lines, but now I sense that I am where I am most comforatble. On defense. It was a bright and open space, it could have been more training. I now have Force Lightening abilities. Some would say these are dark powers, but the intention behind them is what is important. As I bridge conventional reality with my dream space I can't wait to see what that looks like.

Good Dreams~~~

Observation: Light Body Phase 1

I thought I'd give a brief overview of the energy centers that are built up on the first Phase of awakening the Light Body.

We are entering phase 1 of my evil plan, or is it one anyway I don't do phases

Dr. Evil

So phase 1 is all about grounding and building your power base. As mentioned in previous posts grounding is essential here.

okay so they call it Levels 1 Light Body, but phases sounds so much cooler.

The first step involves some visuallization of establishing solid roots into the mother earth. Grounding is such a great skill, if more folks were grounded the insecurities of the world would lessen and all would be more comfortable in their skin.

The first three energy centers are

1. Nu'a
2. Dinia
3. Leow

Nu'a can be likened to the 1st chakra, except the visuallization is that of a cone at the base that goes down into the earth to gather up energey

Dinia, would be around the area of the 2nd Chakra, but on the sides of the bodies instead of at the center. My guess is that these lie on the nadis paths that intertwine on the outside of the Sushumna.

Leow is much the same as the 3rd Chakra.

I have very much so enjoyed my meditations in Phase 1 to awaken my light body. I even experienced a self enduced Logic Bomb, if you have experienced it before then you know what I am talking about. (Direct Experience is key)

Light Body training

good times ~

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Observation: Best of Observations N Perspectives

What good is a blog without a shout out to some great posts of old.

Here are some of my favorite posts:

Observation: On Boundaries

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Perspective: Star Wars Rules

Observation: Great perspective on meditation

I came across this website in my online ventures

It's about meditation

I recommend reading through at a comforatble pace, it reads well.

Oh and for those that are somewhat attuned you will notice as small, sensation in you mind. Just the affirmation that it speaks truly and clearly through to you.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Dream Lessons from Mother

It was the oddest thing, I'm in a class room full of people taking notes. The lesson kind of went right over my head through, but at the end of class I stayed to help pick things up. And there was my brother Nick, hmm,

hey wait, my Mother was giving the lesson plan.

It was the same lessons she had been givin us for all of our lives, so we kind of rolled our eyes about it, but the lessons still stuck with us. Unlike the others who left early.

And then a warning, to beware of Skeltons. What ever that means. To me a skelton is a mindless, creature with no meat to them, but still kind of creepy.

beware of skeltons,

perhaps those other folks should have listened to my mother???