Saturday, May 21, 2005

Perspective: Past Lives

I am a believer in past lives. There is no way that I am soo good at such a wide variety of things, if it weren't for past lives.

Thing is past lives unearth the patterns we still are learing from in this incarnation. To uncover that of the past, is to evolve spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and as all align physically.

Let's see how many past lives I can unearth.

In my initial search for past lives, I am drawn to the prophecies of Nostradamus. H~ is to bring healing to this planet and by 2012 many will start to wake up.

I have in the past been a Powerful Dream Shaman. Through of what culture I am not certain, perhaps several

I've also recently dreamed, that I am a Pharro buried within one of the pyramids. I think I have a hot lead to track this one down through my light body work.

And there is no doubt in my mind that I have been a buddhist in the past. Yet that makes me doubt in my ability to doubt. And I belive I found a method that allows for removal of doubt. Though which one you make the choice..

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