Saturday, May 07, 2005

Dream: @ a familiar place, under seduction

My last dream was some what fragmented. I was at my buddies Bluhm's old house with a bunch of friends. Bluhm had a new girl friend that didn't make much sense to me. My friend Christian was there, but distant as he is in reality. It was kind of like we were all gettin drunk, because I kept popping in and out of consciousness.

then I recall, this attractive lady, though I cannot recall her face making advances on me. She was kind, attractive, but not for me. In what ever state I was in I was very susceptible to her advances. Don't know her name or her face.

Second Dream

I am in training again I believe. I am a little fish in a pool of water. I find myself outside of the pool on the shore. I think I will suffocate as I floop about. But really I am fine, I could breath just fine. Then I end up near the end of the pool, next to a really big yellow fish that doesn't seem to be bothered at all by the experience. One by one we get swept up in a net taken to the next location. But I am sad, because at the bottom there is one fish that has died, or gotten left behind. I don't think death here is actually possible.

(intereting note on the book I am reading, last night the Mother mentioned a fish flooping out of water experience kind of similar to a portion of my dream)

Third Dream

I am back on the lines, but now I sense that I am where I am most comforatble. On defense. It was a bright and open space, it could have been more training. I now have Force Lightening abilities. Some would say these are dark powers, but the intention behind them is what is important. As I bridge conventional reality with my dream space I can't wait to see what that looks like.

Good Dreams~~~

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