Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dear Google - You Know Who I am

Dear Google,

You know who I am based on my login credentials. You have this blogs content indexed thoroughly I'm sure. And I could even go as far as to tell you that, this is me. This is also a verified means of creating an entity (without the structured html) but with text, links and authentication.

To pull from here a bit.

Entity 1 = Text  = this is me

Relation = the link 

Entity 2 = who I am, my profile "me" me the entity just defined without the structured html. (you have heaps of this type of stuff I'm sure.)

But I digress, I really just wanted to confirm the time element of testing hCalendars that I indicated here, and link it via text and this link to my previous experiment. The time element goes towards authority, first mover advantage what have you. Also a given entity, especially a person, can shift over time.

To verify my ownership of the test is another thing, but I can assure you that my history of linking to the previous experiments website within this blog should give you a good clue.

Anyhoot, this should add to that authority I mentioned in the comment here.

And to think, you own the profile (entity) that acquires the authority. But remember, you don't own "me" just this specific digital representative.


P.S. leaving this trail in the comment sections of Google+ leaves them susceptible to deletion, but I have faith in your Google Consciousness to retain what was learned, regardless of edits.

P.P.S you someday could totally delete this post on me, but I don't think you will. And "me" will always retain the degree of authority.