Friday, May 12, 2006

Observation: Authentic Transformation

I recently attended an excellent workshop with my life partner on creating authentic power, it was presented by Gary Zukav and Linda Fancis.

They did a fantastic job! and I learned a bit.

One exercise that they did was to have the whole room visualize themselves coming up in front of the entire class and making a committment to work towards their own spiritual development. (I felt that this group committment, done on a higher level as well was extremely powerful and important to facilitate growth)

A focus on the workshop was on creating authentic power within oneself. And to focus on your internal issues as opposed to externalizing your problems.

Gary and Linda tend to focus on the 3rd 4th and 5th Chakras. Through the session my Manipura, (3rd chakra) became sensitive to impluse. More so than it has been in the past. At times I also experienced an infusion from my higher self above.

They focus on the 3rd center, as they call them, because many folks tend to need a lot of work there. One opportunity I saw for improvement in the class would be to take the POWER GENERATED in the third center and transform it via the love in the heart center. Living in the heart is a means of creating balance in our lives. (And believe me I need to do some balancing in my heart for some balance)

The session was a fantastic partner bonding experience, in fact they spoke throughout the session about Spiritual Partnerships.

Some Key Take Aways

1. When sensing something in an argument that doesn't feel right perhaps it comes from non-loving parts of oneself

2. Holiness = WHOLENESS

3. When trying to come to the root cause of a problem try:
Feeling reveal the layers of our imprinted issues

and then there was healing

4. Like Energy attracks like energy- hmm makes one wonder about the partners and friendships that go in and out of our lives...

5. Concepts on perception and reactions, past present and future, knowledge and the field of knowledge. I drew a chicken scratch image, but i can't drop it in here now.

6. Concepts on attachments pull on cultural differences and how the attachment to culture impeeds humans viewing the WHOLE of humanity as the core group of importance. Each culture has an attachment to a unique identity, only when each culture embraces the larger perspective of Humanity and its well being as a WHOLE can we move the planet. (Buddha was and is wise indeed on attachment and suffering)

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Perspective: Celestine Prophecy- Evolution

The book The Celestine Prophecy give an interesting view on just how humanity as a whole has evolved over the past milenium and why it is that we operate the way we do.

Essentially it says for a long period of time man was ruled by the churchmen, and through them we had a relationship with the Divine. Things occured in that day and age because either good will from God or poor occurances due to the devil.

As the legitimacy of the churchmen became corrupt, people were searching for more reasons as to "Why" the purpose of existence. In this search for purpose men decided to explore the world through scientific exploration. And from that process we have grown to improving our own qualities of life.

However, we have- for the most part- had yet to discover that which we have first sought out to seek, purpose in a closer relationship to the divine.

We substituted science.

And now it is time for science and religion to come together.

This is just one of my perspectives on The Celestine Prophecy there are more to come and I oh so enjoy the book.

be well,

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