Friday, April 07, 2006

Perspective: Celestine Prophecy, Restlessness

In tribute to the soon to be record breaking movie, the Celestine Prophecy (prediction) I have decided to reread the book to get pumped up for the movie.

I figure I add some commentary along side is as well.

Insights are an important aspect of the prophecy soon to be manifest. And what a great way to distribute to the masses they may not have taken the time to read the book. I suspect that the movie will break some records for the year.

Anyhoot the first insight in on Restlessness. A feeling that there is more to life than meets the eye, or perhaps we are simply not perceiving things correctly. This restlessness was present in previous lives, its only now that it is able to pick up steam with the mass of humanity.

I have stated that I am a scientist of the new age as such I have felt a desire/need to experiment with new age concepts and ideals. As a scientist should. However, I have really felt compelled to do so, as though my current existence would no longer fulfill my being. So I experiment, with yoga, reiki, channeling, ascended masters, and more is yet to come.

The exciting thing about this restlessness is that more new age scientists will come as well.

James Redfield is one of those scientists, and he has already been here. His experiment is well on its way. I do find it a coincidence that he is quoted on my Kundalini Yoga book.

I am still restless, I shall have to press on my brothers and sista's


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