Sunday, March 20, 2005

Perspective: I am a prophet

What's that you say

a prophet in this day and age? It is almost a New Age.

Sometimes it comes in detail

somtimes it comes in images

it often comes in dreams, that which is upon us.

Our collective vibratory rates are increasing. Now I wasn't the first to write on this, or to feel this, but I'll be one to communicate it.

The next step in human evolution is upon us, it will be challenging, but their will always be guides.

So as one that can predict the future I say to you that

-Madison, WI will become a spiritual hub in the near future. It is already beginning, spirits on that level are drawn to its pull, its ever young Isthmus energy. Some of us have been sensing this for some time. I feel blessed that I get to be the one to state it openly. It is part of my acceptance process.

I am a prophet

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