Thursday, March 24, 2005

Observation: I just don't feel like "IT" today

You know what "IT" is. That one thing you have to do.

The early morning stretching, the afternoon jog, heck goin to work.

Sometimes ya just don't feel like it. Thing is you know you have to do it and once you get into "IT" it won't be so bad.

I needed to do some 1st Chakra Yoga work this mornin, but when I woke up

I didn't feel like "IT"

Too bad, I did it anyway, and it was really good for me.

"Keep up and you'll be kept up"

Yogi Bhajan


Interpreter said...

How do you feel today?

H~ said...

excellent, not much sleep last night, but the keep up word is a good one

no time to rest

life is in the moment, right NOW