Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Observation: Pull vs Push Mentality

A wise Miller recently told me that it is better to go with the Pull than to Push against the current. Very good perspective, the universe is pulling us in a certain direction. Those that push against its pull are likely to find an equal and opposite reaction. Yet those that go with the flow are bound to find themselves in wonderous places.

My observation is of my own Push vs Pull struggle. I see the way the universe shall flow and so I push forward in attempts to get it there sooner. So I push towards the pull. Where the heck does that leave me??

Then it always seems like when I relax and go with the flow the push is no longer necessary and things go easier. So perhaps the push vs pull experience is just an excersise in patience. Patience the universe shall pull us towards the intended destination...

or shall I say along the intended journey, for I have yet to discover a final destination that does not contain 1 more journey.

Do you push for things to be, or allow yourself to go with the Pull?? Success may be defined by your decision and expectations...

PS ... = dramatic effect...

... :-)

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