Sunday, March 20, 2005

Observation: Clairvoyance can be challenging

I have recently acted out a vision that I have seen in the past. The vision disturbed me at first, for it is not like me to interfere with others' relationships.

Clairvoyance detailed the images, the feelings, the pain I caused. Yet I did not realize it till it was upon me. And even then I carried through with it.

Why, you may ask.

I listened to what my heart told me. And in doing so established a situation in which I question my heart. Why would I work in this manner? It's not like me. Yet I knew it had to be done. As I was acting, I realized the consequences of my actions and I continued.

I sense that my visions are to take place in some shape or form for a reason. The reason seemed clear to me @ the time. Now as the consequences, the inter connectedness, is being played out I ponder my vision's true purpose.

Time shall tell. I shall make a post in June that refers back to this entry and say what has transpired. I apologize for the feelings that my vision has caused in a select few. I am following my heart, as such I am sometimes blind to what lies behind

my vision

this clairvoyance...

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