Sunday, June 25, 2006

Observation: Atlantean Technology can be fun; Guardian Medallion ®

I happened upon an atlantean technology that I have not experienced, until today, in this life time. When I was hiking in Sedona earlier this year I just so happened to fall coming down from Cathedrall Rock. I injured my tendon in my right hand along the ring finger very badly.

Now this was back in January and my tendon was still hurting till this day...

While attending a festival at Earth Song today I happened across a booth that caught my attention with the words...

Atlantean Technology

I thought, WOW cool, ever since I began this blog I have felt a connection to Atlantis. I'll extract this connection more and more upon My journey in this container. (the words Heir to Atlantis, once ran cross my mind while meditating)

So I decided to learn more. It turns out the the couple had several tools that utilized Atlantis Technology. Now me being the scientist that I am said, where did the Atlantis Technology come from? (Last I checked it was believed Atlantis was under the sea, I suspect it left an etheric imprint as well upon its demise)

They explained that the Technology was channeled by an Ascended Master Lantos who gave insturctions on Genesis energy.

Anyhoot after a 2 minute explaination, I was sold. I was given a 15 minute session using the BioOscillator® the Flame of Genesis® and the wand of Gensis. After my session my injured tendon felt and feels remarkable. My girlfriend is a little skeptical, but via direct experimentation I can attest to the ability of these tools assisting in my healing.

I was hooked so I purchased a Guardian Medallion® as well. The medallion works to purify elements, I really enjoy wearing it around my neck.

Needless to say I'll be doing some additional research into Master Lantos and the Atlantean Technology.

Stay tuned and we can see what remains to be uncovered from the lost city of Atlantis

(Disclaimer: please note that it is theorized that the city of Atlantis was over come when humanity began to abuse the use of energy they had come to master. The mass of the population ignored the warnings and didn't listen to their heart centers, or their Wills. It is my deepest desire to bring back the energies of that time in a manner that is responsible for the betterment of humanity as a whole)

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Lucis Trust, Alice Bailey, Djwahl Khul: Observation

Great insight on Lucis Trust, Alice Bailey and Djwal Khul to be read here!

You may note by my post Title that I am using a slightly different format on this one.

It has come to my attention that there are several websites that are spreading ill will for Lucis Trust. I will note justify these sites with a link simply know they exist.

Now I have been studying Ageless Wisdom for a while now, in this incarnation. Given that my inner voice cried out Heir to Atlantis I suspect it has been since the Atlantean days that this information has been before me. (WOW some time to study heh)

I am going to provide a brief overview of several of the Lucis Trust websites contents, please note that the information in this overview is based on the Lucis Trust info, source cited.

Now for a true citing of my source we must go back to the writter, Alice Bailey and perhaps even beyond her the Master Djwahl Khul.

Djwahl Khul- is a Master of Light that works on the inner side of things. (At least for the time being) Long long time ago through Alice Baiely he began a series of instructions that would serve as a foundation for esoteric knowledge an information to flow from. Alice Bailey went on to write a series of fantastic books, which I have been pulling from in this blog, that help people to come to certain understandings and realizations about the true nature of the force, opps sorry, I can't escape Star Wars.

Let's just say the books provide
1. Abstract Thinking
2. A focus on group mindedness
3. a platform for meditative work (thanks William for drilling those in for me)

In all honesty the information within the blue books contain brain food that my head has been seeking for a long long time. Any hoot it is my current understanding that Lucis Trust was founded on this work.

Snipp from their website:

The worldwide activities of the Lucis Trust, founded by Alice and Foster Bailey, are dedicated to establishing right human relations. The motivating impulse is love of God, expressed through love of humanity and service of the human race.

The activities of the Lucis Trust promote the education of the human mind towards recognition and practice of the spiritual principles and values upon which a stable and interdependent world society may be based.

The Lucis Trust is non-political and non-sectarian. It sponsors no special creed or dogma.

Wow, Lucis Trust is trying to establish Right Human Relations. That sounds like a great thing to me, I mean bring it on. A little invocation there, bring on right human relations! (or is it evocation, I gotta nail the differences down)

a motivating impulse of love of God and service to humanity, sounds like some nobel impules to me.

Some more info about Lucis Trust...


Groups of 3 that creat a world wide network of light, sweet. Hey what was that one thing in the Bible, a Trinity of some sort of another...

Arcane School

This is about education and the education is all about discipleship. Last I checked Jesus, Krishna and Ala had disciples (though the Ala had a prophet, who was essentially a diciple.) So this is a school to teach people in the ways of God. Rock on, now that's my type of school.

Meetings & Festivals

There are ongoing festivals which can be attended so that people can come together, learn from one another send blessings to the earth, sweet!

World Goodwill
Now this two word phrase comprised of 3 words in and of itself is alllll good. This is so good I gotta snip this one too
To stimulate and encourage men and women of goodwill everywhere to establish right human relations between races, religions, nations and classes through intelligent understanding and adequate communication

It amazes me that folks will speak against this organization.

I mean come on, with all of this great info and loving content it is hard for me to believe that people would be willing to discredit this organization. I do realize that not everyone is ready for this perspective on things at this time, however I feel it is important for another positive perspective to be prominently displayed out there.

Now It is my sincere desire for this web page to start showing up in Support of Lucis Trust.

Perhaps some day when with some additional time and due diligence, someone will be able to discredit the sources of the poorly informed websites.

I may have to make some steady updates of info from the website in the future to keep this fresh :-)

may the will to do good be with you all,

You may visit this website on Chakras Balancing for one of my contributions of the will to do good.

be well

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Observation: Esoteric Astrology, Scorpio & Beyond

Hi folks,

Sorry to have been gone for a while, I had some things to focus on in my day job. But really this is my day job, observing experiences in life.

Any hoot, I went to a great workshop with my lovely lady yesterday.

Esoteric Astrology presented by William Meader. You can get some great info on William Meader and Esoteric Astrology by clicking this link.

William had a wealth of great knowledge to share, and in an 8 hour time frame he could only touch the tip of the ice berg of what is possible for him.

Now I could blog on for pages about the great info we learned from William, but I will keep this post some what focused on the key take aways.

1. Next to ones sun sign there are 2 other primary signs of interest, the Moon and Ascendant Sign
2. Moon sign represents the past, as well as an challenge to be overcome after the age of 35, the Sun Sign represents your present (probabiligy), the Ascendant represents the future (possibility)
3. There is a traditional view of Astrology and an Esoteric view, or occult view.

Now I am a Scorpio, which means that in this life time I must face my darkest shadow before I can become victorious. It is said that the work of Scorpio is Consumated in Capercorn (thanks William)

Now that being said my ascendant sign has to do with the Ray of Business and Economy in William's terms or the 3rd Ray. A potential down fall of the personality in this ray has to do with personal achievement. This makes me all the more mindful of what to be cautious of post 35 years of age :-)

No shadow can remain on the final leg of ascension

Now William did scratched the surface on the 12 Houses as well and I can't wait to dig up some more info on those!

I will be continuing my discoveries of Esoteric Astrology and will keep ya posted ;-)

Hat tip to The Tibetan and the Master's for their wisdom on astrology.

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