Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Perspective: On Egosynthesis

As a scientist of the new age I figure I am about due for another hypothesis.

Now I cannot take full credit for this hypothesis, I took the foundation of it from some Ageless Wisdom and some direct experiences.

I define Egosythesis to be: The alignment of an individual's EGO with thier soul, (or spirit.)

Sat Nam as the yogis say is your true identity (or truth is my identity) and this cannot be manifest until this alignment is complete.

So what are the ramifications of egosythesis. Well those silly little self arguments are compeletely minimized. An individual is working from a state where the EGO and the Soul are as one. The soul's light will shine through the EGO, they are as one.

Egosythesis is actually really really close to photosythesis. When one has completed the process of egosynthesis the light of the soul will nourish the individual and open up access to a wealth of sustaining energy.

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