Monday, August 29, 2005

Observation: My Background (PART 2)

When blogging about my background in the past I forgot to mention my religious up bringing, ie my relationship with Christ.

I grew up attending Maravian Church, was baptized, attended many a Sunday school class and spent a fair amount of time learning about Christ.

Over time I found things to be too perscriptive. There were some key messages to be taken though, mainly about LOVE and being a good person.

For various reasons over my Adolescence years, I began to "Lose Faith" It's not that I didn't believe there was some higher state of being, I simply refused to approach it from the perscriptions I was being offered.

I can recall times when I would attend my friends confirmation classes. Looking back I now realize that I would get into some pretty good discussions with the Priests for a 12 year old. My position was more or less, "If I believe in what Christ had to say, and live my life as a good person that wants to help others, then why do I have to go to church" (I enjoyed my free time as a teenager)

There are many important messages spoken within the bible that I feel some of the current communication vehicles are missing the point on.

Any hoot, from that point on the rest of my background comes to bare.

I now stand with new perspective.

Chirst lies within the good will and hearts of humanity. It is our evolutionary path to become one with that aspect of ourselves. As this New Age is ushured in we will begin to find many an individual that can access that aspect, that Buddha nature.

And from this new perspective I have accepted the challenge to pave the road for His return. I have accepted this, in myself.

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