Friday, August 12, 2005

Observation: EGO Self Talk

Calling out your EGO is an excersize in sanity.

Then one asks questions, like who is calling out whom?

and Whom is responding to who?

If I call out my EGO then that's just I calling out I, right?

good questions.

A German Leperchaun advises-

Simply claim victory over ego and all the rest of life is gravy

How did that term become, "gravy" I mean I like gravy, but come on.

But his point is well taken, rewrite the rules of engagement. Claim vicotry, for when one calls out the EGO the ego knows it has power and influence over you. But when one has already won, or knows will win in the future so doesn't mater, said ego is rendered powerless.

Its all about building alignment, mind, body, spirit, soul, ego, emotion. (no wonder this is an excesize in sanity)

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