Thursday, August 25, 2005

Observation: More of Humanity Needs "A Vision"

I do believe that what Humanity could use more of is Vision.

I have a vision, several actually, and in time I will be able to quite my mind to the point where the clarity of that vision shines through.

Now the challenge is upon me to communicate this vision to others. I'll voice it strongly to belivers at first, who shall join in and share my vision. Those not ready for a vision now will simply disregard what I have to say. This is fine, for in time my vision will be presented right before them. And upon the realization that the vision truly is a beautiful thing only then will they share in that vision.

Our society is currently structure such that "A Vision" will seem impossible.

Perhaps that is a good thing...

For when the impossible becomes common place. And magic walks and lives upon the realm of men. Peace, love and evolution are in place and on track.

A Vision is a beautiful thing, I'll share mine and through sharing it shall change evolve and become ours. (humanities that is)

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