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Lucis Trust, Alice Bailey, Djwahl Khul: Observation

Great insight on Lucis Trust, Alice Bailey and Djwal Khul to be read here!

You may note by my post Title that I am using a slightly different format on this one.

It has come to my attention that there are several websites that are spreading ill will for Lucis Trust. I will note justify these sites with a link simply know they exist.

Now I have been studying Ageless Wisdom for a while now, in this incarnation. Given that my inner voice cried out Heir to Atlantis I suspect it has been since the Atlantean days that this information has been before me. (WOW some time to study heh)

I am going to provide a brief overview of several of the Lucis Trust websites contents, please note that the information in this overview is based on the Lucis Trust info, source cited.

Now for a true citing of my source we must go back to the writter, Alice Bailey and perhaps even beyond her the Master Djwahl Khul.

Djwahl Khul- is a Master of Light that works on the inner side of things. (At least for the time being) Long long time ago through Alice Baiely he began a series of instructions that would serve as a foundation for esoteric knowledge an information to flow from. Alice Bailey went on to write a series of fantastic books, which I have been pulling from in this blog, that help people to come to certain understandings and realizations about the true nature of the force, opps sorry, I can't escape Star Wars.

Let's just say the books provide
1. Abstract Thinking
2. A focus on group mindedness
3. a platform for meditative work (thanks William for drilling those in for me)

In all honesty the information within the blue books contain brain food that my head has been seeking for a long long time. Any hoot it is my current understanding that Lucis Trust was founded on this work.

Snipp from their website:

The worldwide activities of the Lucis Trust, founded by Alice and Foster Bailey, are dedicated to establishing right human relations. The motivating impulse is love of God, expressed through love of humanity and service of the human race.

The activities of the Lucis Trust promote the education of the human mind towards recognition and practice of the spiritual principles and values upon which a stable and interdependent world society may be based.

The Lucis Trust is non-political and non-sectarian. It sponsors no special creed or dogma.

Wow, Lucis Trust is trying to establish Right Human Relations. That sounds like a great thing to me, I mean bring it on. A little invocation there, bring on right human relations! (or is it evocation, I gotta nail the differences down)

a motivating impulse of love of God and service to humanity, sounds like some nobel impules to me.

Some more info about Lucis Trust...


Groups of 3 that creat a world wide network of light, sweet. Hey what was that one thing in the Bible, a Trinity of some sort of another...

Arcane School

This is about education and the education is all about discipleship. Last I checked Jesus, Krishna and Ala had disciples (though the Ala had a prophet, who was essentially a diciple.) So this is a school to teach people in the ways of God. Rock on, now that's my type of school.

Meetings & Festivals

There are ongoing festivals which can be attended so that people can come together, learn from one another send blessings to the earth, sweet!

World Goodwill
Now this two word phrase comprised of 3 words in and of itself is alllll good. This is so good I gotta snip this one too
To stimulate and encourage men and women of goodwill everywhere to establish right human relations between races, religions, nations and classes through intelligent understanding and adequate communication

It amazes me that folks will speak against this organization.

I mean come on, with all of this great info and loving content it is hard for me to believe that people would be willing to discredit this organization. I do realize that not everyone is ready for this perspective on things at this time, however I feel it is important for another positive perspective to be prominently displayed out there.

Now It is my sincere desire for this web page to start showing up in Support of Lucis Trust.

Perhaps some day when with some additional time and due diligence, someone will be able to discredit the sources of the poorly informed websites.

I may have to make some steady updates of info from the website in the future to keep this fresh :-)

may the will to do good be with you all,

You may visit this website on Chakras Balancing for one of my contributions of the will to do good.

be well

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Brad said...


I'll give you that link to the lucis trust. How many are you up to anyways?

H~ said...

i belive you are my first one! it is very much so appreciated. and i agree we are each dispellers of our own darkness

Anonymous said...

I have read and studied Ms Baileys books for the last 2 years . They are simply amazing in the wisdom they contain . The writing is from one who has a superior mind . It is like sitting at the feet of Plato . I can only wish that I had as much wisdom . They explain a reality that is not for the faint of heart , but is what anyone who is looking for Truth so include in their study .


Anonymous said...

I have been a student, in one form or another, of the Tibetan Master's Teachings for about 15 years. I have known several dozen fellow students, and I have belonged to three different study & meditation groups, one of these being very hands-on, service-oriented.

Each and every one of these dear friends of mine, is a fellow Brother on the Path, and a disciple in the truest sense of that word. They are known everywhere they go, by their fruits. I think those who speak negatively and demonstrate ill-will toward the Laborers in the One Work ... also tell us something.

They remind us that there are many among Humanity who still have much to learn, and often they epitomize the 6th-Ray energy (a fiery zealousness, highlighting the religious experience of the individual) - which is passing out, yielding to the 7th-Ray energy of Order, Rhythm, and Group Endeavor. The transition is not a smooth one, at this particular time, but if we can weather the bumps, the Road will smooth out ahead.

Also consider looking into the writings of Lucille Cedercrans (at These are dictations of the Master R., with a bit more credibility than quite a few others (which I am not going to mention here. ;-)


An Aspirant

Paula said...

If you live in Madison Wisconsin, could you give me contact information on an Alice Bailey Group in the Mdison area. My sister has been involved with an Alice Bailey group in Colorado for years. I am in a triangle group with her.

Anonymous said...


H~ said...

Thank you for your comments, my apolgies for not responding more promtly I have been working on an additional web project as part of my purpose here.

Hale, I am glad you are finding the learnings as intersting as I am.

Namaskar- thank you for sharing your perspective as well. I see that you are well versed in the Rays, I hope to deepen my understanding upon them as well. I appreciate your thoughts on those that speak ill about the laborors and absolutely agree that they have their place as well, I hope to assist with balancing their perspectives and as a person strongly conditioned by the Ray of Harmony through Conflict, I suspect it will be an interesting challenge.

Paula- hmm, I am not aware of one, though I would be interested in starting one in time. Can you please give me an email address?

A riddle, how interesting...

imperator said...

Of course it is unthinkable that a group with such clearly good "goals" could in any way be engaged in evil activities.

Anonymous said...

the blind leading the blind,keep staring up your own assholes while our world is going to shit,ill pray for you