Monday, September 12, 2005

Subconcious: Your Life at This Time is All About Religion

Those were the words that I carried forward from my dream world to this mornings waking hour.

- My life at this time is all about religion.-

I should preface this post with some info about how the subconcious can speak to us. What is a dream if not the subconcious going through its course of activity. When we first awake in the morning, and are in the state between sleep and wake, (thanks to Tinker Bell the Fairy for I believe in Faries)the human consciousness is capable of brining forward the lessons learned by our subconcious while we sleep. And thus the words I first heard were those above.

WOW, honestly I find much to poke fun at with this situation. For a large portion of my life, at this time, I have ran far far away from Religion. Religion simply did not make sense to me. I refused to believe, wholeheartedly that these other people could sit back and cast mandates at me and by me following them I would be saved, find God, develop understanding...

Now this knowledge that was imparted to my subconcious was stirred by an emotional response, note the importance of emotion here, to words I read in a book by the Master D.K. He spoke of a New World Religion, more specifically a Religion that would pull together 4 of the current mainstream religions of the Earth.

There remains much self integration on my part to develop the wisdom necessary to communicate this perspective appropriately. But for the time being let's make a few new age scientific hypothesis.

Again I cannot take credit for these directly, they are a result of several cross pollinations of learning.

Buddhism - Christianity: Emptiness = Not not GOD

Buddha nature is Not not the Christ within all.

Hindu - Christianity: Krisna = Previous incarnation of Christ

Now there is another tie in soon to come with another religion but at this time I am not properly educated to speak about it.

Again, my background will reveall that I have been educated in Buddhist philosophy, raised of Christian background, and a Kundalini Yoga practicioner. Yoga- Union with God, of the Hindu tradition.

So my present lifes work is to help develop something I have always ran from, but perhaps this is really the something I have always been running towards.

What is most interesting about this post is, how on Earth do I intend to prove my hypothesis...

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